Success stories

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Here are just a few of the many we have received:

Charlotte Hawkins (TV Presenter) Gatwick

Many congratulations to Charlotte Hawkins for overcoming her fear of flying during a TV first whilst presenting live on air on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

To see the highlights of Charlotte achieving this Click Here

Bobby Cole Norris Stansted

I feel so E-mosh! I can honestly say that this course has changed my life. Waking up the morning after the ground session I felt completely different; I didn't feel sick or anxious and was looking forward to the flight - something which I haven't ever done. After 14 years of being scared of flying I now realise I was only scared of the aircon noises! I only wish I had come on this sooner. All ready for Marbs. Thank you.

Read more at the Daily Mail website

Rhiannon Mills (TV Presenter) Luton

I've always loved travelling and never allowed my fear to completely stop me flying. But it was starting to ruin my holidays as I would worry myself sick before going away and a couple of days before flying home. Now thanks to the course I have a better understanding of how the plane works, what all those "odd" noises are, and feel I can finally take control of my phobia.

I can't thank Captain Foster and Lawrence Leyton enough for helping me to confront my fear.

Grant Cunningham Gatwick

I have always been fine with flying and even been skydiving in the past, so I was so surprised when suddenly I found myself with a fear of flying. Over the years it has developed but I have never stopped flying, I just never like it. But now, after the easyjet Fearless Flyer course, I feel that I have the knowledge and the tools to get on an airplane and feel comfortable throughout the flight. I now can’t wait for my flight to Australia.

Jonathan Foulkes Bristol

As a result of a bad flight while in Egypt, I had not been on a plane for 5 years. I recently changed jobs and they send us on international flights for training. I missed a trip to Dallas as a result of my fear of flying. I got to Heathrow airport and then just froze before the gate and started having a panic attack. I turned and walked away,missing an incredible trip!

A few months after this, my mum phoned me and said she saw this 'Fearless Flyer' course run by easyJet and was being held in Bristol. I laughed at her originally and just said 'no way!'. My dad then got involved and with perseverance, they bought me a space on the course for my birthday! I couldn't believe it! I just thought, 'Thanks a lot! Birthday presents are supposed to be something you love or look forward to!' I knew then I had to come as they spent a lot of money for me to go.

I can now safely say that it was one of the best birthday presents I have ever had! I turned up feeling positive thanks to some pep talks from my fiancée (who really needs a holiday abroad!!) and my parents. I had a really warm welcome and everybody who was part of the course was really calm and supportive. Captain Chris Foster is a credit to the aviation industry and to easyJet! The way he explained things and answered our questions were superb and incredibly reassuring! I walked away really understanding how things worked and why things happened when they did. During the flight, Captain Foster was fantastic at constantly letting us know what was happening, which really helped!

Then there was Lawrence Leyton! What a legend!! He is so good at what he does! As long as you go into this course with 100% focus on conquering your fear and really get involved in the techniques…IT WILL WORK! Trust me; I'm a massive skeptic on these things, but it worked! I got on a plane and flew. Don't forget I was a shivering, crying wreck in Heathrow airport less than a year before!

I want to thank the whole crew and Lawrence for helping me achieve something I genuinely believed would never happen again! My fiancée would also like to thank them as we will be flying off to Spain in a couple of months time, on easyJet may I add! Thank you guys. This means the world to me and my family! Good luck to all those who go on the course!

Here's a picture of me during the flight! Who'd have thought it!

Kinga Ferenczi Luton 2017

Last flew: 2 months ago  Fear: Not being in control, turbulence

It didn't even occur to me such course exists until my husband told me about it. I asked him to book it for me as I just couldn’t even get myself to do it. Now I am so happy because I absolutely loved the course! For me the best part was to realize there are many people out there having the same phobia and also to understand why I had a fear of flying. I also appreciate how detailed the course was. It wasn’t just about physics (e.g. explaining turbulence) or just about how our brain works but it covered everything. Thank you for organizing it and thank you for your help!

Anmarie Townsend Luton 2017

Last flew: 19 years ago  Fear: Not being in control

I had not flown for 19 years but have had some great holidays by train. However as I am about to retire I realise that not flying will limit my options but I was prevented from doing this through fear. Your course has changed my life and I have, only one day after the course, booked to fly to Munich as I very much want to visit the nearby town of Fussen in the Bavarian Alps. I have wanted to go there for a long time but the logistics were difficult without flying. I will take you and your crew with me on the MP3 player as a further boost to my confidence. Thank you all so much for a great experience and for opening many experiences for me in the future.

Sharon Reeves Luton 2017

Last flew: April 2017  Fear: Turbulence

I could not speak more highly about the fearless flyer course. It does exactly what it's says, turns you into a fearless flyer. I have extremely confident after the ground course, all my fears and questions were answered and all made complete sense. Instead of negative thoughts before I fly now I think positive thoughts and it has completely changed my way of thinking. Thank you so much for all the understanding and support given all those two days.

Alison Easterman Luton 2017

Last flew: June 2016  Fear: Fear of take off

The only regret I have is that it took me over 4 years to book myself on the course.  I would recommend the course to everyone... it's a life changer ...

Mandy Little Luton 2017

Last flew: Last September  Fear: Turbulence

I am so glad I did the fearless flyer course, it generally has changed my life! I hated flying it was scaring my kids and I wanted this to change, and to visit the world! I didn't think the course would help me at all as I was so scared of flying I couldn't get my head around ever not being scared!  After the ground course I did feel a bit better but still wasn't sure how I would be on the flight!  The morning of the flight I woke and the first thing I noticed I wasn't worried or sweating like I normally would be before going to an airport! I went along again willing to give it a go! Each step I took got easier and easier! I only felt a little worried at take-off but nothing to what I normally was like! The captain, spoke the whole time and I was relaxed for the first time ever! It also was lovely to be with everyone who was feeling the same as me... But with one difference from the previous day, we all finally got over our fear!! Soon as i got home i felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders finally!! I cannot wait for my holiday in August and now booking New York for next year! I can't thank everyone who did the course and helped me! 100% you all need to do the course!

Lynn Denham Luton 2017

Last flew: 2 years ago  Fear: Not being in control, feeling claustrophobic and not understanding what actually is happening

If you fear flying and have thought about attending a course and are too scared to do so, don't wait any longer. It will change the way you think and feel. Instead of crying with fear I was crying with joy that I wasn't scared for the first time in years. Just brilliant!

Pamela Maisey Luton 2017

Last flew: Last year  Fear: Crashing

I would thoroughly recommend this experience. Being afraid of flying is debilitating and frustrating. If you do as suggested/recommended the world will become your oyster. Go for it!

Nathalie Harris Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 5 years ago  Fear: Claustrophobia, heights, not being in control, turbulence.

This experience has given me the confidence and knowledge to get back on an aeroplane. I also paid for the VIP access which really helped me and you can download a brilliant relaxation track from Lawrence which I've found helpful for lots of different challenges. I really appreciate the tips for changing thinking as this is always something I'm working on. I've tried lots of techniques to get on flights but this is by far the best! The knowledge about all the noises, sensations and safety was incredibly helpful. Thank you to all of the team! A year ago I was point blank refusing to consider getting on a plane! 

Kathryn Wells Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 8 months ago  Fear: Turbulence.

I have a logical mind and just understanding the noise, mechanics and physics of the plane really instilled confidence in how safe flying really is.

Jade Whyley Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 3 years ago 

I can't even begin to tell you how helpful this course is. I suffer with General Anxiety disorder, and although I have flown before, each year I was getting worse and worse. I even changed my honeymoon to avoid flying! Booking this course was a massive step for me, and even seeing how many people felt the same as me, helped my fears. The staff that do this course, especially the Pilot, are just amazing, and I can't thank them enough for everything they provided me with.

Andrea Hemsley Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 4 years ago  Fear: Claustrophobia, heights, not being in control, turbulence.

This course has totally reassured me about all my technical phobias & the coping techniques & strategies enabled me to take the flight & actually enjoy it by the end! The whole team were amazing, a huge thank you to all of them.

Michael Welsh Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 15 years ago  Fear: Not being in control. 

I was a bit dubious when I booked the course, as to whether it would actually be any help. But after taking it, I don't think I would have got on the plane without it. I am extremely thankful to everyone who made the whole experience very easy and relaxing to participate in and in the way it was conducted. Many thanks.

Sarah Drinkell Gatwick 2017

Last flew:  A year ago  Fear: Lack of control.

Absolutely amazing. Challenged all my misconceptions of flying. The information from professionals made me feel really relaxed and the statistical figures. Loved the Captain telling us the noises as that used to really scare me but completely put my mind at ease that they were normal. The relaxations really helped and never thought I'd be that relaxed flying. No panic attacks, crying or scaring other people around me. The team were amazing, Thank you so much!!

Johannes Hesketh Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 3½ years ago  Fear: Fear of panic attack, fear of not being in control.

First of all, a big thank you! I have not flown for the last three and a half years due to suddenly developing a fear of flying. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. I had unsuccessfully tried booking short flights myself or doing a different course to this one but this helped me finally get on a plane. This is so HUGE for me, I cannot say thank you enough. I have been paralysed with fear of this for the last few years and now feel confident enough to book another flight in the next few months to try again. It has opened so many opportunities for me again as I have been taking trains everywhere for the last many years. There is something for everyone on the course but the three exercises we did in the afternoon are what really helped me and gave me some tools to use on the day itself. THANK YOU!!!!

James Sheehan Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 20 years ago  Fear: Heights, unknown, loss of control, fear of having a panic attack.

An excellent, safe and controlled environment in which to take a huge step towards building up the confidence to fly AND ACTUALLY FLYING. No regrets!

Coral Waterman Gatwick 2017

Last flew: First Flight  Fear: Never flown before, claustrophobia, scared of everything flight related.

I have a new found freedom and lots of trips planned. I swore nothing could make me get on a plane, ever - but I did it and the minute I took my seat I knew this was the start of the rest of my life. I can't wait to fly again and am eternally grateful to the people running this course!

Gary Wilkinson Gatwick 2017

Last flew: Never flown before.

Life changing in more ways than just flying.  The ground course was the best thing I have ever done in my life and made the flight a walk in the park. I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the fearless flyer team for doing a fantastic job from beginning to end. Before the course I couldn't even book a holiday without being filled with fear but after the ground course I couldn't wait till Sunday to get flying, anxious but not fearful as it was my first flight. I still have to pinch myself to believe that you all got me in the air. Just waiting now for my passport to come through so I can book my first trip to Jersey then onto my goal of getting to Australia next year. Once again thank you all very much.

Victoria Woodward Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 14 years ago  Fear: Claustrophobia.

On that first day... something magical happened. Call it a miracle, whatever, but I walked onto that plane the next day of my own free will!, with a spring in my step and new tools to help me through my claustrophobia. It's all about dealing with the feelings which was taught exceptionally well.

Danielle James Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 4 years ago  Fear: Claustrophobia, heights, not being in control.

From childhood to a person in my 30s I have been an overall generally nervous person. I have a fear of anything you can possibly imagine but doing this course has opened my eyes that things can be overcome. Last year I booked a holiday for myself and my partner but couldn't even leave the house to get to Gatwick but today I not only left the house, I completed the Experience Flight feeling at ease. I can honestly say if anyone is thinking about doing the course please please book it, it helps and it works!

Caroline Ingram Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 34 years ago  Fear: Claustrophobia.

I loved this course. The fearless flyer team are brilliant. Their professional approach is instantly reassuring. I haven't flown for 35 years due to claustrophobia and thought I wouldn't cope when the door was closed. The ground course was truly enlightening and I went home full of confidence. If I'm honest I was worried that this would be gone in the morning and nerves would get the better of me. But no, was truly excited and looking forward to the flight. On boarding the flight I had absolutely no nerves. The plane door was closed for a couple of minutes before I even realised. You are supported through every step and the reassurance and wealth of knowledge is brilliant. I'm now looking forward to discovering the places that up to now have just been a dream.

Denise Cox Gatwick 2017

Last flew: Never.

Attended course this weekend at Gatwick. Oh my god, dunno quite what Lawrence did to me yesterday but I had NO FEAR today it was amazing I loved every bit of it checking in, security, boarding I was like let’s do this. I had no knots in my tummy, no panicky feeling what so ever I just wanted to go. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be like that. I have never flown before in my 53 years and never wanted to., but now I just want to go again.

Jemma Cambier Gatwick 2016

I can't believe it, I, me, Jemma Cambier flew all the way to Tokyo! Thank you so much for organizing the MP3 player for me, I really appreciate it. Please also thank every member of the FF team for allowing me to never have to give up on seeing the world. Please see attached pictures of me to prove I was there 😂 (Japan).  Thanks again, Jemma.

Claire Hall Bristol 2017

Last flew: 1995  Fear: Not being in control and heights.

Amazing, I only wish is that I'd done it years ago. If you have a fear of flying book on the course straight away. 

Carol Dyer Bristol 2017

Last flew:  2 weeks ago  Fear: Not being in control.

I was booked on the course by my husband as a Christmas present. He made up an invitation letter to the Bristol Course and put it in an envelope inscribed "The rest of your life awaits you". Suffice to say I called him lots of  rude words!!! Even doing the ground course took me outside of my comfort zone. I needn't have worried as Lawrence and Howard the pilot certainly put me at ease. My primary fear was not being in control so being reassured all the aircraft noises and sensations are a normal part of flying was fantastic. Being met at Bristol Airport by Lawrence and Howard was a great touch. Both spent ample time answering everyone's questions and dealing with any last minute anxieties anyone had.  Got on the aircraft, bizarrely the normal dread of taking a flight wasn't there. I had a slight 'wobble' during the flight but this disappeared within a few moments and I can honestly say it was a complete contrast to when I flew back from holiday just two weeks before. For anyone who is not sure about taking the course my advice is just do it - nothing to lose and loads to gain, and this is coming from someone who honestly thought it wouldn't work for them.

Siân Saunders Bristol 2017

Last flew: Never flown  Fear:  Never flown and not being in control.

It allayed many of the negative and irrational fears and thoughts I had about flying.  Also, having the pilot explain how the plane would function at the various stages of the flight was extremely reassuring.

Jane Wall Bristol 2017

Last flew:  8/9 years ago  Fear: Not being in control.

I was impressed by all aspects of this course. The email communication about it was efficient and clear. The attention to detail (e.g. re medical information which was followed up by a personal phone call from Mark) was, I thought, excellent. As was the care shown by all members of the organising team in terms of answering individual questions on the first day and "being there" as support, generally or for individuals if needed on the flight day. The ground based day was well managed and had just the right mix of factual info, coping strategy advice and interesting info/activities. The flight day was managed so that everything was kept as calm and low key as possible and the commentary during the flight from Howard , the experienced pilot, was something I found really helpful. I would certainly consider signing up for another experience flight if there's a time gap before I get round to a trip I need/want to do. Many thanks to the entire team for making both days such a positive experience!

Alison Francis Bristol 2017

Last flew: 12 years ago  Fear: Uncertainty.

I am so glad I did it. I honestly cannot wait for my holiday in July now. I actually loved the flying experience. Really surprised myself. Thank you!

Linda Holmes Stansted 2017

Last flew: 2016  Fear: Not being in control, the unknown, turbulence.

In all the years I have been flying I have never got excited to go on holiday, more of a dread. Now I am looking forward to booking a holiday for the first time ever. Thank you to all the Fearless Flyer team for all your support, and Barry for his encouragement.

Samantha Neild Stansted 2017

Last flew: 2004  Fear: Claustrophobia.

I have avoided flying and using the Underground since 2004 due to suffering from panic attacks and claustrophobia. In the past couple of years I've managed to start using the Underground again but always thought flying again was a step too far for me. How wrong I was! Booked the easyJet Fearless Flyer Course, determined to overcome my fear of having a panic attack on a plane, took the flight and was absolutely fine. Lawrence, and team, THANK YOU! Flight to Dublin in September is booked.

Rebecca Mackenzie Stansted 2017

Last flew:  Never  Fear: Having a panic attack.

It was an amazing experience from beginning to end. A highly engaging presentation from all people involved and they were genuinely caring. Then on the flight such helpful people who helped me in my time of need and encouraged me to see it through. I was overwhelmed and still in disbelief at what I have achieved. Thank you so much.

Janet Barnes Stansted 2017

Last flew: 13 years ago  Fear: Heights.

The Saturday was very informative and having the support of the team for the flight was invaluable. Feel much more positive after the weekend and I am confident of my flight in June.

Marjorie Pope Stansted 2017

Last flew: Never 

I have always had a huge fear of flying, but when I became 80 I thought "well, maybe I could do it, it's never too late". I am so happy that I conquered the fear. The course was excellent - informative, relaxing, confidence building - in fact all I would have hoped for. On the day of the flight I woke up feeling so relaxed and looking forward to it I couldn't believe it! I loved the whole airport experience and now understand exactly what happens. No more "filling in the blanks" in my mind! When I stepped on the plane I felt very calm and relaxed. Take-off was amazing and I even took photos from my window seat. I would be happy to do it all over again today. Sincere thanks to everyone involved in any way throughout the entire two day experience. They were, without exception, so helpful. The atmosphere was great! I look forward to flying again, hopefully in the not-too-distant future. Thank you so much, one and all. I loved it!

Jessica Fish Stansted 2017

Last flew: 3 years ago  Fear: unknown, claustrophobia, lack of control, thinking I will die, plane crashing, sounds I do not understand

I was very nervous to be doing the ground course and fearless flyer flight but I'm so glad I did as it did not disappoint.  I get nervous just walking into an airport so to step foot in one and board a plane is a big achievement for me.  I usually have to take medication if I fly and even then I still panic and sweat. Having attended the course at Stansted I now feel confident to fly without panicking. This has opened many doors to me and our family as we have not been able to fly altogether before due to my fear.  We have a holiday booked for this summer with our 6 year old daughter. I’m so glad I did the course as I can now fly for the first time with my child and not have to panic and she will not ever have to see my fear.  The course has not just helped with my fear of flying but my day to day anxiety that I have. I recommend this course to anyone with a fear of flying as it really is life changing.

Derek Barrington Stansted 2017

Last flew: 1971  Fear: Claustrophobia, heights, not being in control.

