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A highly experienced senior easyJet Captain will go through all the misconceptions that you may have about flying including:

  • Understanding take-off & landing
  • What’s important In-flight
  • Dealing with misconceptions
  • Special focus on turbulence
  • What are all those funny noises
  • Aviation security & safety
  • Other technical aspects of aviation
  • Answer any questions that you may have


Lawrence Leyton will teach you a series of coping techniques and strategies including:

  • Proven techniques to be able to delete negative looping mind patterns
  • How to interrupt fear
  • How to stop a panic attack
  • Strategies for claustrophobia, fear of heights, fear of being out of control, fear of having a panic attack
  • The tapping technique - Thought Field Therapy
  • The breathing technique
  • How to replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts



On day two of our fear of flying course you will go on what we call an “Experience Flight”.

  • Personal one2one meet & greet at the airport
  • The aircraft is a fully crewed easyJet airbus 319 or 320
  • The entire Fearless Flyer team are with you on the flight
  • It will be a dedicated flight for the course participants
  • Captain’s commentary reassuring you throughout the flight
  • Group relaxation session before take-off

We have specifically scheduled the experience flight to be on a different day to the ground course as this allows you to completely focus on the fear of flying course itself (without the worry of thinking about a flight immediately afterwards) and gives you the ability to practice the techniques you will learn on the first day in your own time, before your flight.

The flight itself is a normal commercial flight with it’s routing around the local area and landing back at the same airport. Companion seats for the flight only are also available at £69 each (when purchased at the time of booking) if you would prefer to have a friend or family member fly with you on the experience flight.

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