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Lawrence Leyton

Lawrence works one2one with many top celebrities, supermodels and sporting individuals, helping them to achieve peak mental performance and to remove negative barriers. He also has a huge wealth of experience in working with audiences to improve their betterment of life. Having studied the intricacies of Motivation and how to apply it in the workplace, he has spent many years teaching large numbers of people to use a set of mind-tools that are guaranteed to ignite and invigorate them in their corporate and personal lives.

Such is his success, he has been recruited by over 500 companies around the world (including blue-chip names like: Microsoft, Vodafone, AstraZeneca, HSBC, British Telecom and Tetrapak to name but a few), to change the mind-sets of their work force.

Lawrence has also been helping phobics for many years to overcome their various phobias including the fear of public speaking and the fear of flying.

Such was his success, he has been a regular guest on many National TV and radio shows and was commissioned to star in his own prime-time TV special on Channel 4 called ‘Fear of Flying’, where he successfully cured a large number of the UK’s most extreme phobics who could not fly.

Lawrence's presentation style is very unique and he firmly believes that learning should be fun, so be prepared for an interactive & dynamic evening!

Captain Chris Foster

Aviation man “from the ground up”. From an early age, Chris’ passion was flying. When he was less than two weeks old, he flew from his home near Teesside to London and by the age of 12, he had the opportunity to fly in a seaplane. He took to the controls and starting flying “solo” at the age of sixteen and the passion for flying is still in abundance 30 years later. Chris joined Go Fly in 1999 and the company was taken over by easyJet in 2002. Chris has had a number of roles as Captain, Training Captain, as well as one of the “check pilots” who perform demonstration flights. Chris is currently Flight Operations Manager at easyJet where he’s responsible for the day-to-day flying programme, flight efficiencies initiatives and air traffic management. “I find my job very rewarding – with nearly 4000 pilots and 270 aircraft, easyJet is an exciting place to work!” Chris flies typically once or twice a week and is married with two teenage children.

During his career as a Captain, Chris has met many nervous passengers and has probably been asked just about every question possible about aviation. So with all this wealth of knowledge and experience, Chris will definitely answer any question you may have about aeroplanes or flying.

Mark Wein

Mark has been in the events industry for over 20 years and was the Managing Director of Grandstand Group which he founded in 1994. In 1997 he secured the rights to the Horse of the Year Show which he successfully ran at Wembley Arena and then the NEC Arena, Birmingham until he sold his interest in the company in 2009. 

During his time in the business, he developed a fear of flying. This culminated in him avoiding a flight to visit a client and advising his business colleagues to go without him and having to lie to them by saying he was ill!! Realising this affected his business (not to mention family holidays!), he decided to do something about it. After various failed attempts to cure his nerves, he was eventually introduced to Lawrence Leyton who gave him a number of techniques to help him overcome his fears. And overcome them he did! So much so that Mark has since travelled the world for business and pleasure (which was a huge relief to his wife and his children) without the stress or anxiety he had previously experienced. 

As a result of this, Mark initiated a meeting with easyJet and Lawrence and the Fearless Flyer course was born. 

He is absolute proof that you can overcome your fears!

Captain Howard Taylor

Howard has always had a fascination with aviation. He has been flying since the age of 17, the same age that he took his first solo flight, although he actually started his career in the Police Force joining the Metropolitan Police in 1987. He enjoyed many varied postings during his time as a serving officer including clubs and vice, crime squad, CID, and the Helicopter Air Support Unit. But throughout his time in the police, he maintained his interest in aviation eventually becoming a flying instructor in his spare time whilst still maintaining his police commitments.

After serving 13 years in the Police Force, Howard wanted to pursue his passion for flying and therefore decided on a career change to become a commercial Pilot. He joined Go Fly in 2000, flying the Boeing 737 and gained his command (i.e. became a Captain) in 2004. Go Fly was eventually purchased by easyJet and Howard has been flying Airbus 319 and 320 aircraft for the company ever since. 