I was probably one of the more suspicious participants in the fearless flyer course. Since a panic attack in a lift in 1956 I have avoided most things and allowed my phobias to rule my life.  Yes I have flown before but not through choice. I was in the army and flew under duress. I have never been comfortable in a plane and have always gone by sea when I had the choice.  This course managed to show me how to overcome my phobias. Before the course I wouldn't go on the underground and I wouldn't go above the first floor in any building.  At the airport I had to go up to the second floor and also on the monorail (which goes underground) to get to the gate for the flight. I found the flight itself exhilarating with my new found confidence. I will definitely be flying again.

Debbie Birch Stansted 2017

Last flew: March 2017  Fear: Turbulence.

A fantastic course given with compassion and care.  No question was unanswered. Can thoroughly recommend.

Sophie Issimdar Stansted 2017

Last flew: 2 years ago  Fear: Turbulence.

The fearless flyer course and flight was fantastic. I am so glad I decided to book onto the course and face my fear. It has given me back the confidence to fly again and most importantly the knowledge and techniques to be able to understand what is going on and to control my anxiety. I will no longer fill in the gaps but use what I have learnt to reassure myself. The fearless flyer team were so kind, patient and calm. I can't thank them enough for helping me get over my fear of flying.

Andrew Cooper Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 2014  Fear: Turbulence, general anxiety.

I spent the last 20+ sitting in silent dread or acting manically on every flight totally wasting my time with unfounded fears which have now been put to task. I am a generally nervy person who cannot believe how much time I wasted in building up what should be an experience into a sweaty palmed ride into hell. This course completely transformed my mind-set to the point that I looked forward to the Sunday flight and chatted the whole journey in a normal fashion - highly highly recommended!

Margaret Stone Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 1960s  Fear: Claustrophobia, heights, turbulence, not being in control.

A wonderful experience which gave me the belief & courage to take to the skies! Thank you all so much.

Charlotte Smitherman Gatwick 2017

Last flew: Last year  Fear: Turbulence, heights, not being in control.

The course team were superb, so supportive; answering all questions honestly and explained everything so well. It was definitely worth taking the course and I'd highly recommend it to others.

Michaela O'Hara Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 2014  Fear: Turbulence and engine noises.

I was absolutely terrified of flying to the point where I would be sweating shaking and feeling as though I would pass out at any moment, I couldn't speak to anyone during a flight nor move from my seat during a flight. My fear got so bad that I couldn't even look at a plane in the sky without a horrible feeling in my stomach.  I took the plunge and booked the course and how amazing it was, truly life changing.  Lawrence has some amazing techniques to truly change the way you think and the way you behave before and during a flight.  The ground course was so insightful that when I went home that day I was actually excited to go onto the flight the following morning (I would usually not sleep, panic would set it etc). The flight was amazing the pilot talks you through the whole process putting your mind at ease about everything.  I was able to talk, smile and laugh with fellow fearless flyers during the flight and I even walked up and down the aisle something that I was never able to do before. I felt so proud of myself and really enjoyed the flight so much so that when we landed I wanted to go straight back onto a plane to experience it again. I would highly recommend the course to anyone with a fear of flying.  It's been life changing for me and I can't wait to go on my holiday this year :-)

Linda Mundy Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 10 years ago  Fear: Claustrophobia, not being in control, turbulence.

It's remarkable! I have always been petrified of flying - but attending the course has changed that. The Team were very friendly and supportive, answering many questions raised by the delegates. It was very reassuring to have the "commentary" on the flight too. I would certainly recommend the course.

Emilia Dunne Gatwick 2017

Fear: Scared of the unknown, heights, falling and being out of control.

I have flown since I was 5 at least 4 times a year. I was fine when I was younger, but as I grew up I started to over think everything little thing which resulted with me being terrified of flying. I would shout at the air hostesses to let me off (when it was too late) and I would cry the whole flight. My stomach would be so painful and clenched up, like the rest of my body. My mum made me go to this course because she and I were desperate. I was very apprehensive and sceptical because I thought no one understood my fear and I would be balling on the plane and make a fool out of myself. When I went home after the course, I felt amazing, and excited to get on that plane. I actually ENJOYED the flight. I didn't cry once! I looked out of the window at the amazing view. I felt surprised, grateful and relieved.  Just go, what have you got to lose?

Peter Yalden Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 15 years ago  Fear: Turbulence.

I found the course and all the easyJet team very pleasant and it has helped me overcome my fear of flying.  I would definitely recommend the course for anyone with a phobia of flying. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Sarah Lloyd Gatwick 2017

Last flew: Last July. 

I would thoroughly recommend the Fearless Flyer course to anyone who wants to conquer their fear of flying. I felt the course was able to address the many different issues that stop people from enjoying flying. The atmosphere was incredibly supportive and the techniques taught were effective and very relevant. Thank you!

Tracey Lloyd Gatwick 2017

Last flew:  8 years ago  Fear: Lack of confidence/heights.

I couldn't pinpoint my fear, just that I knew I has real issues using before flying, during the flight and preparing for the return journey. It ruined many family breaks as I was pretty unbearable to be around as I was so scared. The course showed me how to control my fear and having the commentary about the noises and actions of the plane was my life changing part. I still cried a tiny bit but I felt like the tears were a release as I had achieved my goal and was extremely proud of myself for doing so. I wouldn't have got on the plane before the ground course but didn't feel the usual panic about getting on the plane after the talk and was in my husband’s words "suspiciously calm."  Thank you from me and my whole long suffering family for giving me the tools and knowledge to change my perception and my life.

Nicola Grant Gatwick 2017

Last flew: Never flown.

I boarded the plane with no problem and went on the experience flight which I thoroughly enjoyed and even though I am scared of heights too I looked out the window at the amazing view all through the flight I left the plane happy and so proud of what I had achieved but I definitely could never ever have done this without this course and the amazing people involved in it all I left the airport grinning from ear to ear and am already planning where I am going to fly to but also wishing I had known about and taken part in this before so please don’t wait any longer do this course while you are still able to make the most of the whole world being your oyster no matter how near or far go for it and fly there.

Stacey Bolton Gatwick 2017

Last flew: 7 years ago  Fear: Not being in control.

I've never felt so relaxed waiting to board the flight, I also never sit anywhere but the aisle seat but yesterday I sat in the window seat and watched the whole flight. I feel excited about now being able to fly with less anxiety and knowledge to understand what's happening and why.

James Stewart Edinburgh 2017

Last flew: 20 years ago  Fear: Claustrophobia / not in control

The experience has transformed me from a very nervous passenger (I would hardly venture on to a plane) into someone who positively enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you indeed for every part of the course marked by enthusiasm, understanding and enjoyment.

Annie Downie Edinburgh 2017

Last flew: 12 years ago  Fear: Not being in control.

I was a bit sceptical but something happened that Saturday afternoon and I strode onto that plane on Sunday morning with little fear. Best money I've ever spent.

Steven Allan Edinburgh 2017

Last flew: 18 months ago  Fear: Not being in control

I decided to go on the course so I could become a confident flyer, I didn't have a fear as such but could become very nervous. 2 weeks after the course and the experience flight I flew to Spain and it's the most confident & comfortable I've felt on a plane ever!! I would highly recommend the course to anyone with either a fear or just some hesitations around flying, well worth and definitely makes a difference!

Deborah Hunter Edinburgh 2017

Last flew: 5 weeks ago  Fear: Turbulence

Lawrence the Motivational Speaker was the lynch pin for me with his humour, warmth and understanding manner. The course was very well organised and flight very relaxing. Within 6 hours of doing the course the girl I became friendly with took her first flight in 8 years so that was a great success and a recommendation to do the course.

Julie Rosier Gatwick 2017 Good Morning Britain

Last flew: 12 months ago  Fear: Not being in control.

I attended the Fearless Flyer course run in conjunction with Good Morning Britain. What a fabulous experience this was. A day after returning home and I am still on a high and I really want to get on another plane! This course has changed the way I think. My fear of flying was all in my head and the course showed me how to change those irrational thoughts! Thanks to all the team and the other Fearless Flyers that I met.

Lorraine Matthews Gatwick 2017 Good Morning Britain

Last flew: A few weeks ago  Fear: Lack of control

I can't believe how calm I was waiting to get on the plane. I barely thought about what I was going to do, I was just chatting about other things. The course staff and lane crew were so caring and made sure everyone was ok. Don't wait to do it- book it now. You will be amazed at the results and it will really open up your world. Thank you to everyone involved so much.

Laura Sloane Gatwick 2017 Good Morning Britain

Last flew: 2 years ago  Fear: Turbulence

I have always been a very nervous flyer and my anxiety levels are extremely high. My worst part is the take off and turbulence. Since attending this course I am so much more at ease and really cannot wait to board my next flight to Mexico in October 2017. Mark and Lawrence are fantastic as well as all pilots and the crew at easyJet. Thank you for such a fantastic experience, I will treasure this memory forever.

Elizabeth Wood Gatwick 2017 Good Morning Britain

Last flew: 8 weeks ago  Fear: Claustrophobia, Heights, Not being in control

Approached course as a hardened sceptic. Left with my life transformed. Thank you. 

Lucy Spinks Gatwick 2017 Good Morning Britain

Last flew: 9 months ago  Fear: Not being in control

It has changed my whole mind set of flying I feel so much more confident this has potentially changed my life.

Pauline Turner Belfast 2017

Last flew: 24 years ago  Fear Claustrophobia, out of control, panic

I am so happy to have discovered such a course existed. In 24 years I knew nobody who felt the same as me about flying. It was reassuring to meet others who felt the same. The team were fantastic. On the morning of the flight I couldn't believe that I was very excited about taking the flight. I had no anxiety going to the airport. The techniques taught I practiced before the plane took off and I actually enjoyed the flight and would have happily stayed on it longer. A Big Thank You to all the team for their expertise and help in helping me overcome my fears. I couldn't have done it without you!!

Fergal O'Brien Belfast 2017

Last flew:  7 years ago  Fear: Panic attacks whilst on board.

The fearless flyer team provided a warm, helpful and understanding environment for people who have had difficulties flying to gain confidence in themselves and the airline industry which has enabled me to take me first flight in 7 years and my first ever flight without using alcohol or medication. The plane felt like a safe environment to be in and I can honestly say it I really enjoyed every aspect of the experience flight. The Fearless Flyer and easyJet team are genuinely lovely people and I commend them putting together such a simple but life changing course.

Winifred Bowler Belfast 2017

Last flew: 2 months ago  Fear: Turbulence.

It dispelled all the myths that I held about aircraft noises and in particular turbulence. The course has made me much more relaxed in relation to my next flight which is to the USA and I am now looking forward to it. Give the course a go, the majority of people will benefit from it.

Heidi Manneville Belfast 2017

Last flew: 8 years ago  Fear: Claustrophobia.

I wasn't sure that it would work for me. I am a bit of a cynic and just felt that nothing would help me face this fear. But I thought if I didn't at least try it I would never know. I am so glad I did, a lot of my fears have been put to rest and I have coping techniques for when I am nervous. I think I will be able to use many of the skills in other areas of my life and not just flying. Thank you for helping me and not making me feel silly in the process. It has changed my life for the better!

Marissa Dunne Belfast 2017

Last flew: September 2016  Fear: Claustrophobia.

Having flown for many years without any fear I was very sad that due to a severe feeling of claustrophobia and feeling very panicked on a flight last summer I felt that there was no way I could even board a plane again. I saw this course advertised online and debated going on it as any thought of flying made me feel sick and not able to sleep. I was so glad I did book the course as the ground part gave me tools to deal with my fear and individual words which helped calm me just before the experience flight the next day. The flight was just what I needed to lose my negative feelings and I was able to sit happily and actually have a few tears of joy during the flight. This has given me my freedom to travel with my young family again.

Janet Smith Belfast 2017

Last flew: 8 years ago  Fear: Heights.

I would fully recommend this course it will dispel all the myths and give you the tools and confidence to see all the places and experiences you have avoided, it's life changing.

Karen Haskins Belfast 2017

Last flew:  January 2017  Fear: Turbulence and noises.

The experience flight was where I was able to recall all I'd been told about noise, clucks, clicks, smells, I was able to watch the wings as they changed shape using the flaps.  The turbulence I felt on board was just the change in air over the wing as we changed position and rather than worry about that I was able to look out the window at what was happening.  I did use some of the relaxation techniques we'd learnt on the ground course, in flight. I also bought the MP3 player for future flights.  I felt so happy as we landed and disembarked, yes I'd also learned how to refocus my though on the positive.  I absolutely would recommend this course. It was lovely to see people who hadn't flown for years be able to do it but their achievement was no greater to mine as we all needed to be fearless flyers, and quests what........we are.

Pamela Colllinson Manchester 2017

Last flew: 10 years ago.  Fear: Not being in control.

Thank you so much for a truly informative experience our fears were recognised and treated with sympathy and patience from every single member of the team. My son and I were so pleased we did it. Knowing we can manage holidays in the sun practicing all the advice and using the pocket MP3 player. Have already booked a holiday with my grandchild half expecting to back out, but not now I can do it. Flying is safe.

Kirsty Edmondson-Jones Manchester 2017

Last flew: 1993

I attended the FF course in Manchester over the weekend, taking only my second ever flight yesterday after a 24 year gap from my very first flight in 1993 to Corfu. If your course was ever going to fail it would be on me, and I know everyone says that but all who know me expected this to fail as I am very strong willed.   Whilst the ground course was illuminating and even enjoyable, I felt absolutely nothing and on returning to my room I reported to my husband that, as suspected, this really wasn’t for me and was probably more effective on the more ‘gullible’ in the audience. I recognize these words are rather offensive, and only repeat them to emphasize my point. I did as requested though and went through the three tasks back in my room before going down to dinner, again not feeling anything had changed. Yesterday morning, the morning of the flight, I awoke and was immediately completely perplexed by the lack of debilitating gut wrenching doom that would normally be growing in the pit of my stomach. On showering I just couldn’t quite fathom where the ‘feeling’ was, and worried that even thinking about it would bring it on – as is normally the case – but NO!   Even the cues of checking out of the hotel, going to the car and setting off to the airport didn’t make the ‘feeling’ come on, and half way to the airport I burst into tears of perplexed confusion and relief that ‘I COULDN’T FEEL ANY FEAR AT ALL’!!!!   As I am not a flyer, the airport is a weird and unusual place for me, so check in and security were surely bound to set me off – BUT NO!  As we approached the plane in the coach and I got out – my tentative husband who was accompanying me waited for the terror to kick in – but I bounded up the stairs and sat happily in my seat, see photo.  The only time I felt any twinge of anxiety was when we armed the doors and Richard said we had to wait 10-15 mins before setting off as my ‘thing’ is not being able to get out. But I held it together ok. Then - I loved the take-off and landing – I loved the turbulence! The whole thing was really quite remarkable and I’m now seriously considering working toward my pilot’s licence, whilst wondering what to do with the expensive boat we moor in Lincoln because I couldn’t holiday abroad.  So thank you all again so much for this wonderful gift – and if you know anyone in the market for a 38ft Fairline Targa med boat moored in the UK – let me know.

Chris Morrison Manchester 2017

I just wanted to say an even bigger massive thanks to you for the brilliant job you did at Manchester on March 5th and 6th... I felt quite stupid after developing a fear of flying, but you have totally turned things around for me! I flew back home on the Monday (funnily enough on the same G-EZOA plane as the course flight) to NL and enjoyed every moment .... listening to your voice in my head most of the way 😃 Thanks so much to you and the team. Life changed forever.

Anthony Lee Manchester 2017

Last flew: 8 years ago.  Fear: Heights

Great to go through the experience with similar phobics, having the full support of all the Fearless Flyer team. The reaction from family and friends when I told them I'd spent Sunday morning on a flight round Manchester was brilliant! Can't recommend it highly enough. Just need to get on lots of flights to practice now! 

Jennifer Tawse Manchester 2017

Last flew: About 30 years ago. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Fearless Flying course with easyJet. The technical information was explained clearly and reassuringly, and l found the coping strategies extremely helpful. During the experience flight the staff were always on hand checking their passengers were ok and offering reassurance and encouragement at all times! Thank you for giving me back my confidence to fly! 

Anthony Rogers Manchester 2017

Last flew: 18 months ago.  Fear: Turbulence and loss of control.

Simply transformational, the information I received has helped me focus on the positives of flying and coupled with the technical knowledge it has really freed up my mind to enjoy travel much more, thank you so much.

Elizabeth Nicholson-Jones Manchester 2017

Last flew: 11 years ago.  Fear: Crashing and dying.

I made the decision to take the course as I now have a daughter and the last thing I want is to pass my fear on to her. The ground course was excellent with everything I needed to prepare myself for the flight the next day. I found that I slept well the night before the flight and although I was still nervous at the airport, I was nowhere close to the level I had been the last time I flew. I took the flight and was reassured the whole way through, with every noise and sensation being explained along the way. I didn't feel the need to stare out of the window the entire time, something I used to do as a way of coping.

Louise Durber Manchester 2017

Last flew: 4 years ago. 

After years of anxiety and panic attacks due to fears or flying I have done it and it's the best money investment I've ever made, I so enjoyed this course, and everyone involved really does make you feel no pressure but is there to reassure you every step of the way. BIG THANK YOU TEAM.

Zoe Gitins Manchester 2017

Last flew: Never flown before.  Fear:  Not known.

I have never flown before and said I never would. The course explained how everything works and gave relaxation techniques that really worked!

Julie Pointon Manchester 2017

Last flew: 2014.  Fear: Claustrophobia, heights, not being in control.

Very knowledgeable and confidence building course. We would certainly recommend anybody to take it.

Stephen Brealey Manchester 2017

Last flew: About 10 months ago.  Fear: Feeling of trapped/panic.

Never thought I would fly again. Ever.  But came on the course in the hope that I could overcome my fear. Those involved were so professional, positive, understanding and supportive I could have overcome any fear. Learning about the facts of flying and some coping strategies really do work. I was so relaxed on the flight I could have been sitting in my own living room. Without the view! I would highly recommend the course to anyone who has a fear of flying.

Elaine Pitt Manchester 2017

Last flew: February 2017.  Fear: Not being in control.

This course is a must for anyone who is anxious about flying.

Jane O'Mara Manchester 2017

Last flew: One year ago.  Fear: Turbulence and not being in control.

I would recommend this course to anyone who has any fear regarding flying. I am absolutely amazed how I felt on the experience flight and with the help of all the easyJet team on the course I actually loved being on a flight for the first time in my life. Thank you so much easyJet for giving me my freedom to travel and enjoy it for the first time, your course is fantastic.

Simon Cragg Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 15 years ago. Fear: Claustrophobia.

