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Since easyJet took to the skies in 1995, their team has had feedback from some of their passengers about how they would like to feel less fearful when they fly. In addition, many of easyJet's passengers have commented about their family, friends and business colleagues who will not fly due to their fears but would love to take to the skies with easyJet to visit loved ones, enjoy overseas holidays or attend a business meeting.

We have therefore developed the Fearless Flyer course as a way of offering a solid solution to help any nervous passenger, or would be passenger, to overcome their fear of flying.

Many people take flying for granted but for others it can be a stressful experience.

The fearless flyer course will be accessible for everyone and is almost half the cost of any other airline course on offer at present. We’ve also tailored it to suit the busy lifestyles that we all seem to have these days.

The course will be hosted by Lawrence Leyton who is best known for his prime-time TV special on Channel 4 called ‘Fear of Flying’, where he successfully cured a large number of the UK’s most extreme phobic’s who could not fly.

The fearless flyer course is divided into two parts:

Part 1 – 

We will deal with any misconceptions that you may have about flying and give you proven techniques to be able to delete those old mind patterns that you have running in your head.

Part 2 – 

You will go on what we call an “Experience Flight”.

Part 1


During this section of the course, one of easyJet's highly experienced Captains will answer all of your questions relating to the technical side of aviation, including; what are all those funny noises? what does “cross check” mean? why do the wings seem to change shape for landing?

He’ll also explain, for instance, why turbulence is a perfectly normal part of everyday flying and answer any other questions that you might have that are either stopping you from getting on a plane or from relaxing during a flight.

When you start to remove the misconceptions then you start to remove the fear. It’s really is as simple as that!


Lawrence uses proven techniques to help any nervous flyer conquer their fears. As well as curing people who have a fear of flying, he is also in constant demand as a motivational speaker around the world and has worked closely with many major blue-chip companies including Microsoft, Vodafone, AstraZeneca, HSBC, British Telecom and Tetrapak to name but a few.

He has also appeared as a regular guest on many prime-time TV and radio shows.

Lawrence says that fear is rational, as it is designed to warn us of any danger, and triggers our natural fight or flight response. As we all learned in biology, this is a completely normal reaction intended to help us avoid dangerous situations. So, contrary to belief, having fear does not make us weak or cowards or broken in any way. We do not need to be ashamed to be frightened of something.

If we use the analogy of a malfunctioning computer, although the hardware itself is not broken there may be a certain piece of software running in the computer that has somehow got corrupted. All you need to do is delete the old corrupted software and replace it with some new software and the computer will once again run perfectly without any glitches.

So in the same way that a computer technician will fix your computer, Lawrence will teach you some amazing techniques to help you fix your thoughts so you can replace those negative thoughts with positive ones and in doing so, it will literally change the way you perceive your fear of flying forever.

Part 2

Experience Flight

The final step in the process is to go on what we call an “Experience Flight”. This is a very special flight with a highly experienced easyJet Captain and co-pilot as well as a specially trained cabin crew fully used to dealing with nervous flyers. They will reassure you every step of the way and make you feel totally relaxed and comfortable during the short flight. The Captain will speak with you regularly during the journey and will make sure you are fully aware of every single aspect of the flight so nothing will take you by surprise.

We have specifically scheduled this flight to be on a different day to Part 1 of the course (usually the flight will be at the weekend). This allows you to completely focus on the course itself (without the worry of thinking about a flight immediately afterwards) and gives you the ability to practice the techniques you will learn in Part 1, in your own time, before you prepare for your flight.

The flight itself – on one of easyJet's state-of-the-art Airbus aircraft – will take off and return from an airport close to where we are holding the course. You will fly around the local area for about 1 hour before landing back at the same airport. You will then be given a certificate and congratulated for completing the course successfully. Companion flights are also available at £69 each if you would prefer to have a friend or family member fly with you on the Experience Flight. See the booking page for more information.

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