He has accumulated many thousands of hours of flying experience during his career and joined the Fearless Flyer Programme in 2014. Together with the rest of the team, he has been instrumental in changing the lives of thousands of people by helping them to overcome their fear of flying.

Such is his love of aviation, Howard even flies on his days off in his cherished vintage Chipmunk light aircraft that he co-owns. He is married to his wife Julie, a London Paramedic, and has two sons, Ben and Matt. 

Captain Richard Jones

Richard has always been fascinated by aviation and remembers clearly Concorde's first flight as well as the first moon landing, in 1969. These events helped cement his desire to fly. His father too had wanted to be a pilot but being colour blind was unable to, so he became an aircraft engineer in the Royal Navy, which of course also had a huge impact on Richard.

When it came to his choice of profession, the Navy was out, due to less than perfect eyesight, so he chose a different vocation, that of a Police Officer. Richard served a total of 15 years in Hertfordshire, mainly on CID and the Fraud Squad, reaching the rank of Detective Sergeant. 

However, he still had thoughts of flying and following a trial lesson, decided to go for it. After getting his Commercial Pilot's Licence and working for a while in airport ground operations he then joined a freight company as a pilot flying routes in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. He did this for 6 years before joining easyJet, where he qualified as a Captain, a couple of years later. He has now been with the company for over 15 years and has many thousands of hours of flying experience.

Richard is married to Jacky, who can often be seen helping out on the Fearless Flyer courses that he presents, and they have two grown up children and have recently become (very young!) grandparents! 

"I love being part of the Fearless Flyer team, which is like a family, and I get a massive buzz out of helping so many people who are afraid of flying. It's fantastic to know that I'm having a really positive impact too and I so look forward to each and every course because I know that we are changing lives, both theirs' and their families'. I am really looking forward to meeting you so don't delay, sign up now and take back control of your life!"

Captain Mark Farquhar

As a child, Mark was always fascinated by aviation, dragging his parents to the local airport to watch the aircraft. After his first trip on holiday in an aeroplane, the seed was sown for his future career. For his 14th Birthday he had his first flying lesson, gaining his Private Pilots Licence soon after at RAF Kinloss.

Whilst building flying experience, Mark worked in Public Relations, managing emergencies and crisis communications for the Police, Oil Companies, Transport Authorities, Festivals and even a Zoo!

Mark completed his commercial flight training in New Zealand and has accumulated many thousands of hours of flying experience flying throughout Europe, North Africa and North America.

He joined easyJet in 2010 and is a Captain flying Airbus 319 and 320 aircraft. In addition to flying, Mark has taken on additional responsibilities within easyJet as a CRM Instructor, helping to improve the human factor skills of Pilots and Cabin Crew; a Technical Instructor, improving Pilots knowledge of Airbus technical systems and procedures and as an Air Safety Investigator working to continually improve aviation safety standards.

Drawing on his wide experience in aviation, Mark will happily answer any questions that you have about flying. "It's great to be able to answer questions that nervous flyers have and remove some of the myths that are out there! It's very rewarding to help people overcome their fears and enjoy the freedom to travel that flying brings to their life"

With a love for flying, Mark also regularly flies on his days off in a vintage Piper Super Cub aircraft, exploring the remote Scottish Highlands and Islands. When not in the air, he can be found fly-fishing for Salmon and Trout somewhere around the world.

Tim Jeans

Tim has over thirty years experience in airline and airport management. As former Managing Director of one of the UK's longest-established airlines and Chief Operating Officer of another, Tim understands more than most the impact that the fear of flying can have on a passenger and how restricting it can be for those who won’t even get on a plane. He has encountered many thousands of nervous passengers over the years and has first hand experienced of the power of their fears and how it affects them. So, once our Captain and Lawrence have helped you to overcome your fear, Tim will ensure, liaising with easyJet's highly experienced specialist crew, that your Experience Flight is one to remember - for all the right reasons.

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