For 15 years I've avoided airplanes, lifts and trains due to feeling claustrophobic. My children are growing up and have never been on a foreign I finally plucked up the courage after seeing the fearless flyer course online and booked on it. Having completed the course using all the tools I had been given I now feel a different person. I feel I have taken a massive step with getting grips with my fears and now in the process of booking our first family holiday abroad.

Clare Parker Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 7 years ago. Fear: Not being in control.

This course is amazing. I had so many misconceptions about the aircraft as well as feeling out of control. Lawrence and Captain Chris did an excellent job as well as the rest of the team. Thank you so much, I hope to visit my daughter, who lives in Italy, this year.

Brian Walker Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 24 years ago. Fear: Claustrophobia and not being in control.

This was an excellent course. I had created my own demons about flying and the joy and relief I felt after the flight was fantastic. We are now planning where to go!

Clair Burns Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 5 years ago. Fear: Turbulence.

I’m so proud I finally attended and can’t believe I boarded a plane alone. The captain, pilots, course leader and staff were absolutely brilliant.

Irene Jenner Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 14 years ago. Fear: Heights.

It is the second time I have flown, this time I felt more relaxed and positive about flying. I enjoyed the course as it covered a lot of concerns and helped to relax you for the experience flight. The experience flight was marvellous as the flight crew talk you through the experience, such as noise and movement
explaining what you are experiencing. Marvellous experience.

Amanda Price Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 1 year ago. Fear: Turbulence and not being in control.

I developed a fear of flying after a turbulent flight. Having flown since I was young I was all of a sudden unable to step onto a plane without suffering a panic attack. It has been incredibly frustrating but I was adamant that my fears were logical so I would never fly again. I decided to try and overcome my fears as I felt my husband and I were missing out on the adventures we saw so many of our friends experience. I chose the easyJet course as I trusted the brand. Nothing prepared me for the outcome of the course. I'm very sceptical when it comes to things like this, and I'm stubborn too! I left the day course questioning whether I'd step onto a plane regardless of what I'd learnt, however this morning I checked in, waited at the gate, took a seat on the plane (a window seat too which usually petrifies me!) and went through the entire flight without a single palpitation or feeling of claustrophobia. I genuinely
couldn't believe it. I actually looked out of the window and enjoyed the view, bumps and all. The members of the team are fantastic! What I went into questioning, I can only now sing its praises. The techniques you learn are fantastic, and to have the knowledge and experience of pilots and crew with you though out the entire course really makes the difference I think we all need. I honestly couldn't recommend this course enough, to anyone with any level of anxiety. It really is an eye-opener and from feeling sick whenever I saw or heard a plane, I am confident I will enjoy a break with my husband in the months to come, all thanks to the fearless flying team. Thank you.

Claire Murphy Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 2 years ago. Fear: Not being in control and not being able to get off.

After having my two children, my fear of flying grew to such a point that I couldn't relax on holiday until we had landed and then the day before our return flight the anxiety started again. I would get on a plane but hated every second of it. I wasn't sure if the course would help but something clicked during the ground course the day before, so when the day of the flight came I was much calmer than usual. Chris the captain was brilliant on the flight explaining each noise and movement that during the flight I was so relaxed and chatting to the lady next to me that I realised I hadn't been listening to him after a while and had actually been enjoying the flight. Me..... enjoying a flight! Before this course I would have belly laughed at anyone who suggested something so ridiculous. I would recommend this course.

Paul Windle Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 2 years ago. Fear: Turbulence.

Anyone who is even a little bit worried should attend this course.  It answers all your questions and gives you the tools to cope.

Annika Murray Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 2 months ago. Fear: fear of crashing and the unknown. 

Captain Chris has restored my confidence that flying is safe, the cabin commentary is exactly what I needed, this completely calmed my nerves, I also purchased the MP3 just in case I need to hear Captain Chris and Lawrence, turbulence is normal... just like bumps in the road, best thing I have ever done!! Thank you.

Sandra Jones Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 3 weeks ago. Fear: Turbulence and fear of dropping.

I can't believe after 45 years and many stressful flights I can be so relaxed in the air - I even sat next to the window and looked out - happy flyer.

Carla Johnson Newcastle 2017

Last flew: Never flown before. Fear: fear of the unknown.

I've never flown or even been able to look at a plane in the sky without feeling anxious I can't explain why it's just something I've always feared. I decided I'd had enough of missing out especially when my son went to Lapland at Christmas and I couldn't go because I was too scared to fly. I booked the course and I'm so pleased I did. Doing the ground course the day before really helped. Knowing everyone in the room was as scared as me made me feel more comfortable, knowing they all understood. Listening to all of Lawrence's techniques to stay calm and in control and learning how to breathe correctly really helped me. Then the Q&A session was great, Captain Chris answered every question possible and even some I'd never thought of. I was nervous the day of the flight but felt better when I arrived at the airport seeing everyone from the previous day had turned up. We were met by the team as soon as we checked in and they spoke to every single person individually which I feel was a lovely thing to do. When it was time for the flight Lawrence went through another relaxation technique then Captain Chris talked us through everything on the plane as it happened, he explained every noise and movement from taking off to landing which really helped. I couldn't have done it without them, they're amazing. Thank you to all of the team, hopefully this has changed my life forever. It's a shame you couldn't be on every flight but I do have my MP3 player to listen to you on any future flight I may be on.

Christine Tarren Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 17 years ago. Fear: Claustrophobia.

I can't believe I actually got on that plane after 17yrs of not flying due to severe claustrophobia which also stops me going on trains, buses and in lifts etc so I am a very happy person. All the staff were fantastic and put you at ease all the time. If I can do it, anyone can and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much.

Elaine Frazer Newcastle 2017

Last flew: 3 years ago. Fear: Claustrophobia, heights and not being in control.

The course was excellent and informative and I will use the techniques in other areas of my life. Highly recommended.

Kate Schutte Gatwick 2016

I just thought I'd write to let you know that 2 weeks after coming on your June Gatwick course, I boarded a flight to Shanghai and had the most amazing holiday with my family. I listened to the MP3 player for most of the 12 hour journey there and back! I couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank you

Sarah Farrell Belfast 2016

Completed the course in Belfast early spring and have just returned from a family holiday in Malaga. All techniques used and the MP3 player is amazing. It truly is a life changing experience. If anyone is considering signing up to do the course then do it. I loved the fact it was done in Belfast. Thanks to you all.

Brian Craig Belfast 2016

Thanks to this fantastic course which I attended in Belfast earlier this year in April. I finally took my wife on our dream honeymoon. We went to New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It was 5 flights in the space of 2 weeks. Never thought I would ever see America or be able to do so many flights. But thanks to this amazing course I was able to overcome my biggest fear, FLYING and I even enjoyed the flights. We were even seated separately for one of the flights and it was fine. Before this course I would never have been able to do this. Thank you so much for all your help

Ross Mitchell Glasgow 2013

I want to thank you and your team for changing my life. I first completed the easyJet Fearless Flyer course in Nov 2013, after which I took my first ever flight and had a holiday in Majorca with my wife. At the time this was quite a feat for me as I had avoided flying all of my life. Then last year my wife and daughter booked a family holiday to Lanzarote for this summer and as time marched on I began to get a little anxious about the 4 hr plus flight.  So late last year, I took up your offer of a flight only refresher course, just to re-enforce the positives from the main course and I am delighted to say I have just returned from a family holiday in Lanzarote. The flights were great and I can't wait to book our next holiday to the sunshine. I've got to say that before I'd heard of easyJet’s Fearless Flyer courses I honestly believed I was destined never to fly. You have changed that for ever

Clive Neathey Gatwick 2014

I did the Fearless Flyer course in 2014. Since then I have done the 'experience flight' twice (very useful) and also flown to France, Holland and Portugal. But last month I did something I never dreamed I would do and that was to fly to America! The thought of the long flight did make me anxious but I remembered all the things that I had learnt on the course and found that it helped me enormously. I have attached a picture of me with my certificate by the harbour in Boston, Ma. Many thanks to your excellent team for making this possible

Paula Bailey Liverpool 2016

I have to say this has been life changing for not only me, but extends to my family and friends, the phone hasn't stopped with people asking me to go away on holiday now.  I have 30 years of missing out to make up for. I cannot believe how easy it was to do, I think everyone was all in the same position, so we were there to support each other through it, we keep watching the videos of us in disbelief that I did it. CAN'T THANK THE TEAM ENOUGH  XXXXX

Heather Smith Liverpool 2016

Before taking the course I used to dread going on holiday, I couldn't get on a plane without taking Valium from the doctors and even then I would have panic attacks and hate the whole experience.  I took the course because I wanted to be able to book my honeymoon and actually be excited for it! The course was amazing, I felt so relaxed the whole time and was amazed by how well the techniques worked! Arriving at the airport for the flight I felt calm and even excited- something I had never felt before! I absolutely loved the flight - I did it without any medication and even managed to look out the window during take off! I can't wait to fly again and am happy to say I have booked my Honeymoon and I cannot wait! Thank you so much to the Fearless Flyer team, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you! To anyone reading this - take the course!!!!  There's no better feeling than being able to look forward to going on holiday!

John McKibben Liverpool 2016

The last time I had flown was 8 years ago, and I had been an emotional wreck on flights for years before. Just the thought of waiting at an airport or boarding onto a flight was enough to lead to sleepless nights and panic attacks. I had a son a few years back and I did not want to pass on my negative feelings on flying to him, my sister had also announced that she was getting married in Portugal in 2017.  So after many years of saying “yes I will look into it” in regards to a course, I finally booked onto a course a few weeks back.  Knowing that I had to change my mindset/feelings I immediately booked onto the webinar, hosted by Lawrence, Mark and Chris which was a great introduction to what I was going to hear and feel at the Ground Course.  On attending the ground Course it was great to actually meet Lawrence, Mark and Chris who over the day covered all the questions asked, and made themselves available to speak to everyone in attendance and nothing was an inconvenience. The presentation by Lawrence was really good and I know some people will doubt it, as I had initially but by the end of the 3 hours I did feel much calmer at the thought of boarding a plane and flying.  The next day the drive to the airport was a different experience to ever before, I seemed calmer and excited for a flight something that everyone now appears shocked by when I tell them. It helped that the team were at the check in desk to greet us all and again were happy to answer any questions people had, and offering extra time to anyone who felt they needed it.  Boarding the Plane was the part of the course I felt would be the make or break for me, I couldn’t believe that I just walked on and picked a seat and again felt excited to be departing.  Again Lawrence was able to offer a further calming influence and Captain Chris talked us through everything from taxi, to take off, flight and landing. I felt so much at ease that I was able to take Photos out the window and walked up and down the aisle, every other flight I had been rigidly stuck in my seat even unable to take off my seat belt.  On landing the feeling was one of pride, that I had done it!!  I had made the decision to take the course and most importantly I had made the choice and I had faced my fear.  I would recommend the course to anyone, and cannot thank the team enough for everything they done for not only me but everyone who attended.

Carrie Scrimgeour Edinburgh 2016

Thank you so much to the Fearless Flyer team who were just lovely and understanding throughout - not to mention really funny! I've never laughed so much getting over a fear in my life! Even if you're sceptical about the course (and believe me, I was probably the most sceptical person that went on mine!), I'd completely recommend giving it a try, because that feeling when you're up there and you've done it is just the best feeling in the world.

Catriona Lyons Edinburgh 2016

My teenagers have never been on a plane and were shocked when I sent them my video message to show them what I was up to.  It was such a lovely flight and was a really positive experience.  Having the team constantly checking and reassuring everyone during the flight and two extra pilots talking us through every step and every noise was extremely helpful. I had the option to pay for a confident flyer to come with me.  My niece has no fear but loved the experience and was so impressed by the team.  I'm so happy that I went on the course and I'm finding myself smiling when I look up and see a wee easyJet plane flying over.  I would recommend you to book as soon as possible.  I still can't believe that I was chatting and laughing mid flight and I'm feeling very grateful as I didn't think I could do it.  If I did it so can you.  

Helen Rudland Edinburgh 2016

Had built the fear up in my mind for a long time and cancelled a trip to the US because of it. Found the Course really helpful and calming. The staff were lovely and so cheery. We weren't made to feel stupid in any way. All in all I would recommend it to anyone. After a couple of (trial run) domestic flights will be heading for Boston next year. Thank you all.

Julian Hallett Birmingham 2016

My fear of flying came on suddenly in my mid-40s. I've flown many times before and it had never really bothered me - flown on my own, even done long haul once. Nobody seemed to understand my fear of flying, as most people  (my partner included) just wanted to assure me it is the safest form of transport and I knew all that and believed it!. My fear was never about the plane crashing or dropping out of the sky, the scenario that ran through my head was about me loosing control and 30 mins into a 3 hour flight wanting to get off - that and the fear that my heart would beat so fast I would die there and then on a flight and there would nothing anyone could do to help. The first part of the course was interesting and reassuring; it confirmed everything I felt I knew about how safe and routine being on a plane was. It was the second session on day 1 that helped me most. Knowing that I wasn't the only one that feared losing control made me feel less of a freak and in the run-up to the flight (at 13.00 the next day) I felt completely calm. I met some lovely people on the course, who all seemed reassuring normal and sane and in a twist of fate got chatting to a woman around my age who shared pretty much the same fears as I - we both worried the panic would  completely overwhelm us and would die. Needless to say this didn't happen - we sat next each other on the short flight, exchanging supportive glances and thumbs up. By the time we'd been up in the air for 10 mins, I knew I was going to OK and so did she. We'd killed the fear rather than the other way around.

Marie Neary Edinburgh 2016

You'll never be ready if you keep waiting to be... take action now! The course offers great support. There was laughter, tears and most of all support! It's ok to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.  I can't wait to start enjoying family holidays with my family and I never thought I would say this but I'm looking forward to the flight! Thank you all.

Angela Mould Edinburgh 2016

I was scared of flying.  Scared of the unknown, turbulence, take off, moving on a plane and the whole experience.   I arrived at the course scared.  A nod and a tap on the shoulder made me feel someone was right there to help.  The course techniques are very powerful and you really have to believe and give yourself completely to them.  Captain Chris told us everything that was happening all the way through the flight.  The team was there every step of the flight helping, giving support and encouragement.   As we landed I wept with joy, delight and I felt amazing.   I did it! I was on a high all day.  If anyone is reading this with a view to going, DO IT.  An amazing, caring encouraging group of people got me through a life changing experience.  It is up to me to maintain it and I will.  I think I can get continued support from the team and it’s just been amazing.   Thank you all so much.  Life starts here! Thanks to Mark, you were great and Lawrence thanks for a great journey.

Anne Watkins Birmingham 2016

I am 63 years old and have been claustrophobic for most of my adult life.  I had a fear of trains, buses, coaches, back seat of cars, lifts etc but the big one was flying.  I was convinced that no-one could ever get me in a plane. The ground course was interesting and informative but I will admit I left thinking that this couldn’t possibly work for me as they had never tackled a phobia as bad as mine before.  I turned up at the airport, having never even been to an airport before and managed to work myself up into a state of fear.  Lawrence took me to one side and we had a chat and he asked another one of our group to see me onto the plane.  I got on that plane still a bit nervous but when Lawrence talked to us I could feel the tension leaving my body.  I found the constant explanation of all the strange engine noises and movement of the plane a great help. I was amazed to feel calm and relaxed and I actually enjoyed the flight and loved looking out of the window at the fields below.  The one thing that most stands out about the course was that nobody laughed at us or ridiculed our fears, we weren’t bullied onto that plane, but most importantly I think for me there was no feeling of being fussed over or ‘babied’ everyone was so calm and matter of fact.  I only wish that I had been on a course like this years ago. If it can work for me then I really believe it will work for anybody, you just need to have the courage to take the first step.

Beverley Haynes Birmingham 2016

I would thoroughly recommend this course; Lawrence makes it fun and interesting and teaches you great techniques. Having the pilot covering all your worst fears, puts your mind and rest and then having the opportunity to ask him any other questions was great, but especially going on the flight and having him explain every noise and clunk etc was probably the best bit for me.  Then you need to get on a plane very soon after, as the team suggested, but if for some reason you can't fly anywhere for some time, you are offered the option of doing the flight only course again, thank you so much for offering this


Carol Gibbins Birmingham 2016

I would recommend this course to anyone! I never thought in a million years that I would ever be able to go into a confined space again and let them shut the doors behind me, but with their help I Did it!! And I went up in a lift in the car-park immediately afterwards. And I actually enjoyed it and felt so pleased afterwards.

Eleanor Spencer Birmingham 2016

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone running the fearless flyer course in Birmingham this weekend. I have to say it was with some scepticism that I attended thinking or fearing that my mind set could not be changed and that nothing would change the way I feel about flying.  At the end of day one my emotions were very mixed as on leaving I believed that change could happen with the tools and information passed on. Day two approached and the nerves/anxiety increased as they usually would in the airport. After the relaxation exercise just before the flight the anxiety had dramatically reduced. I can't remember a time that I have been that calm prior to take off. Once in the air the almost continuous information provided further quashed the residual anxiety. I suddenly become aware that the anxiety I once was not able to control was no longer there.  I feel that my mind set has been completely changed. I wish I had found this course years ago. I also think I will be able to utilise the things I have learnt in others areas of life and perhaps even in my own work.  I will be recommending to everyone I know with similar difficulties as sure that if I can change then others can too.

Amy Rolls Stansted 2016

I would recommend anyone with a fear of flying takes part in the course - every single aspect of flying is covered/explained and the support you receive is simply amazing. To hear so much information from the caption (both on the ground course and on the flight) is a huge comfort. Truly a life changing experience for me.

Mayen Essien Birmingham 2016

If you are sceptical then please, please do the course, you will be amazed. I book and paid doubting all the way but hoping I would have even a slight improvement. I was unsure what to expect. I had already researched everything about flying and I have trouble trusting so I could not imagine how they would help me, yet I still paid and went- and did the flight experience too!  I must honestly say the team are great and are genuinely interested in helping you. This was not a money making sales experience, I really felt they were all there to help me. Lawrence is an absolute start as is the pilot who talked us through every noise and explained turbulence properly. Thank you guys so much.  

Julie Savage Stansted 2016

The combination of Captain Howard's clear no-nonsense answers to all our questions, together with Lawrence's very motivational delivery of de-stressing techniques really helped me today during my flight. Even though I was still a little nervous during take-off and landing I was able to use all I had learnt and I was much more relaxed than ever before.  I can't recommend your course highly enough to anyone who is a nervous flyer and many thanks to you all for a truly life-changing experience.

Sarah McCrory Belfast 2016

I would say to anyone who is afraid of flying to absolutely take this course, trust me you will not be disappointed. Over the years, my fear was increasing towards flying, to the point where I wasn't enjoying my holidays when I was away.  I obsessed over turbulence, I fed my
fear.  Each time I stepped on a plane, a part of me was convinced I'd die. I simply didn't enjoy it. I hadn't flown in over 3 years until I took the experience flight as part of this course, and it's honestly the first time in years where I was relaxed on the day of the flight - I slept like a baby the night before, I had a great day leading up to it, I ate a gorgeous lunch (usually I couldn't eat before a flight out of nerves!). I was relaxed in the airport, whereas normally at this point I'm a wreck, constantly in and out of the toilet, then necking alcohol to numb the nerves.  It honestly felt like a relief not dreading getting on a plane.  I now can't wait until my holiday to Alcudia next year, and of course I am flying with easyJet.  If you want to start living your life, then take this course.  The world will become your oyster.

Geraldine Scott Stansted 2016

Thank you a million times Fearless Flyer Team!  I have been wanting to have the confidence for a few years to go on this course and finally I did it last weekend. Lawrence and Captain Howard are just so amazing, so patient and never made you feel silly about asking so many questions. I never thought I'd get over my fear of flying, but I now do feel I have...

I've just booked my first flight since attending this course and plan to fly to my mother in Belfast with my son and granddaughter in a week's time. Thank you Lawrence and captain Howard, you do such a wonderful job. I can't believe I can now take control of my flying fear and visit many places with my husband and family.  If you are wondering should you do this course, it's a definite yes!

Andrew Burrett Luton 2016

I'm so glad that I did the easyJet Fearless Flyer course. The ground course was very entertaining and engaging but above all, practical. It was full of practical information and techniques that challenge the way the mind operates when it comes to phobias and helps to control thinking patters and anxiety. Lawrence and Chris were excellent in their methods and styles of presentation and really helped with changing the perceptions of flying. Indeed the whole Fearless Flyer team were fantastic in helping the group. As expected I was still rather nervous leading up to the flight itself, but after a chat with Lawrence and one of the other fearless flyers, I began to feel considerably better, so much so, that when we were waiting to board, I couldn't help but notice how surprisingly calm I felt. And it remained that way for the duration of the flight. Captain Fosters running commentary of everything that was going on as it happened made a massive difference. It was very reassuring to have him there putting everyone’s mind at ease. And for the whole duration there was plenty of help and support from the team to anyone who needed it. This course is absolutely invaluable. For me, it meant more than just challenging thinking patterns and conquering phobias, it meant that I'd get a large part of my life back. Having completed the course, I feel fantastic, knowing that I have so much more freedom.   It took me over two months to even book this course, I was so afraid of doing it, so if you're considering doing it, I urge you to book it. The way I saw it was, I can find out more by doing the ground course, and if I feel comfortable enough, I'll go the airport, and if I feel confident enough to do that, I'll get on the plane... Remember, no one will push you into doing the flight, you can always walk off of the plane but, at the very least, challenge your thinking and see how far you can go. My biggest worry was that I didn't trust my own luck, a way of thinking I had kept for years. That day I challenged it, fought hard against my thinking habits, used and practiced the techniques given and did something was doubtful I'd ever do again. Challenge your thinking and your fears, take this course, it is fantastic! And enjoy the many global experiences that come with being a Fearless Flyer!

Catherine O'Melvena Belfast 2016

Although I have flown short 2.5hr flight I spent the whole time in fear especially once up in the air with people walking about. I was waiting for turbulence and the plane to drop from the sky! On the course I learnt that it impossible for this to happen and on the flight I was encouraged to get out of my seat and walk down the aisle. It's the first time I was able to relax on a flight! Thank you for opening up the world to me.  

Sharon Lea Manchester 2016

I've flown many times in recent years, up to 10 times a year but I've always been very anxious and dreaded getting on the plane.  When actually on the plane I'm counting down the minutes until it lands and I can get off.  My fear has always been the plane may crash, and I was terrified during any turbulence.  Following the course I was amazed how calm and fearless I was before and during the experience flight. I was sceptical before I attended the course whether I could be ''cured''!  I only wish I had done the course sooner, it would have saved me a lot of heartache!  I cannot recommend the course highly enough.  The level of support and information was superb.  Thank you, thank you, thank you fearless flyer team from the bottom of my heart. It feels like you've changed my life!

Caroline Gibbs Manchester 2016

It would be quite hard to find anybody more nervous than I was about flying. I had not flown for 48 years and am someone who had got off a plane at the last minute before a return journey following panic attacks on the outward leg. The course on Friday evening was informative, extremely helpful, offered great strategies for coping and was fun. The following day, I boarded with some trepidation but fear seemed to evaporate and I actually ENJOYED the flight. I have already booked a flight to Denmark in less than a month’s time. If you fear flying, please give it a go. You have nothing to lose.

Nicola Townsend Bristol 2016

I thought I would send a quick email to thank the easyJet Fearless Flyer Team. I had a brilliant summer holiday this year we went to Majorca, sunshine every day! This was the first holiday we've had abroad (I'm 52 so we've had a lot of holidays) as I wouldn't get on a plane and if I hadn't attended the fearless flyer course at Bristol in April we would have been in Cornwall again! I flew again in September my husband and I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary in Dublin. So many places we can go now I can't wait to book for next year. Many thanks to you all.

Adele Thomson Manchester 2016

I was very sceptical that a short course would help at all but was willing to try and    went with an open mind.  How wrong I was!   I soon realised that there are other people feeling exactly the same but often for different reasons.  The question and answer session was a great way to dispel the misconceptions and build the true picture of flying today.  At the start, I was undecided about the flight the next day however, after the fantastic course and with what I had learnt not only about flying but also about myself, I came away feeling somehow different. The flight was a brilliant experience and the sense of achievement indescribable.  I would highly recommend the course!        

Gary Pickering Manchester 2016

I was sceptical as to whether or not this would work for me because I haven't been on a plane in 13 years but after doing the ground course I was much more confident about getting on the plane for the experience flight. I was very nervous in the airport and thought I can't do this more than once but I made myself get on the plane and once I was in my seat the nerves just seemed to go away and I enjoyed the flight and I'm now looking forward to going to Dubai in 8 weeks’ time to see my fiancée for Xmas. I'm really happy I did this course and would definitely recommend it to anyone with any kind of fear of flying. 

Paul Crabtree Manchester 2016

If you are reading this please overcome your fear! I see myself as multi-phobic.  Before the course I convinced myself if I got on a plane it would crash! I had a fear of heights it was so bad I found it difficult to walk over a motorway footbridge! I also had a fear of closed spaces in fact I convinced myself I would never fly!!! My partner loves holidays abroad and she was missing out on my refusal to fly. A fear of flying is a selfish trait and it affects others. I had reservations about joining the course and I was going to pull out, I'm so glad I went ahead. The ground course is fantastic, it is the foundation of getting you on the aeroplane, the techniques you learn and the comforting and reassuring talk given by the pilot answer all the questions you need to know, The night before the flight I didn't sleep well but I used the techniques taught and I was eager but somewhat nervous on the morning of the flight. Surrounded by likewise phobics I was determined to get on that plane and what a fantastic experience I had, The guest pilot and the team were reassuring and when the plane revved its engines and we took off I had a big smile on my face! I loved it and the whole flight was smoother than my drive to the airport! The landing too was amazing. If I can do it you can so stop thinking about and do it!!!      

Jill Robinson Manchester 2016

It was a remarkable experience and has given so much more confidence in every aspect. Thanks to all.

Thomas Robertson Manchester 2016

I had an apprehension about the anxiety techniques that I learned wouldn't help me but they certainly did. The last flight I took I was nervous wreck, crying and shaking but on my experience flight I was calm and genuinely enjoyed it. When I got home, I saw a plane over my house and I looked up to it feeling emotions of joy and excitement instead of fear and horror. Thank you to the easyJet fearless flyer team, Captain Howard and the Cabin Crew. You have given me something that will last lifetime and for that I'm grateful. 

Mary Gallagher Belfast 2016

Most of my fear was comprehensively dealt with at the Ground Course and
after take-off I really enjoyed the flight. I am very much looking
forward to my next flight.  Many thanks to all concerned.  You made my trip very worthwhile.

Daniel Thompson Manchester 2016

Best thing I have ever done, I've struggled with flying for years and years but all the information and techniques I've been given I now feel I can fly with no problems. Thank you for everything.

Krysia Westthorp Gatwick 2016

Before I came to this course I hadn't flown for years and even then it was with the help of diazepam! In fact, I actively avoided flying. As a result, my poor husband had to drive us all the way to Spain, Italy and France when I knew that he would much rather have flown. My children have never been on a plane and it was me holding them back. The crunch moment came for me however, when through work, I was offered an amazing opportunity to go somewhere I love, but it would need to involve flying to get there. I initially said I couldn't go and berated myself for allowing my fears to stop me. I suddenly changed my mind, said yes to the trip and was then immediately petrified. What had I done?! That was when I booked onto the fearless flyer course and am I glad I did! The course leaders were so reassuring and knowledgeable and although I already understood how a plane works, to have the captain authoritatively explain everything in detail was very helpful. Finally, Lawrence's techniques on how to cope with the fearful feelings were extremely useful and can undoubtedly be applied to other areas in my life. I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the course for helping me to actually enjoy the flight, something I didn't think I'd ever manage! I now feel much more positive about flying in the future.

Leroy Donaldson Gatwick 2016

I would say to anyone thinking of taking up this course that you will be well informed in a relax complex, amongst people with the same or similar issues and on the actual flight you will be well looked after, told precisely what is going on and before you know it the flight is over. Go and conquer your fear. 

Maggie Babel Newcastle 2016

I gave up hope of getting on a plane three years ago after every previous flight was an ordeal for me due to my fear. Last year I went to visit my family by coach which took 48 hours both ways (flight takes 2.5 hours). I considered the EasyJet course twice before but I was too scared and sceptical about it so I missed two courses in Newcastle. After weeks of considering and doubting I finally booked the September course, telling myself that I will at least try the ground course and if I decide not to fly the next day, so be it! I attended the ground course feeling very tense but with a glimmer of hope – and I was really amazed by how good it made me feel. The talk about how phobic minds work and how it can be changed with different techniques was fascinating, so was the presentation by the captain. He was very patient in answering all sorts of questions and was even available during the break when we went to talk to him. I went home feeling relaxed and positive and not worried about the flight the next day – only a few hours earlier I felt terrified at such a thought! I was a bit nervous as I entered the airport but was pleasantly surprised to see Lawrence and the captain who thoughtfully made an effort to speak to us all individually. I think everyone really appreciated their presence as we all queued for our boarding passes. After boarding the plane the relaxation talk by Lawrence made me feel calm and confident. The captain’s commentary was very informative and reassuring – later once airborne (and very high) for the first time I went to sit by the window and I enjoyed the views! At times I still can’t believe that I took to the skies in that plane. I am very grateful to everybody involved in this course for helping me achieve this, you’ve been very kind and supportive and gave me confidence that I can fly again and visit my family.

Joyce Cagagin Newcastle 2016

easyJet’s fearless flyer course is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who has any sort of problem stopping them from being a happy flyer. They gave me support before the course and there is ongoing support after the course. The whole team are there to help. In particular the Captain explained the noises and sensations and workings of the plane and proved air travel is the safest way to travel. Lawrence Leyton is the best inspirational speaker I have ever heard and the way he put over the techniques and relaxation control to use made me feel I could be free and fly without fear

Linda Duffy Newcastle 2016

The course was excellent. I particularly liked the running commentary during the flight. It was very reassuring. Also the relaxation techniques were invaluable - helped enormously. So just a massive thank you - everyone was brilliant. Very professional. So on the strength of this I have booked my holiday - flying to Corfu and going off on a cruise next year! Oh forgot to say, I am 60 years old and never flown before. It’s a big deal to me!

Jeff Gillatt Gatwick 2016

A big hi and thanks to all the team, I wish I had done this course years ago. I was a nervous wreck 3 days before any flight and 3 days before the return flight one. As you can imagine this really ruined any flying holidays for me and my family. So rather than go through this we did cruise holidays instead and ferries to France. Even looking at a brochure or internet holidays including flights I would start to get nervous. I eventually bit the bullet and went on easyJet fearless flyer website and the team could not be more supportive. I went on a webinar and saw Marks video and how he was and realised that was just how I was and knowing you are not the only one feeling this way really helped me. I booked the course straight away doing the ground course showing you techniques to help keep you calm and the pilots talk was really brilliant. So the next day arrived and I slept well the night before and even had breakfast in the morning my wife was amazed. The team were so supportive throughout the whole experience. I actually enjoyed the flight and we will fly again soon.

So if you have a problem and fear flying believe me this is the course for you, it works there is no pressure from the team whatsoever and if I can be cured anyone can. Once again a big thanks to the team

Gillian Ludwig Gatwick 2016

I’m very glad I went on the Fearless Flyer course. It wasn’t easy, but it has definitely made a difference as I have just chosen to book a flight for the first time ever, without anyone bullying me! I can’t thank Lawrence and the team enough for helping me to get on that experience flight. I very nearly went home without seeing it through, but I was completely calm during the flight and am looking forward to being able to travel a lot more from now on. 

Lesley Williams Bristol 2016

This course will not only enable me to travel more, but also my husband, so it will change both of our lives. The hardest thing to do is press the button and book the course, it took me three days! The advice you are given, the techniques you are taught, and the support throughout, is just so good, if you want to fly but think you can't, trust me you can, I am not superwoman, I am just ordinary, and if I can do it so can you.

Lucy Blackburn Bristol 2016

I'm so pleased that I finally made the huge decision to do the easyJet Fearless Flyer course. It took me 2 years to work up the courage. My flying experience had got more and more terrifying over the past 20 years, until I had stopped flying completely with my last flight 4 years ago. Of course this is very restrictive, and we had a ridiculous situation of taking 2 days to go by car and train to Rome for a holiday. So I've just done the course, and had the flight yesterday - it was amazing - life-changing!! Lawrence has given me the mental tools to go forward, and to possibly even enjoy flying. That's certainly what happened yesterday. We're looking to go away for a short break in the next few weeks - maybe Barcelona - how exciting! Thankyou from me, and from my husband and family, to Lawrence and all the easyJet Fearless Flyers team.

Jane Attfield Bristol 2016

This was an excellent course and very professional. The interactive activities with Lawrence helped me to retain key points and the follow up notes will be invaluable. A huge impact having an experienced pilot to answer questions and best of all, having Richard in the cabin explaining everything during the experience flight allayed all my fears. I will be recommending it to a very nervous flyer this week! Thank you

Gemma Besant Bristol 2016

I was sceptical that this course would work as I am a logical, rational person who knew my fear of flying was silly however I thought it was worth a try as I was sick of being terrified every time I got on a plane. Amazingly the experience flight was the first flight I can say I have ever truly enjoyed. The way the course was taught combined with the camaraderie of being with other people who have the same phobia really helped me to overcome my fear by facing head it on and refusing to be scared anymore. I am actually now looking forward to my next flight! Thank you easyJet!

Kirsty Donohoe Luton 2016

The course was very good and very informative. The people doing the course were really friendly and patient and very calming when needed. The flight was really well done with all the commentary from Chris and I think it's all put together really well. 

Graeme Watson Stansted 2016

Not sure what to say, but I have gone from having to take Diazepam, Beta blockers, alcohol and nicotine before a flight, to none of the above and am quite looking forward to my next flight. Whereas, before the course, the thought of flying would result in very high stress levels, waking up in cold sweats in the days or sometimes weeks before a flight. I knew that my fear was irrational, you only have to look at the statistics. Even with the most recent tragedy. Look on flight tracker at just how many people are up in the air at any one time. I feel now that with my newfound coping mechanism and more so for me, that greater understanding of exactly what is happening and when. This has really put me at ease. With regards to the course and the delegates, I was, but perhaps shouldn’t have been surprised to see the vast cross section of people that were there. Every walk of life, all to some degree handicapped by fear. What was good to see, was the amount of smiling faces during and after the flight. So for me. Job well done, many thanks.

Nicola Ratcliff Liverpool 2016

Twelve years ago I developed a fear of flying. There was no rhyme or reason for it, no logical rationale. I had flown fearlessly at least once a year prior to that, all the way through my childhood, my adolescence and into my twenties so what on earth was wrong with me?? I felt ashamed, frustrated and imprisoned and I didn't understand my fear so I made excuses about why I can't travel abroad each year, but now I'm sick of my feelings. I'm 40 in October and couldn't imagine another year going by where I'm waving my son off at the airport as he goes on holiday with my parents. I'm a confident, competent professional, I'm a mental health nurse, I'm a mom and have experienced the whole range of life events so why can't I fly? I found it hard to admit to others my fear, I found it hard to book the course, I found it hard to book a holiday, I found it hard to attend the course, but I did it and I feel so proud of myself and free, life feels full of possibilities. The team are reassuringly knowledgeable and professional but also approachable and containing from the time they say hello to the time you're saying goodbye to them as you step off the plane with a lighter step and a beaming smile. Thank you for showing me the way to once again becoming a fearless flyer. I can't wait to be sitting next to my son on the plane to Tenerife and being able to explain to him about the wing flaps

Kelly Mayall Liverpool 2016

I would firstly like to thank Mark, Lawrence and everyone involved in making my fearless flyer course possible. Prior to attending the course, I hadn't flown for 13 years following an uncomfortable flight home from Greece. I decided to book on the fearless flyer course as my young children had asked to fly and I didn't want my phobia to be passed on to them. I have to admit I was slightly sceptical of the course and didn't expect that it would work but thought it would be a last ditch attempt at doing a flight. To my surprise the course absolutely worked. The techniques taught by Lawrence accompanied with the aviation explanation by the pilot completely put me at ease and left me feeling that I could certainly fly again in the future! Thank you so much, it has been life changing and I am excited to put everything I have learned in to practice on my next flight. Thanks so much for today! It has been amazing!

Elaine Wood Liverpool 2016

I can only say if I can do it and I know you don't know me but trust me I haven't flown for 25 years but I'm going to fly fly fly. This is one course that yes you have to go with it but once you do the sky's the limit

Janet Brown Liverpool 2016

A wonderful course that answers all the questions and gives you strategies to help cope with your fear. Staff are with you all the way offering their supporting and advice

Sally Moulsher Liverpool 2016

The course was excellent. Lawrence, Mark and the Captain (Richard) were all brilliant. I particularly liked the way Richard talked us through everything during the flight. He was so reassuring, clearly extremely experienced and knowledgeable, explaining every little noise and sensation. Lawrence and Mark were always there with us in the cabin if anyone needed help.

Lindsey Ratcliffe Liverpool 2016

I have been flying all my life but over the last 10 years my fears have become more and more and having my children watching me become a nervous wreck before, during and after the flight was getting me down to the point I really was ready to happily NEVER fly again. Doing this course has helped in making me face my fears and deal with them in a way I never thought possible. I have now a much better understanding of all aspects of flying thanks to the lovely pilot Richard. Also Lawrence was truly fantastic and I now have the tools to get on a plane and have a relaxed flight. The biggest thank you to all the staff at easyJet fearless flyer I am so glad I attended the course

Christine Gallimore Gatwick 2016

I can't recommend this course highly enough. The team are with you all the way. You will learn coping mechanisms for your fears and which ones work best for you. And you can then take that knowledge to other areas of your life to grow in confidence when you face a problem. You will be so convinced and understand how totally safe flying is. And as well as talking to you the day before one of the captains will be talking you through everything on the actual flight from inside the cabin where you are seated. There are so many checks through the whole flying process and how the planes are maintained...flying is far safer than driving in your must do this is worth every penny and it will change your life!

Elizabeth Goater Gatwick 2016

As a claustrophobic I really didn’t think this course would work for me. I had done courses with other providers but I found there wasn’t enough focus on the psychological aspects of fear to help me control my phobia of being trapped. In the past I would have a panic attack even just booking a flight and again when I got to the airport. It was miserable and once I was even denied access to a plane because of the state I was in. But this weekend’ s easyJet Fearless Flyer course was just brilliant. It taught me how to change my thoughts to the point where I was, somewhat unusually for me, looking forward to today’s Experience Flight. I had a couple of wobbles when waiting to board and considered not getting on the plane but I used the techniques and they worked. I did it! I now feel ready to conquer anything. Huge thanks to easyJet for giving me a part of my life back as now I can go on holiday with my family

David Wragg Gatwick 2016

Even though this was a highly structured course, I loved how the Fearless Flyer team didn't rest until everybody who had personal concerns was addressed on a one to one basis, and that the flow of communication and encouragement didn't slow down on the day of the flight. In fact, the moment when I went from being not sure whether I would actually board the aircraft, to feeling totally committed and even excited, was when Richard, the commentating captain, addressed us all in the boarding area to tell us that our plane had already been out to Europe, was in tip-top condition, and the crew were excited about taking us on our experience flight. That attention to detail and commitment to our success just blew me away and I was so, so grateful for it - thank you Richard

David Griffin Gatwick 2015

Before Fearless Flyer I hadn't been on a plane for over 20 years - my parents stopped taking me when I was a teenager as I was so scared. In that time I have been on a great deal of European holidays by boat and train, my wife and I even sailed to America and back ten years ago as I couldn't get on a plane. I tried hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling to no avail - I had accepted I would not fly again. Last year I was dreaming about visiting the US again and happened upon Fearless Flyer on the Internet. Mark called me and talked about the course and how it had worked for so many people - I was still pessimistic but decided to give it a shot. I can honestly say it has now absolutely changed my life and was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The course is great and there are so many other people there who share the same fears it creates an amazing feeling of togetherness and courage. In the past year I have visited Majorca, Barcelona, Jersey and Portugal - and now Florida! This photo is of me by Clearwater beach having had an amazing holiday in the US. I know when I read testimonials in the past I thought 'my fear is different and it can be cured' - it really can and I am proof of it. Thank you to all of the Fearless Flyer team, I thoroughly recommend the course to anyone who is unsure about trying it - you will not regret it.

Caroline Derrick Bristol 2016

I’d flown before, reluctantly and nervously and had never managed to even check in when I had to get myself to the airport and was travelling alone. If someone took me to the airport, or I was flying with a companion I would fly – but held the plane up by gripping the armrests all the way, and having my hand held for take-off. The ground course made me see how unfounded my fears really were, and the running commentary has reassured me that the noises and the plane bumping around and shaking a bit are normal and safe. Now much happier about the prospect of flying!

Jon Jerrome Bristol 2016

The wait is finally over! After countless years of putting off flying and not entertaining the idea of getting on a plane, I decided to enrol on the easyJet Fearless Flyer course and attempt to confront my fears. As someone who has struggled with claustrophobia and anxiety in the past, the prospect of committing myself to the unknown and a situation with no escape was daunting to say the least. Like many I am on the Fearless Flyer mailing list and twice a year would contemplate whether I should take that first step and register for the course at my local airport. However, there was always an excuse, a reason to wait until next time. However, after years of procrastination, I decided to pick up the phone and make it happen. The ground course proved to be a really interesting and motivating evening where we explored the theoretical side of flying and examined several coping techniques which promised to assist us in what was to follow. Throughout the evening the course leader and captain of the experience flight oozed knowledge, confidence and assurance as they set about putting long standing fears and misconceptions to bed. To interact with others in the same situation as me was really reassuring ahead of what of would prove to be my biggest battle – the experience flight. The day of the flight arrived and whilst I felt apprehensive about getting on the plane, I made my way to the airport. From the point of checking in to walking out of the airport with my certificate, the quality of care and service I received was first class. From clear instructions of the security process to explanations of what I should expect from my first flight directly from the captain, I was really made to feel at ease and left in no doubt that I was surrounded by nothing than absolute support. And it wasn’t just the Fearless Flying team providing the support. The way in which fellow course participants rallied round to encourage one another was just one of the many special memories I’ll take from the experience. The flight itself was a really wonderful experience enriched by the terrific commentary provided by the captain. With every noise and sensation explained, I was able to sit back and take in the amazing sights which only an aircraft could offer. The atmosphere on the plane was fantastic as fear turned into possibility and excitement for passengers, many of whom were openly planning their next holiday before the plane doors had reopened! The sense of accomplishment I felt was right up there with anything I had felt in my life and my overriding emotion was one of joy. Upon posting news of my achievement on social media, I received several congratulatory messages including one which read ‘I never thought I’d see the day’. Without the amazing work of Lawrence, Mark and team, he may well have been right.

Jane Jones Bristol 2016

The whole experience was life changing as it has made me understand, and come to terms with, why I was so afraid and be able to let go of those fears. It was a very empowering course and I feel so much calmer and more positive, not only about flying but about life too! So thank you so much to the whole team.

Gordon Smith Glasgow 2016

With absolute trepidation I booked myself on this course and kept it secret from my wife in case I couldn't bring myself to go. All I can say is this event will be life changing for me. For 10 years I have been put off going on holiday and this has had an effect on the family around me. I can't wait to book a flight now and get myself off somewhere warm or somewhere I've always wanted to go. Don't hesitate to book yourself on this course. Take strength that you’re in a room full of people just like you and be amazed at how far you have come in the space of two days.

Palm Gunstone Glasgow 2016

The first part of the course is very interesting and delivered in a friendly manner. Lawrence and Captain West at the end of the session were very willing to talk to us about our individual fears which did not quite slot in to the ones covered. Before boarding the flight Lawrence kindly helped me with how to cope with my 'Taking Off' problem. On the flight the entire Fearless Flying Team were very attentive and Lawrence and Mark made a point of speaking to us individually. Before the course I had 2 fears, one I no longer now have, the other has improved but was quite a deep problem and needs a little longer attention however I am positive with the help of the MP3 this is also going to disappear.

Mhairi Wilson Glasgow 2016

This was an excellent confidence building experience. The pace of the course was ideal with the correct amount of relevant information given to the participants to allow them to feel reassured about all aspects of flying. Due to the ground course being on the day before the flight, there is absolutely no worry or pressure on day 1, allowing you tofocus on the information and advice. You then have time to practice the coping strategies before taking the flight on day 2. Well done easyJet – I thought I was a lost cause where flying was concerned but you have proven me wrong.

Andrew Melvin Glasgow 2016

The overall course was great with equal focus on techniques and safety. Two things that impressed me were the captain even though he has flown for years and loves flying he was able to tap into and understand all of the fear and anxiety that affect many flyers. Also the team on the day of the flight were very quick to identify anyone who was feeling nervous to try and help to reassure them.

Catherine Hughes Glasgow 2016

I can't believe I have done this. I have missed so many "family celebrations" not flying. This is a letter of appreciation and recommendation to you and your company. This has been a real life experience, awesome, very encouraging, good humour - it's so evident that you all love your work from Lawrence's voice, mark and his lovely wife who implanted the "positive" word to me, the pilot who answered all questions thrown at Him - even from myself., to the cabin crew, check in and ground staff - thank you to you all. I know I will not say " wow I have enjoyed flying to wherever" but I will be much more in control & relaxed - no hippy stomach etc, I just think about that spider with the coloured wellies were all very special. Thank you again. I will keep in touch. Job well done.

Brian Craig Belfast 2016

I found it really beneficial. It really did help. The team were brilliant and answered all questions and erased all my fears. I wasn't sure if it would make a difference but it truly did. Even better I now have the mp3 and will have Lawrence and Chris with me on every flight.

Clark Kinkaid Belfast 2016

I genuinely cannot praise the fearless flyer course highly enough. I was the last person to book for the Belfast course, I took so long to book it because I was trying to pluck up the courage to do so. I was terrified. I wasn't sleeping the whole week of it knowing it was fast approaching and wanting so badly to have the guts to book it but not knowing if I could muster up the strength to go through with it. Boy am I glad I did! There are not too many things that I would say are life changing but this is definitely one of those things. Not only has it changed my life already knowing that the fear of flying is no longer the same, but it has changed me because I don't feel like a coward or weak or ashamed because I was afraid to do something that so many people seem to be able to do without any problem. For that I am forever grateful to Lawrence, Mark and Captain Chris and the entire team for their help, encouragement and care throughout the whole course. One word summed up how I felt as we landed and the song you played on the plane just hit the mark completely. Proud. I truly felt proud of myself. That was all thanks to this course and the people like you who cared enough to run a course like this to help people like me. If you are reading this and wondering should I book it, can I do it? Book it and change your life too and I promise you, you too can feel proud of yourself

Graham Wyatt Stansted 2016

I thought I'd take the time to write a thank you email to all those involved in this weekend’s fearless flying course. I attended and can thoroughly recommend the course to all those that have issues with flying. I can safely say that I have just wasted 11 years of my life by choosing not to fly because of my irrational fears surrounding flying. Without your dedicated staff I really don't think I would ever fly again. Again, for all those who are considering flying but are too afraid to do so, choose easyJet fearless flying because it really does work.

Antigone Harding Stansted 2016

I thought the course might not have the right answers for me at first, considering my fears are more to do with being in a small area with a lot of people rather than flying, but the techniques we were taught and the ideas that were presented to us weren't just about flying but more about the loss of control or the patterns of fear that we create for ourselves. Immediately, Lawrence and the team created a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for us - I laughed a lot considering how tense I was when I walked in! The techniques were simple to understand but incredibly effective, and the Q+A with the pilot was amazing at giving an open space to address those little niggling fears you don't want to say out loud. The day of the flight was fantastic too, with support from the team at every stage and consideration from the easyJet and Stansted staff too - I particularly liked that we were put in a nice quiet boarding gate to give us space to breathe away from the hubbub of the airport. I think that little detail was incredibly important, considering that was the point we actually saw the plane and it was the climax of past fears for all of us. On the plane, the last few techniques really helped, you could feel the calm washing through the cabin and then later, the palpable feeling of elation as we actually took off and flew! I couldn't keep the grin off my face, I've spent the last ten years avoiding it and there I was above the clouds. I was so proud of myself and everyone on that plane, and I'm so excited to start planning all my travels - and all thanks to the incredible team from Fearless Flyer!

Laura Rollit Mason Stansted 2016

I was very apprehensive about going on the fearless flyer course from the moment I arrived I was put at ease. The talk was fun interesting and reassuring and made me realise that I was not alone with my fear. The flight itself was perfect. Being told what was happening at every stage before it actually happened. I purchased the MP3 which I knowwill be extremely beneficial to me on my next flight. I now feel very positive about my flight to Italy in June, this is a big family weekend as my eldest daughter is getting married in Florence. The thought of the flight was putting a large black cloud over the whole weekend but thanks to fearless flyer my cloud had become sunshine THANK YOU EVERYONE.

Barry Cleet Stansted 2016

I can't thank the whole team enough, they are so professional, patient and understanding, there is literally no stone left unturned in answering any questions or anxieties you may have. Go for it!!!

Katie Herbert Stansted 2016

I would definitely suggest taking this course for any kind of fear you may have about flying. My fear WAS claustrophobia, which came out of nowhere on a previous flight I was on. I was definitely sceptical about taking this course and if it would help at all. Once I was up in the air it wasn't anything like I thought it would be. I didn't have one flicker of anxiety. And I loved how much passion captain Pete had for flying. It almost made me feel silly that I can have so much fear for something that another person has so much love and excitement for. Thank you to all the team. Would do it all over again!

Malcolm Oliver Gatwick 2016

I hadn't flown for some 20 years, I booked the course on a whim and very glad I did as the relaxation techniques along with the flight personnel explaining everything helped to overcome any apprehensions I had before and during the flight. Also I would add that being able to discuss and compare my phobia with like-minded sufferers helped tremendously.

Jennifer Thorne Gatwick 2016

This experience was in my top 10. All staff over the two-day course were there to put out minds at rest. The captain's talk was very informative. I can't thank you all enough. The two-day course was very emotional and I feel very proud of myself to say I DID IT!

John Ramsay Gatwick 2016

I thought the course was excellent. The structure of it is brilliant being split over two days giving you the chance to practice and process the information you learn on the ground course. Although I have flown recently I was never a confident flyer and I have had to cancel 2 holidays because of my fear and because of what I learnt on the ground course I can honestly say the experience flight today is the first flight I have enjoyed. I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone with a fear of flying, it will change your life and the way you approach holidays. It took me a long time to make the leap and book the course and my wife is glad I did.

Joanne Hitchings Gatwick 2016

The course was a huge help in getting me to get back flying after a 2 year break. Everyone was patient, considerate and caring. They never made me feel like I was wrong to be so scared of flying and just wanted me to get to be able to fly without fear.

Emma Robertson Luton 2016

The whole team looked after us from start to finish and had a real understanding of what us ‘phobics’ need. The entire experience was positive with plenty of laughs as well as learning – I thought I’d heard all the statistics about how safe flying was but we learned some really interesting facts about the physics of flying and lots of reassuring information such as feeling like the plane is moving more than it actually is (showing us that with the water on the dashboard of a car and also demonstrating how many degrees the plane actually rolls from side to side compared with how it feels). On the morning of the experience flight, I was fully expecting to feel fear at every stage (checking in, security, going to the gate etc) but apart from a little buzz of expectation that I would feel before any significant moment, I didn’t feel anything. I was one of the first on the plane, choosing a window seat even though I was previously adamant that I wasn’t sitting by the window, and picking a seat over the wing without even registering that was what I had done. I was laughing and posing for photos as we waited and I said to my husband who came as my companion that I was still waiting for it to hit me. However, it never did. I am still surprised that, other than a deep breath as we took off, I felt nothing but excited. I know how my body reacts when I am anxious and was prepared for it but it simply never happened. Having the captain talking us through each stage of the journey, even telling us when a little turbulence was likely to happen before it occurred, showed me how normal everything was and I spent the whole time looking out of the window, taking photos and laughing with my husband, who came as my companion and couldn’t believe how easy I was finding it after years of being too scared to even talk seriously about flying anywhere. I can’t speak highly enough about the team and how kind and reassuring they were. They truly understand that if someone is scared, there’s no point in just saying ‘there’s nothing to be scared of’, which is what people used to say to me. But the combination of using calming techniques, understanding the technology and also understanding how we trigger fear in ourselves is a winning combination.

Michelle & Danielle Knight Gatwick 2016

My daughter and I did the Gatwick course on 2nd & 3rd April and I must say we were so pleasantly surprised! We both feel so differently towards flying now and would like to thank Lawrence and Howard as they were absolutely amazing and really helped us conquer our fears and we came home feeling very positive! We are going to Majorca in 3 weeks’ time so that will be a real test! We just wished we could take Lawrence and Howard with us. Thank you to everyone.

Alain B Gatwick 2016

Good Morning, firstly many thanks for your kindness and help in advance of the course. The course was a great experience from start to finish. It was very inspiring to me personally to see so many people overcome self-imposed barriers, with the brilliant approach of the course and Lawrence's use of techniques this really was most effortless formany. The transformation was palpable and powerful. To see that return to self, the transformations, personal victories of the individual and the collective group mind shift, to smile filled fearless flyers, really proves that with the right help to get back owns on ability is not only possible but an effortless pleasure. Personally I am so happy to consider myself a flyer again. This opens a world of possibilities that previous self-limiting beliefs had manifested into to blind panic & phobia. The first day of the course, the internal reprogramming was a breath of fresh air for someone in my health condition, beyond the primary matter of addressing my previous flying fear, the work gave me the internal space to give myself the opportunity to lift my head and strive to conquer another fear. I brought my fold up walking stick with me and not once did I allow myself to use it. Having previously found it near on impossible to walk these distances, more so framed by the panic induced adrenalin and muscles pains. This time i was super clam and so very relaxed. I willed myself to go a little further and push the boundaries. The tools learnt on the first day seem to be so powerful for any purpose, I want to thank you and the team for the opportunity to hold a mirror up to new possibilities. Having decided not to use the special assistance on the way to the plane I also vowed to do the same on the way back, I had to take it in stages and keep mindful that the powerful insight of the day before could allow me to move further.... and so I did! It was another personal goal of mine achieved that day. This weekend has inspired my own work on... both personally and beyond. Part of my work over the last few years has been in close proximity to ex forces amputees, they are the most amazing people who have the most inspiring mind-sets, I’m mindful that powerful transformations start with a positive mind and action. My most heartfelt and warmest regards.

Simon McDougall Glasgow 2012

I first went on holiday with my wife around 14 years ago having never flown and felt quite nervous in the few days leading up to the flight as I could not tell how I would respond. As soon as the door to the plane had closed and we began taking off the fear in me built up to such an extent that I was a crying bubbling mess. I could not believe that I felt so scared and had absolutely no way of escaping it for the next two and a half hours. When we landed my wife was shocked at how terrified I had been and obviously was not looking forward to the return journey in a week’s time. Since then the only way I could try and cope to with the debilitating fear was to get very drunk, not that this pleased my wife as the first day on holiday was wasted with a hangover. I continued to take flights for holidays mostly once a year during the summer but sometimes during the winter for a skiing holiday. The fear was ever present and now that I knew I had the fear even speaking about booking a holiday would fill me with dread so much so that I could not sleep properly in the few weeks running up to the flight. A few years ago I went on a holiday with my friends for the first time and they were all shocked at how I was affected by the flight and tried their best to console me although being a group of guys some of them did try and wind me up as well. My wife had encouraged me to look into courses for a fear of flying but I thought this is a unique problem to me and no one would be able to help me or make the situation any better. After much thought and persuasion by my wife I decided to book the easyJet Fearless flyer course and even felt nervous about attending. I did not hold out much hope for the course but as my wife bought it for me as a birthday present I made the decision that I would go with an open mind and try my best. When arriving at the Moat House Hotel in Glasgow for the first part of the course I was really surprised at the amount of people attending, after all I did have it in my mind that a fear of flying would not be common and was only my problem. As the evening went on I became more and more relaxed soaking up every bit of information and fully engrossing myself into each part of the course. It was a revelation for me that when explained the fear of flying is very common and that it is not irrational but a part of human nature. Having the fear broken down and being provided with coping mechanisms to deal with each individual part of the fear was great and really gave me a new understanding of why I became so fearful. The course was excellently set out with a part to deal with the fear but also an explanation of the workings of an aircraft and what each noise is. Being able to ask questions throughout also allowed me to highlight any issues with myself and put my own mind at rest. After attending the ground course on that evening I was naturally apprehensive for the experience flight the next day, I had the fear that I would relapse into the bubbling mess and all the work the night before would be a waste. My wife dropped me at the airport the next day and told me to try and enjoy the flight, “we’ll see” I said. It was a beautiful winter’s day with clear skies and snow on the mountains and I was hoping I could just look out the plane window and watch the snow-capped peaks pass by underneath us. After a nervous wait in the departure lounge we were taken on board the aircraft and were quickly ready to take off. At this point I felt nervous but nothing like as bad as I had been on previous flights especially with Captain Chris Foster in the cabin explaining what each noise was and what the crew were doing during the flight. After we took off we headed north over loch Lomond up towards Inverness then back south over the west coast of Scotland to Glasgow again. The flight was to this day one of the best I have had, I felt much more relaxed knowing what was going on and having my new coping mechanisms to use when I felt my fear getting the better of me. After we landed I had nothing but the highest praise for all the people that made the course a reality and thank them for all they had done. My wife picked me up from the airport and asked how the flight was and was very surprised that A, I was sober and B, I had really enjoyed the flight, so much so that we booked a flight to London the following week. After that we were able to book a holiday to Fuerteventura, Italy and New York all within a year. I also went on another holiday with the same friends I travelled to Poland with and they were amazed at the difference from the first flight. I was relaxed and actually enjoying my time on the flight which lasted around and could not speak highly enough to them about the easyJet Fearless Flyer course. I now regularly hear people speaking about a fear of flying and do not hesitate in letting them know that this course can help them in the same way that it helped me. Thanks easyJet and the team.

Eric Billett Gatwick 2016

Just to say how much I enjoyed the course last weekend, well organised and efficiently run, money well spent and so worth it for myself having never been in or flown before and apart from the slight blip where you had to hold my hand I was fine with the flying and even though it has taken me to the age of 65 to do it, I can do this now thanks to you all of you, and the decision to sign up for the course was the right thing for me to do definitely.

Victoria Allan Manchester 2016

I was very sceptical about attending the course and dreaded it for weeks. I fly relatively regularly but it used to fill me with anxiety and worry for weeks prior and I would often have panic attacks on the plane. I am going on honeymoon in July and didn't want my fear to ruin this experience for me. After the first day I already felt far better and understood so much more about the plane, turbulence and lots of my fears were addressed. I managed to forget most of this prior to the flight and became a little anxious, however, I followed the breathing techniques and tapping that we were taught and managed to calm down. After this I didn't feel any anxiety and felt totally stress free during the flight. Even when we experienced turbulence I was calm as I understood the reasons for it and knew it was entirely normal. This course has changed my life and I hope to continue to fly panic free :) Thank you to the Fearless Flyer team for all your help and knowledge.

Holly Bamford Manchester 2016

The whole team were so friendly and welcoming and very understanding of the way we all felt getting on the plane. The two Course Directors and Captain Howard, who led the ground course, were there on the experience flight with us which was so reassuring. Lawrence's relaxation techniques prior to take off and Captain Howard's narrative of all the noises and sensations helped to make me feel as relaxed as possible and they walked up and down the cabin throughout the flight to check on us all. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is nervous about flying, you won't be made to feel stupid for your fear and the sense of achievement was immense afterwards.

Rachel Shallcross Manchester 2016

I was a firm believer that this course would do absolutely nothing for me. I had never flown before and I had no intention to until an upcoming trip to Valencia for a hen do made me decide it's now time for a change! I had always turned down all family holidays and trips because even the thought of flying or the word plane would turn me into an anxious mess. I arrived at day one of the course not knowing what to expect, I was sat in a room with lots of people who had similar flying fears to me and for once I didn't feel alone. It was amazing to listen to Lawrence and the Pilot, the talk and the techniques I learnt were very eye opening. I'm not going to lie when I got home, the night before the flight I was still quite anxious, and the "I'm not going on this flight" thoughts were running through my mind. Day two arrived and I got to the airport and surprisingly I felt relatively calm, if I felt any type of anxiety I began to use Lawrence's techniques. I was one of the first to get onto the plane, and I was still surprised with how calm I actually was, remember I had never even stepped on one of these before! As the doors closed and we taxied to the runway I felt so calm and in control. As we took off down the runway and into the skies, I was like WOW; the excitement that I'd done it, the contentment of being able to look out of the window, the enjoyment of listening to the pilot talk through every single process and the feeling of why didn’t I do this sooner!? I was actually quite disappointed when we had to start to descend because I was enjoying myself so much in the sky. To anyone that's even considering taking this course, yes it's scary taking that first step but it's more than worth it! Lawrence taught me how to put belief in my mind. I'm now looking forward to exploring the world.

Kerri Burson Manchester 2016

I had never flown until I took the fearless flyer course. I never thought I would ever fly because I'd wake up feeling sick and panicky if I even tried to book a holiday. The captain who told us how the plane works and answered all our questions with so much confidence and passion for flying that it made me calm and I didn't doubt my safety. I felt a tiny bit anxious but when I flew on the experience flight I wasn't even panicked! Mind over matter! I would recommend this course to anyone! Lovely staff also :) Kerri age 26

Francis Williamson Manchester 2016

Excellent course at Manchester on 9/10 April, thoroughly enjoyed it, the presentations were very useful. I would recommend this course to any flying phobic. The flight was extremely well planned and informative with all the team members working very hard during the short flight. The enthusiasm of the team was appreciated and inspired confidence in the nervous flyers. The degree of care and tact that was offered to particularly frightened passengers, seemed genuine and from the heart.

Colette Power Manchester 2016

I hadn't flown for 30 years and my fear (claustrophobia/losing control) was very, very high. I'm not sure I would have flown without the support of the course, the support of others who felt the same (you get to meet some great people on the course), and the support of the fearless flyer crew and the captain. These people are kind, skilled and determined to help you break through your fears and fly. Trust them to get you flying!

Stephen Yates Manchester 2016

I found that air travel became so stressful that I refused to go on a family holiday to Italy and we have holidayed in the UK ever since. This year our son announced that he and his Spanish fiancé are going to marry and subsequently live in Barcelona which made me realise that I would have to really address my problem. EasyJet Fearless Flyer course has been the answer to this and I can’t wait to book a flight with easyJet once the wedding date is set.

Catherine Chandler Manchester 2016

Please, if you have fears about flying, I would wholeheartedly recommend that you give this course a try. I have tried various different forms of self-help in the past and also taken Diazepam and listened to motivational speakers on iPad apps, but this is the first time in ages that I have flown without needing anything to "mask" the fear. The ground course was full of useful tips and techniques and the segment by the captain was so authoritative, he was able to answer all the niggling worries we had and was just so calm and reassuring. He made all the anxieties that I had melt away. Turbulence was explained so I understand why it happens and why the plane cannot just fall to the ground, even now I cannot believe that I thought that it would! The experience flight was supportive and consolidated the ground course. Having the captain talk so matter of factly about the processes of flight and the people and sounds we were seeing and hearing, combined with the calming exercise by Lawrence, made the whole process almost "enjoyable". I purchased the MP3 to help to reinforce the message of the course and I will use it on my next flight which I can honestly say I am looking forward to. Thank you all for the course, it was for me, personally, money well spent.

Sharon Callery Bristol 2016

I still cannot quite believe I did it! The support and encouragement from the easyJet team is amazing. I was terrified of flying and missed out on so many family holidays, this course is absolutely amazing. You are supported throughout the entire process and meet some amazing people along the way. I woke up on the flight day and all morning was waiting for my nerves and the feeling of dread to come, it never did, which in itself was amazing. Then at the airport I found myself smiling and couldn't wait to board! Me! And I did it by myself! I am so truly thankful and glad I took this course, I can't stop taking about it!

Philomena Hesketh Bristol 2016

I was very apprehensive about anything curing my fear of flying. The pilot's discussion with us helped considerably in explaining concerns and helped me to pass many of my fears onto him and the crew. Thought all coping strategies offered were excellent and would be useful in the future. I personally found the scratch-it technique the most helpful and then the relaxation ideas talked through by Lawrence calmed me down considerably when on the plane. I was calmer than on my previous flights during take-off and could relax after that. The course has changed my life and now I can confidently consider visiting new places that I wanted to visit before but could only dream about.

Nicola Townsend Belfast 2016

The ground course really helped as all safety aspects were explained I then realised I wasn't afraid of crashing. I was worried taking off was going to be almost vertical and my mind was immediately put to rest that it was gradual. Then somehow with the relaxation methods and Howard explaining every step of the way I achieved something that I never thought I would I boarded a plane and took my first flight. The sense of achievement is immense. We can now take family holidays abroad. Many thanks to all at fearless flying I couldn't have done it on my own.

Jenna Lewis Bristol 2016

Just wanted to say thank you so much!! Have just got back from the course in Bristol and it was absolutely brilliant! I honestly can't stop smiling! I had a huge panic attack on a flight 7 years ago which made me fearful of flying and have never flown since! After going on your course I feel like I could fly anywhere and enjoy it!! Looking forward to the family holiday in July! Flights booked!! I can't thank you enough for this brilliant course!! The course leaders and pilots were amazing and so caring!! Life Changing!

Gaynor James Bristol 2016

I found the whole experience amazing, particularly the Captain’s talk on safety, that’s what really convinced me the course was ideal for me. I am flying on Wednesday of this week and will use my MP3 to help me through it. Cannot thank you all enough.

Sheila Hind Luton 2016

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone frightened of flying; all the things you've always worried about are explained in great detail and help to get rid of negative assumptions. Listening to many of the passengers as they got off the plane this morning the most frequently heard comment was "I really feel I can do it now."

Isabelle Joliffe Luton 2016

I really liked the way the course was laid out. I feel all aspects of it were really useful. From learning all about the plane and how it works. This part helped more than I realised when I was on the plane as I was not worried about any of the noises or how the plane was working. All of Lawrence's techniques really worked. I made sure I really tried to do them how Lawrence said on the ground day as I wanted them to help me as much as possible, if you want them to help you they will. While on the plane it was really nice having Pete talking you though the noise and what was going on, and I found it really good how everyone on the team was there throughout the whole journey, once at the airport until the course was over. I am now looking forward to going on my next flight using my new techniques and mp3 player. Thank you all for helping me become a fearless flyer, I'm so grateful :)

Linda Cognett Luton 2016

I thought the course was very informative and helpful. I fly frequently but hated turbulence so being able to understand what happens has made me much happier in flight. The staff were fab on both days and the running commentary whilst flying was really reassuring. Really recommend this course.

Danny Bohannan Luton 2016

Yes! Anything I can do to promote this course please let me know! I cannot believe how this worked! But it did and I'm forever grateful! Before I came on this course I told my girlfriend it will be a massive waste of money, I just need to man up and get on a flight. Medication will be fine for me! But this course has not just made me feel ok, but I have honestly lost my fear! It just went! At 7.14am I honestly felt the fear just stop! and I couldn’t get it back!!! I don’t know why or how, it just went!!!!!! Amazing course!!!!!

Ayse Eryuzlu Luton 2016

I got a fear of claustrophobia and feeling out of control as if something bad will happen to me after giving birth to my daughter. I was a great flyer prior to this. But this feeling made me think for sure I was never ever going to fly again. But I knew I had to do something about it. And in my research I came across the easyJet Fearless Flyer course. I cannot recommend it enough. The ground course is for everyone that has all sorts of fears from claustrophobia to panic or turbulence to fear of plane crash. The team Lawrence, Captain and Mark and all other helpers do what they do so great. Techniques are taught. Technical questions answered and you are in control. Everyone is so friendly and professional. I cannot thank them enough as I got my freedom back. Do not hesitate to book. Well worth it.

Julia Bacon Luton 2016

The package worked well in terms of the ‘seminar’ experience which provided good information regarding flying and understanding of the reasons for fear and the mechanisms to cope. The knowledge gained properly prepared me for the flying experience and the commentary by the air crew/captain and interventions to promote relaxation in particular prior to the flight worked well. The experience helps you to better understand your fears and provides confidence in coping with flying. Thoroughly recommended and great value for money. 

Joanne Ditchburn Newcastle 2016

The ground course was informative and the techniques useful with time to practice afterwards and before the flight the next day. The whole team were really supportive and I couldn’t have done this without them. I’m now looking forwards to taking my children on their first flight! A big thank you.

Lynn Prew Newcastle 2016

I feel so proud of my achievement today, I could not have done this without the course. What an achievement on Mother’s Day. Having never flown before - because of my fears, I can now visit my daughter in Ireland. Many thanks to the easyJet course and a special thanks to all involved.

John McGinn Newcastle 2016

Hi I had not flown for over 30 years and I am so grateful that easyJet put these courses on for people like myself. One of the huge benefits of this course is meeting other people who have the same worries and concerns not only relating to flying but other methods of transport. It made me realise that I was not alone. The session at the hotel was very good and it reduced most of my fears. I thought it was brilliant that the afternoon staff from the previous day were with us all the way from the airport reception through to the flight itself. It made me realise that they cared about you and I will be always be very grateful for their care and attention. Thank you to you all I never thought I could do it.

Simon Dixon Newcastle 2016

I would like to give some feedback on the superb course I completed Saturday/Sunday 5th & 6th March Newcastle. After 3 years of not being able to travel because of my fear of flying I was very dubious as to taking this course. I can't tell you how glad I did and what a life changing experience it was. My past experiences I have arrived at the airport but never made it past the departure gates and onto the plane. The advice and information you all provided truly made a difference and I feel so much more comfortable and will now fly to destinations I could only dream of visiting. This really is a life changing experience and if I can do it so can the next person! All the best I am forever grateful.

Amit Kapoor Newcastle 2016

This weekend I did the fearless flying course. At first when I booked I thought there wasn't a chance something like this could work... Mainly because I couldn't pin point my phobia. I found today after the flight that it doesn't matter what phobia you have this course is fantastic. Highly recommended and certainly a great achievement to be able to travel the world from now on. The team are brilliant! They are friendly, helpful and dedicated to making sure you can fly happily for the rest of your life. There was not one fault with the course on the Saturday and on the flight (Sunday) they are with you 150% of the way. They completely flip what you believe to real facts. This course was worth well more than the money I paid. If I could see what the results were before I signed up I would happily have paid 4 times the amount. A++ Thank you easyJet and thank you to the team for mind blowing experience!

Pamela McKinstry Belfast 2015

To anyone like me who has been wanting to do this for a long time but could never pluck up the courage please don't hesitate anymore. I have looked at easyJet Fearless Flyer page on Google many times but could never be brave enough to actually book. The evening session the night before the flight is extremely helpful and by given time to come home and put into practice all we have learnt makes the fear and anxious feeling for the flight the next day so much easier to face. I still can't believe I have actually done it and am already looking forward to my next trip. The staff both off and on board couldn’t have been nicer. Thanks again to easyJet and crew.

Lesley Reilly Gatwick 2016

I approached the course with some trepidation however I found it to be very worthwhile both in terms of the relaxation techniques and in particular the information given regarding the actual noises etc on the plane and what causes them. Captain Pete was very patient in answering a wide range of questions. What came across to me was his apparententhusiasm for flying.  I would also highly commend the cabin crew on the Belfast flight (Jason thank you for your approachability and friendliness - I hope all easyJet crew are as understanding).

Chantelle Hallett Bristol 2015

We went to Switzerland earlier this year and it really made me realise how much I had put my husband and friends out by not being able to fly. Rather than an overall travel time from home to hotel of about 8 hours, it took us about 17! As my husband drove there and back it wasn't really much of a holiday for him, especially when we got back on British roads and found closures that added to our journey time that my husband could have well done without. Needless to say, he was very tired the first few days home and not the most joyous of souls - lol! If I had flown, it would have been better for him and everyone else too! I am not a heat bunny and won't be going too far afield, maybe a 2 hour flight, but my options and the world has really opened up for me. I dreamt of going to see the Northern Lights or even to visit Father Christmas in Lapland and now I can do that thanks to the Fearless Flyer Course. Look out for some pics of me in these places :-). I am so proud and still can't believe that I did it! 

Mary Montgomery Belfast 2015

I really enjoyed the course.  It was interesting and reassuring to find out what all the aircraft noises meant.  I am afraid of turbulence and it was good to find out that it is quite normal and that the aircraft isn't just going to fall out of the sky! I will feel a lot safer on aeroplanes in future!

Laura Juhas Bristol 2015

I never, ever thought that this could actually work, but I was running out of options. I was exhausted of suffering every time on a plane. Not just that, I was always putting my friends and family through it. Hours of hysterical crying are not enjoyable for anybody! My family lives in Germany and Spain so the only way to visit them 2-3 times a year is by flying. Then my manager told me I had to start flying to Germany more often to visit clients and I thought “that’s it, I am done”. I tried everything, meditation, tablets and nothing worked. When I booked it all I thought was “am I just wasting my money here?” – trust me, I know for 100% the doubts you are having right now when you are considering the course. My advice: GO FOR IT!!!Then we did the ground course and I was pleased to meet Lawrence. He was unbelievable, a true motivational speaker who broke the ice a little bit as the moods were a bit tense when we all sat down. He explained to us how fear works, what it does to our brain, about misconceptions and imagination. Then we met the pilot, a lovely man with over 14 years of experience in flying with easyJet. He explained to us how an aeroplane works (in basics), how it flies. Then we went through the most important bit: The Q&A. We went through all the horror scenarios I always picture in my head (what if it fails, what if this, what if that…) when taking off and he had an answer for every single one of them. They really took their time with this, went through the most common fears and then gave us a lot of time to answer individual questions. Next day was the flight and we were all so nervous. Lawrence was there to support and we did the little relaxation techniques we learnt. Then we boarded. The pilot and Lawrence were in the cabin with us, while the pilot was on speaker giving us constant information of what was happening right now even when were still standing. Of course, there were two pilots in the cockpit who were flying the plane and a full set of cabin crew members that were all so nice to us. Take off was the scariest part, but our pilot was constantly on the speaker, telling us exactly what was happening, what each of the noises meant etc. When we were in the air, some people started crying out of pure happiness. I had never experienced that before. There were people who hadn’t been on a plane for 20+ years and they were so happy that they achieved this. The emotion was unbelievable, I never felt so proud and happy and relieved. To make this short: against all odds and doubts this worked for me and for everyone I talked to. Of course it is not a “miracle cure”, it is yourself at your limit at some point, but with the tools and guidance provided everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was able to do this. People who have not been on a plane for 20+ years did this and all they said was “why didn’t I do this earlier!! I missed out on so much!” Of course I will never be a person to “love” flying, but now I don’t see it as a dangerous-definite-death-horror trip anymore but more as a bus-ride. The next day I boarded a plane again as I was going on holiday and I was a bit nervous – not about the flight, but that it may not have worked and I would fall back to old patterns. I didn’t. A few days later I flew again and I was 100% relaxed because I knew exactly what was happening around me. Therefore, don’t compensate in your life, live it, visit places, families, friends. There is nothing dangerous about it and it will literally open the world to you! A proud fearless flyer.

Paul McKay Edinburgh 2015

Before the course I was convinced that not only was my fear unique but also that no one could help me. I couldn't have been more wrong. Having not flown for 7 years I was sceptical that a three hour ground course could get me anywhere near an aircraft never mind up in the air. Imagine my surprise when on Sunday I walked up the steps not with fearand dread but actually quite looking forward to the flight!! I've now got a new outlook on life and am looking forward to going on a sunny holiday without spending the whole time worrying about the flight back. The hardest thing about the whole course was taking the huge step to book a place. As it turned out it wasn't such a huge step and I'll be forever grateful to the team. Look out world I'm coming to see you!!!!

Irene Hockaday Edinburgh 2015

If you're thinking of this course put your thoughts into action and book it! Doing so was the first positive step to facing my fear by taking control and doing something PERMANENT about it. With the support and encouragement of the easyJet team I faced my fear, challenged it and stopped it from 'clipping my wings!' Now my world has opened up and I' m ready to explore places I could only dream of or live through others. A big thank you to all the team for their genuine caring, understanding and desire to help us all achieve our goal.

Kevin Hurst Edinburgh 2015

The fearless flyer course was very reassuring and was able to put all my fears and worries into perspective and the commentary on the flight was very reassuring. Thanks for helping me achieve my goal. As you said, “wish I'd done it years ago”! Thank you. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has fear of flying.

Terence Slater Edinburgh 2015

The course is well run and very empowering.

Alyn Williams Edinburgh 2015

It's now almost 18 months since I took the fearless flyer course. Have just had my 27th flight since then (Edinburgh to London City) however I wanted to share a photograph of me on my summer holiday this year. In the background is the Victory Monument in Bangkok which I feel is apt. So if I can get there after beating a long time fear of flying then I feel it shows how worthwhile the easyJet Fearless Flyer course is.

Jan Peskett Gatwick 2015

I took my first flight since the course at Gatwick all those months ago. I was worried that the good effects of the course wouldn't last. However it was brilliant especially as we had a lot of turbulence on the outward journey. I looked at the staff whose expressions were relaxed even though we were being tossed about and suddenly I realised it was ok. Both take offs and landings were relaxed affairs. No more Valium sandwiches. THANK YOU EASYJET TEAM.

Christine Maclean Stansted 2015

Just back from a trip to Bordeaux. I don't know what magic was worked on the course but I was so calm and confident. Ready for my next trip! Thanks so much to all on the Stansted course 2-3rd May.

Linda Kenton Stansted 2014

I did this course last November because my son moved to live in Spain. Previously to get to see him I went by train which took a day and a half, staying the night in Barcelona. My biggest worry was that, if something happened to him and he needed me, that was a long time and, as I live 10 minutes away from Southend Airport, I could get to him ( virtually door to door) in 5 hours!!! After the course in November, I booked the next day and went to see him in February. We then went again in July. Unfortunately, he became ill and we DID need to get to him pronto so went again in August. We were with him for 3 weeks until he was out of hospital. We went back 2 weeks ago to see him and am pleased to say, although he is not out of the woods yet, he is looking so much better. We are going back to spend Xmas with him. So, I can't thank you enough for helping me get on those planes. This time last year I would never have believed that I could have taken 8 flights already this year with another 2 for Xmas. I CAN'T RECOMMEND THIS COURSE ENOUGH - THANK YOU.

Joanne Benge Stansted 2015

The course was excellent and very informative as well as being fun. Our attention was held throughout. With the flight being the next day we had time to use what we had learnt. The flight was very good with somebody around at all times to make sure we were okay. The atmosphere on the plane was wonderful, lots of hugs and rounds of applause. I would love to go on holiday with everyone on our flight! Many, many thanks for what you have done for me. The world is now my oyster!

Colin Gough Stansted 2015

A big thank you to the team (including the cabin crew who were superb) at Stansted today. They broke a 30+ year fear and am already looking at a trip to Amsterdam within a couple of weeks to keep it 'topped up'. The team made me feel that I was being singled out for special support. I know this was not the case but their individual approach no doubt contributes to their success. Again many thanks.

Joanne Sax Stansted 2015

I have just completed the easyJet Fearless Flyer course at Stansted. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who has a fear of flying. I never thought I would be able to get on an aircraft and feel relaxed, but thanks to the fabulous fearless flying team I was able to on Sunday. I actually enjoyed the flight, many many thanks to you all.

Maria Escobar Stansted 2015

To be honest I can't still believe it! I feel very weird. I have a mix of feelings. I loved the course and I'm thinking of repeating the flight experience next year again. I loved the way they treated us and how they did it. Everything was perfect; I wouldn't change anything about it. Definitely it changed my life, I feel pretty confident now and I can't wait to travel again. There are not enough words to express my gratitude to Lawrence Leyton, Captain Chris Foster and the whole team. You guys are the best. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Hola Altimimi Stansted 2015

All my friends and family thought that this Fearless Flyer course was just a waste of time and money. I attended the course alone without any support however during the two day course I felt I was part of a very supportive family from Fearless Flyer team. I can say that its worth every time and money spent on it.

Joanne Barry Stansted 2015

I was quite sceptical as I thought that my fear didn't fit into any of the categories of the fears listed, I knew it was all in my head and (being quite strong headed) thought that if I couldn't fix my own head then others wouldn't be able to !! How wrong was I :-)

Elaine Bevis Gatwick 2015

Ongoing thanks.  I had a wonderful time in Crete – a joy to be re-united with folk (and dogs) I love – and a wonderfully relaxing holiday my first outside the UK for over 50 years. I just wouldn’t have contemplated such a thing six months ago so I am very grateful indeed to you and all involved with the Fearless Flyer course!

Laura Davis Stansted 2015

The course was absolutely amazing, Lawrence was empowering & motivating taking into account all aspects of peoples’ fears. Techniques shown to help were incredible and worked on the flight. If anyone has a fear they would be mad not to attend a fearless flyer course it could change their life

Patsy Montgomery Belfast 2015

The most helpful aspect was having the very experienced pilot explain and answer questions during the Friday evening, and then having him on board during the flight to explain the various noises and movements, and seeing him being so calm at all times.

Shirley Anderson Liverpool 2015

The quality of the training was excellent. It was a good balance between the teaching of coping mechanisms and techniques to help you “reframe” your fear, and detailed, reassuring information about the aeroplane and flight procedures. It was delivered in a matter of fact way but also sympathetically. The tutors from the ground course were with us on the experience flight from the point of check in and throughout the flight and it was good to have that continuity. I feel I learned a lot and brought away techniques that I can use in other situations also.

Debbie Newton Liverpool 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my fearless flyer course. After the first day on the ground course I was more than comfortable taking a flight there and then with Howard the pilot being there to talk you through every aspect of the flight. Even on the day of the flight I had very few butterflies or palpitations as i usually would have. I really enjoyed the experience. Flying is a wonderful thing when you have the knowledge and understanding to feel safe enough to enjoy it.

Alan Murphy Liverpool 2015

Having never flown before at the age of 65 I was worried about how I would react to the whole experience of flying. However after the excellent presentation I made the flight completely relaxed.

Linda Ryan Liverpool 2015

I am registered blind and have had a fear of flying for years. I would still take flights but had panic attacks before and during the flight. My main fear was turbulence and also a fear of crashing over the sea. Having completed the full course I would recommend the course to anyone. I was unable to see the slides or the people who presented the course but this did not affect the amount of help and advice I received from the course. For the first time I took the flight and had no problem sleeping the night before. Also on arriving at the airport I didn't panic for the first time. We had a little bit of turbulence on the flight which I still don't like but understanding it I didn't panic and in fact was glad it happened to prove to myself the course had actually helped me. I will probably never say I love flying but I can now say I won't ever be scared or panic about it. A big thank you to the Fearless flying team.

Catherine Fenner Liverpool 2015

The course has given me the confidence to fly and to dispel the myths around flying, well done easyJet and the Fearless Flyer Team.

Lisa Eccles Liverpool 2015

Facing my fears has been the most difficult thing I've ever done but by far the most rewarding. easyJet Fearless Flyer have given me the tools I need to control my fears.

Annie Merry Liverpool 2015

So many places in the world to see but unable to leave the country because of fear that the experience of flying will be so awful that I will become inconsolably upset and not be able to get off the plane - when I heard about the course I looked it up and received several emails. The downloadable book (free) and testimonials of other people who had completed the course swung it for me and so I booked. I told myself all along that I didn't have to take the flight but the techniques I learnt were really helpful and easy to remember. Up until the plane started taxiing I was feeling good (I couldn't handle going to an airport previously). Crucially I didn't want to get off the plane - I knew what I had to do and I did use a few of the techniques - big result. I got to experience what I wanted - looking out of the plane window and seeing the beauty of the sky close by - priceless. The relief that comes through learning to manage fear is a truly liberating experience - thank you to the brilliant easyJet team.

Bernard Braiden Liverpool 2015

In my experience I have not come across such a committed team with one aim - curing your fear of flying. They just won’t give up on you and it’s all for your benefit. They just don't come any better.

Michelle Sally Stansted 2015

I have struggled with planes from a young age; seeing it as a necessary evil to get me from A to B. I live in London but my family are from Ireland. My coping mechanism was to put an eye mask on and my earphones in and pretend to be on a bus. I was due to fly to Sweden one weekend (for a weekend break) and the night before broke down in tears.Couldn’t do it – couldn’t fly anymore. It was becoming too stressful and I'd spend three days before the flight anxious and upset. So the next day I looked into ways of getting over my fear and found the easyJet Fearless Flyer course; due to be held in Stansted later that day. The course was great. First day was our beginners' guide to flying. Full of people with the same ideas so nothing felt stupid. We asked all the questions until our hearts were content. I didn't feel different during the day but on the way home I noticed that my fear wasn't the same. I wasn't petrified before day 2 - the flight. The flight on the next day was so informative. Every noise, smell, stewardess action had a purpose - and I was starting to understand what was going on. I didn’t wear my eye mask nor my earphones and got ready to look out the window during takeoff - something I've never done on a flight ever. With all my knowledge from the day before, I didn’t have the same fear. The whole day was a success and I even got to bring my boyfriend so he could see the change - just in case I thought I'd dreamt it. One of the best moments was watching my new acquaintances do it to - high fives all round. I waited to give my testimonial until I flew again; just to see if there really had been a change in my thinking. I was able to apply the methods I'd learned (the scratch technique worked best for me) the day before to settle myself before sleep. The next day I made my way to the airport - tension subsiding. And got on the plane without a second thought. So I've just been to Ireland. And now I'm sitting in the airport awaiting my flight to London. I couldn't recommend this course more. Thanks again to the Fearless Flyer team! To Lawrence for the techniques. And to Mark for the late booking and the encouragement. And to Chris for the expert flight knowledge - I wish I'd known it much much sooner!

Elaine Bevis Gatwick 2015

Thank you so much. Despite my trepidation and genuine doubts – I was in despair on the Saturday evening – it worked brilliantly and I am immensely grateful.

Rose Metcalfe Gatwick 2015

This was a fantastic course and I'm so glad I have done it. Although I've flown many times I have always hated it and it's never got any easier. 7 months ago I had a baby and I desperately don't want to pass on my anxieties to her so I decided to do the Fearless Flyer course. The combination of learning how the plane works (and what all those strange noises are), understanding how to change the way your brain thinks about flying, learning techniques to help deal with the anxiety that accompanies flying and finish by going on the experience flight along with the Fearless Flyer team was brilliant. For the first time ever I enjoyed take off and was able to look out of the window. Although I still felt a bit nervous during the flight I was able to use some of the techniques Lawrence taught us to help control the anxieties. I'm hoping to book a flight with my daughter soon and look forward to a future of fearless flying.

Patsy Constantine Gatwick 2015

I wish I had taken this course much sooner. I was fearful even about the course, not knowing what to expect. But any unease was immediately dispelled by the informal, humour-filled presentations. The information about the aircraft is very useful, even for people with no fear of flying. Now I am looking forward to my next flight, instead of having night terrors, as I did before.

Hannah Malleson Luton 2015

This is definitely a worthwhile course as it gives you the tools and confidence to control your anxiety. Thank you very much to the team

PW Luton 2015

I cannot say how grateful I am to this course. I thought I would never get in the air again after my last flight. A friend sent me an e-mail with the details two years ago and I kept looking at it. Two months ago, the time was right and I booked. I don’t know why I waited so long, but I walked into the ground course and listened to all that was being said, they gave me the tools to help myself and there I was the next day at 22,000ft walking around the plane and looking out of windows. The crew, the staff at Fearless-Flyer were all there to help and I can’t wait to book a flight. Thank you so much to one and all at Fearless-Flyer… you’ve made a “Fearless-Flyer” out of me!!“

Louise Franco Luton 2015

I can't thank easyJet Fearless Flyer course enough for changing my life. The last time I flew I was 19, I'm now 42!! To be honest I feel like I've been released from prison and now free to explore countries I never thought I would be able to!! THANK YOU!!

Georgia Richardson Gatwick 2015

I would recommend the easyJet Fearless Fly course to ANYONE who is scared or uncomfortable with flying. The team were so understanding and it was nice to be around others who know exactly how you feel and to help one another. The most useful part of the course for me was when Captain Howard Taylor went through the noises and sensations you are likely to hear, feel or see during a flight, and explained exactly what these were. My mind will no longer have to 'fill in the gaps' and worry about these during a flight. The flight itself was great because you were surrounded by others in exactly the same position as you, and you all encourage each other. It was fantastic to have an extra Captain on board talking through everything during the flight, and Lawrence was an absolute star when I had a panic and used the techniques to calm me down instantly leaving me to relax and enjoy the time up in the air... something I never thought I would be able to do!! Thank you to easyJet and the Fearless Fly team.

Catherine Malleson Gatwick 2015

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Fearless Flyer course to anyone who is frightened of flying. The team were so lovely and everyone seemed to genuinely care about us and our fears. I learned so much - and can't wait to fly again to put my new skills into practice. Thank you Fearless Flyer Team :)

Karen Hanshaw Luton 2015

Due to a bad flight 18 years ago I haven't been able to step on a plane in all this time, what started out as a fear soon became a phobia, one that I felt unable to overcome. I saw the fearless flying courses advertised a few years ago but still never had the courage to book my place. What gave me the courage to actually book my place on the easyJet course was the personal and friendly e-mails I received once I had downloaded the e-book and the phone call from Mark Wein encouraging me to give it a go. I have to say I was anxious on the lead up to the course but now am so glad I did it. I attended the ground course very sceptical, and thinking I would not be able to get on the plane the next day. The ground course was brilliant, Lawrence was fabulous and treated us all with kindness, I left the hotel very emotional that day hoping that I would be one of the success stories. The day of the flight I put into practice all the techniques we had been taught and was amazed to finally board a plane without passing out. The easyJet team were great with us and even when I had a little panic Lawrence was quick to calm me down. Even after the flight when I questioned my achievement in an e-mail to Mark he was quick to call me and help me feel better. This has been the best experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone, just give it a chance.

Donna Greenhood Luton 2015

I didn't think I would ever get back on a plane and almost didn't even go on the course because I was so scared but I'm so glad I did it was brilliant! Hopefully it was the first step to seeing some of the world.

Michelle Bradley Luton 2015

I have flown 5 times before and on each occasion I have been in tears more or less throughout the entire flight. Upon take off and landing I would squeeze my partner’s hand so tight I would hurt him!! I was a mess. I attended the easyJet Fearless Flyer course and am so pleased I did. Having a few hours in the classroom understanding my fears, learning how to deal with my fears and having the whole aspect of flying explained to me along with the opportunity to ask a Pilot questions relevant to me and my fears, was truly excellent. The next day was the flight, and for the first time I did not go quiet from getting to the airport, I did not say 'I cannot do this' I just walked straight on the plane, I had no tears and I didn't even need to hold my partner’s hand!! The same pilot and course staff from the previous day were on the plane with us, along with the cabin crew. The pilot talked us through the whole flight. You could not have got a better bunch of people and I would recommend this course to anybody afraid of flying. If I can do it - anyone can!!!

Kate Williamson Gatwick 2015

My fear of flying developed over a period of 15 years, during which time each flight became more and more anxiety-inducing, requiring increasing amounts of alcohol, until one day I point-blank refused to fly anymore. After four years of rainy staycations, I booked a place on the fearless flyer course, and in one afternoon Lawrence managed to totally reprogramme my brain. I am not sure how he did it, but it worked. I was able to book a holiday, sleep the night before the flight and get through check-in, boarding and take-off completely sober and without breaking a sweat. No pounding heart, no crying, no gripping the seat. I am astounded and very grateful, as is my long-suffering (sun-loving) husband!

Andy Fletcher Manchester 2015

Yes, I would highly recommend the course, it works!

Katherine Robson Gatwick 2015

Being scared of flying really ruins any adventures you dream of having and wrecks the closing part of a holiday knowing your returning flight is looming. The fearless flyer course changes all that, the crew are friendly, helpful, encouraging and super great at their jobs. Today was the calmest I have ever felt on my experience flight and even the fleetingly few moments of doubt I had were quickly swept under the carpet with the help of Lawrence's brilliant techniques. I would recommend this course to anyone to help combat a horrible, restricting fear it allows you to finally get your sense of adventure back! 

Ellie Vickery Gatwick 2015

I was sceptical after the ground course’s exercises as people had always told me how I was ‘so bad’ and nothing could cure my fear. I was willing to prove them wrong, so kept thinking positive. On the day of the flight I was nervous that I was not nervous about the flight I was about to board! This was a weird sensation but I went with it, stuck apermanent smile on my face and embraced the flight! And the rest is history! It was lovely to have others in the exact same situation so we could encourage each other. I just wanted to say thank you so much to the team!

Karen Greenham Gatwick 2015

I would say to anyone with any fear or doubt in their minds about flying to book on the course, with an open mind, no pre conceived ideas! Give it a go and if needs be go back is well worth the ride!

Lisa Prentice Gatwick 2016

After doing the course, I appreciate I am never going to "love" flying but after 25 years of being grounded it has given me back the freedom that comes with knowing I can at last get on a plane and see the big wide world!

Havva Gok Gatwick 2015

The team were amazing and I highly trust Mark and Lawrence to help you get rid of your fears. Mark helped me feel relaxed on the flight. It’s a great way to be around other people with the same fears which also helps a great deal. The pilot was amazing and answered everyone’s questions very clearly. I'm very glad I chose this course and will be recommending it to my friends who have the same fear.

Marzia Sansoni Gatwick 2015

The two day course was very helpful and I really enjoyed attending it. I'll test my fears soon, during the next two flights and the idea of using the techniques I learned from you is quite reassuring.

Jayne Parkins Gatwick 2015

The course is absolutely amazing. Leyton’s techniques and enthusiasm make the information so easy to listen to and absorb. I would like to say a special thank you to Captain Chris who was amazing and so reassuring especially on the experience flight. My husband who came as a companion and was convinced he would be bored loved it too and said he had learnt so much!! Please could you record a podcast of Captain Chris' commentary for me to listen to on every flight or at least just him saying "this is all normal!!" In his very calming voice. Thanks so much to the team I am actually looking forward to my next flight. It's a miracle!! 

Michael Fowler Gatwick 2015

Superbly run course, very professional in all aspects. I'm now planning my first trip for 25 years. It worked for me. I know it will work for many others.

Hannah Mills Gatwick 2015

Prior to the Fearless Flyer course I never imagined myself boarding a plane ever again. Being only 20 years old I found myself becoming frustrated and upset over the fact I had this flying fear, I was envious of my friends heading off on their travels whilst I sat at home wishing and dreaming that I could too. Two weeks before the course  started I made a big step and booked myself onto the Gatwick Airport Fearless Flyer course with easyJet. On the day I have to admit I was really nervous and sceptical as to whether or not I could be "cured" of my fear. Even up until the day of the flight I still had a niggling voice in the back of my head saying that I couldn't do it and that I would never do it. The skills and information that were given to me on the ground course day helped so much! I found myself confidently boarding the plane the following day and sitting by the window with a look of amazement on my face as we took off. As soon as the seatbelt sign turned off I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders and a sense of achievement. I can't thank the team at easyJet enough... I can finally travel and see the world without an inch of fear in my mind. Adventure is out there and I'm off to find it!

Tim Miller Gatwick 2015

A very useful course, experiencing and learning about the technical aspects of flying was very helpful and reassuring.

Lorraine Smith Gatwick 2015

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the ground course & the flight too. It was comforting talking to other people 'in the same boat.’ It was the first time in years that I wasn't desperate to land. I have flown many times over the past 30 years, long & short haul but in latter years the turbulence has become so distressing & had me in tears & hyper ventilating. I felt I was the only one suffering & I would have to visit the bar before a flight & top up during too. Now I have a better understanding of how a plane flies from take off to landing, including all the noises. That there is no such thing as an air pocket....I just feel more positive altogether plus have learned a secret weapon to deal with any anxiety. Thank you to all of the easyJet team, you are marvellous!!! I am so glad I attended this course.

Monika Ring Gatwick 2015

Wow, what an experience it was! I was so trying not to show it that I was scared, but deep inside I really didn’t feel well about flying at all. I booked two tickets for the course and took my fiancé with me, although he wasn’t as scared as me. I knew that I didn’t want a fear stopping me from doing what I wanted to do, and I really wanted to go on holiday abroad and as we are getting married in Cyprus in 2016, I knew I needed to do something about my fear, and really to have a better experience flying. To be honest, I really didn’t quite believe that a simple course like this would help, but I was determined to try anything, and also I knew that I have to get on that experience flight no matter what. The course was fantastic, Lawrence talked us through everything, and used different techniques like relaxation and visualisation to help us with our fears. Our lovely captain Chris explained all the things going on with the plane and talked us through the flight. When we went for our experience flight the next day, I was feeling little anxious, but sitting on the plane listening to both guys, I was feeling more and more positive and once we took off, I actually felt good and relaxed, I couldn’t believe it! It was great that there were so many of us, and all of us in the same situation, and how everyone overcame their fear of flying. If you are even little bit sceptical, this is definitely something to try, this course helped so many people and opened up a world of possibilities

Sylvain Dutrieux Gatwick 2015

Fantastic experience, never thought I would try anything like the techniques which Lawrence taught us, but I did and it felt great! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has issues with flying, you may just surprise yourself and you have nothing to lose but your fear. Thank you easyJet and all the team!

Jayran Friddani Manchester 2015

I am very glad I attended. I felt well looked after on the flight. Thanks again Mark...and Lawrence...and captain Pete!

Paul Blackshaw Manchester 2015

I initially entered the course thinking I was alone with my “individual” fear of claustrophobia but when asked roughly 60% of the people attending also put their hand up. I have attended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Hypnotherapy courses but neither gave me the confidence, or effective tools & techniques to get through a flight like the fearless flyer course does. I would recommend this to anyone with any type of phobia. Many people got off the plane talking about booking a holiday abroad

Marian Kedward Manchester 2016

I did not believe that I would ever overcome my fear of flying and travel in a jet plane. The Fearless Flyer course has enabled me to achieve this, thanks mainly to the help and encouragement of the crew and the Fearless Flyer staff. I was particularly impressed with the special attention I received with my Asthma problems. I would recommend this to anyone. I have been with my husband for 25 years, now at last we can plan a holiday abroad.

Anne Fenwick Manchester 2015

Where to start... I have always been terrified of flying. I flew for the first time when I was 40. Most of the flights I've taken have been fine apart from one where turbulence was quite bad. My biggest fear is of not being in control i.e. I'm not the pilot!! This is also a problem in driving, I am not a good passenger, I like to be the driver. I have looked at courses like this for years and always thought I was beyond help but a friend brought your Manchester course to my attention and I put my name down only a couple of weeks before the actual event. I read every one of the e-mails from you, listened to all of the talks and this undoubtedly helped. Mark's story probably helped the most as I identified with everything he said, from watching the faces of the cabin crew to being exhausted once I arrived at my holiday destination, and then couldn't really enjoy the holiday because I was dreading the flight home. The ground course has really helped me to understand all of the plane's noises, how the crew are in control, captain Pete was so calm and his love of flying so infectious, it helped enormously. Lawrence was fantastic, just what I needed, calm, in control, strong. The pace of the day was fast explaining several different coping tips, I won't use all of them but a couple certainly, especially how to breathe properly, sounds simple, but it's not. The day of the flight, I was nervous, again the team were fantastic, I also met some brilliant people just like me who helped me through the flight when I had a little wobble at take off. Am I cured? not yet, but I'm in a better position than I was, this course has put me on the track I needed to be on, I now have several coping strategies, I understand that the pilot is the best person to fly the plane, not me!! I am flying again in just a few days and for the first time in 15 years am looking forward to it, a first for me. On the return car journey home from the train station last night I was able to be a passenger and relax and enjoy the journey which is what you're meant to do! So to sum up, if you're thinking of taking the easyJet course, do it!! It was very professional from start to finish, most importantly for me I felt I could trust and believe in the people taking the course. Thank you so much Mark, Lawrence and Pete.

Amanda Bate Manchester 2015

I would recommend this course to people as it really does help with your fear of flying. The course is really fun and the team very supportive on the day of the experience flight. I think the techniques taught help a lot and the pilot's commentary throughout the flight is very reassuring.

Beverley Shepherd Manchester 2015

I flew when I was 21 and had a panic attack on the plane. I didn’t fly again until I was 40 when I took another fear of flying course, I managed to fly but didn’t feel very confident that I would get on a plane again, which I didn’t for 7 years. However, I have to say that from the minute I stepped into the airport having done the first day of the course, I actually felt confident and excited. I think the difference this time was the light hearted way the course was run and the very enthusiastic way Lawrence Leyton managed to change my perception of flying. Everyone was very helpful and understanding and it was a very enjoyable experience, I am actually hoping to do it again on an experience flight. Thank you so much for giving me back my life.

Carole Gordon Manchester 2015

The ground course was very reassuring, particularly the first, factual part concerning the physics of flying. And the flight was excellent - particularly the captain's commentary - and fun!

Alyson Thompson Manchester 2015

I have previously been hypnotised, taken prescribed strong medication and nothing worked. I had to be extremely drunk to get on a plane. I would then continue to drink and at times my husband feared we would not be allowed into the country we were visiting. As I am getting older I was getting worse and I had to do something, I even contemplated not going on holiday abroad again. My husband booked me on the course and to be honest I was unsure about attending. The ground course was brilliant and it was nice to know I am not the only person who had this fear. We learned a lot from Captain Pete about how an aeroplane stays in the sky, turbulence and much much more. Lawrence is excellent at ensuring we need to focus on the positives, and we learned many coping techniques. If you are frightened of flying, I would encourage anyone to do the course and start your new journey where ever it may take you.

Susan Coleman Manchester 2015

The q&a with the flight captain was most helpful - the explanation of all the noises we would hear on the plane and the technical info was really useful when we actually got on the plane. It was also good that he and Lawrence were both in the cabin with us and talking to us all the time we were on the plane - it was very reassuring to hear them and knowing exactly what was happening the whole way through the flight.  I would really recommend the course to anyone with apprehension or fear of flying - once the plane took off, I really enjoyed the flight experience and am looking forward to travelling further afield in the future.

The course has helped me tremendously! In a nutshell it has enabled me to think differently about flying and to regard it as something positive and enjoyable.  Realistically I may still be a little nervous on the day of a flight but that is nothing compared to where I have come from!  Hopefully in time I won’t be nervous at all.  I am actually looking forward to the trip on Thursday – something which I would never have thought possible

Callum Pye Manchester 2015

All I can say is you have to do this course if you have a fear of flying. I am only 22 and I can't believe how long I have waited to go on this course. The nicest thing I found about it was knowing how many people have the fear and how many people get over that fear. You can see them around the plane everyone is calm and relaxed where they would otherwise be in a state of panic. I can't recommend this enough and you will find it completely changes your outlook on life after you understand how the mind works. It has made me more confident, braver and less backing down from difficult situations.

Siobhan Laverty Belfast 2014

I would recommend that every fearful or nervous flyer undertake the easyJet Fearless Flyer course as soon as possible! I vowed never to get on a plane again following a recent turbulent flight and when I was given the Fearless Flyer course as a birthday gift I was very apprehensive and sceptical but the ground course on Saturday was fantastic.Captain Jackson dispelled all the myths in a detailed question and answer session and Lawrence gave us the techniques to manage our anxieties and fears. I never thought I would actually enjoy a take off and flight as much as I did today and I even moved from the aisle seat to the window seat to get a better view of the landing, something I never thought I would be able to do! I want to take my three children on holiday as soon as possible and remain as calm as I did today, rather than the hysterical person they normally have to put up with on flights! I would like to thank everyone involved in the Fearless Flyer course in Belfast today - especially the support staff and those who work behind the scenes. Lawrence and the team are fabulous and I felt that nothing was too much trouble for them. I would also like to thank all of the crew involved in our flight experience today; it was honestly one of the best experiences of my entire life!

Lorna Anderson Belfast 2014

This course took a lot of courage to attend, facing one's fears is difficult to do and I was surprised that I seemed to be so much older than the majority of the participants. I was given coping strategies and it helped that many of my questions were answered fully and honestly. The experience flight was a positive one and all the staff were friendly and helpful, taking extra time with any individual who needed it. I would definitely recommend this course to any nervous flyers-young or not so young -you're never too old to learn!

Joe Swindells Manchester 2014

I am sending this message two days after having my first ever flight. Even though I was just a few days off my 69th birthday I had never even been near an aircraft. The only ones I had ever seen where up in the sky or on the television. To actually go on a flight terrified me. My fear was being up high. This phobia was so extreme that whenever I go into hospital (because of heart and other chest problems) I always asked to be kept on the ground floor. With this in mind I can't believe that I completed the Fearless Flyer course. But the attention that was given to every aspect of this experience served, immensely, in giving me confidence. The ground course helped a great deal as it reassured me that the plane preparations left nothing to chance. So the aircraft was bound to be safe. Also the relaxation techniques, taught, instilled a self power in me. It was truly remarkable. As to the morning of the flight itself, I went through everything in my mind (a fault of mine). But now I had a technique to help reassure me. I admit that I felt a little apprehension at the airport waiting in a queue. But being tapped on the forehead and chest calmed me. Even when I saw the plane I felt unusually relaxed. I thought it looked a very sturdy object. Remember. I had never seen an aircraft so close up. On the plane I still felt calm. It wasn't at all what I imagined. It felt safe. It didn't even faze me when we had to turn back to let somebody off. The entire night time course was coming into play. I had an aisle seat so that I couldn't see out of the windows. But gradually I started to peek. I asked my wife to move to the windows so that I could look out. I even ended up taking some photos. When the plane banked I didn't even mind that. I put all of this down to the pre flight course and all of the team that exuded calmness and extreme friendliness. It made us all feel as though we were part of a family. To finish, the Fearless Flyer team have worked a miracle. I never dreamt I would ever fly. I was the most terrified person you could imagine - until I went on this course. I still can't believe I have done it. Neither can everyone who knows me. But my certificate proves it. I would recommend this course to anyone who is afraid of flying. It is so well structured. You are armed with answers to anything that might worry you. It then ceases to become a fear of the unknown. All the team deserve a pat on the back. As I said you all worked a miracle with me. Even my wife thought I would back out. You have opened up a whole new world for both of us. Thanks especially to you Mark. The way you dealt with my initial phone call made me feel I could trust what you were saying. This was after a number of other calls I had made to similar courses. Something about the way you spoke told me I would be in safe hands. You were second to none. I pride myself on being able to not only read people visually, but also by the listening to what they say and how they speak. I just knew from your tone and your ready sense of humour that I could trust you. It was you who 'sold' the course to me I had phoned others before I phoned you. But none of them came across as genuinely caring as you did. You are a real credit to easyJet and your colleagues. Thank you for offering to send a replacement certificate and yes, I will send photos from different places that we will visit. I would also be prepared to speak to anyone about my experience. Thank you Mark. Don't ever change how you are.

Terry Dale Gatwick 2014

I really enjoyed the whole experience, From being a nervous non flyer I left the plane literally as high as a kite!. Thank you once again to everyone in the team that made this possible. My wife and children are all proud of me. The world is now my oyster . I would recommend to anybody who suffers any form of nerves connected to flying to attend this course.

Margaret Mowat Belfast 2014

I would thoroughly recommend the Fearless Flying course as I have suffered a fear of flying since I was 22 (I am now 70 yrs old). It was probably caused by a burst tyre on take-off from Southend to Ostend which caused the plane to veer off the runway. I found the course very rewarding as I was able to listen in a relaxed atmosphere and hear howproblems can be faced, analysed and hopefully overcome. As explained by professionals it all seemed to make perfect sense. During the one hour flight next day I was impressed by the number of personnel and their friendly professionalism. Nothing was too much trouble for them and I came away actually looking forward to my next flight and putting into practice the techniques that we had been taught.

Amy Taylor Manchester 2014

One thing I have learned very recently, by doing the easyJet Fearless Flyer course, is that people (me included) tend to think that their fear is special and different to everyone else’s. Other people might be cured of their fears but that’s because their fears are not as paralysing as my fears. I’ve had my fears a long time and there is no way of shifting them now. I genuinely thought that the only way I’d ever get on a plane again is if someone literally knocked me out first and carried me on unconscious.

Well, it’s just not true. When Lawrence Leyton asked the audience of fearful fliers to stand up if they had a fear of losing control on a plane, almost everyone in the room stood up….not just me. So I’m not that special after all? I might even be fairly normal? Surely not. Whichever particular aspect of flying causes fear (or combinations of fears), Lawrence and the team know about it. They also know what to do about it. Lawrence taught us a range of techniques to stop anxiety in its tracks but the one that worked for me was as simple as breathing. I last flew when I was 17 and I am now 42. I didn’t have a bad experience on a plane. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks in my twenties and in the really bad early days, even leaving the house was a problem. I’ve come a long way since then, thankfully, but taking a flight felt like something I would never do again. It came to the point where I felt my marriage wouldn’t actually survive unless I did something about it and that’s when I came across the easyJet course. From the moment I saw the highlights video on the website, I knew it was for me. Watching other people facing their fears and seeing the relief on their faces actually made me cry. I thought if it works for them, what have I got to lose by trying? It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. The ground course was excellent. Lawrence Leyton made a difficult subject entertaining and humorous but at the same time I got the impression that he really wanted to see us all beat our fears and achieve. Captain Pete was exactly the right man for the job of talking us through every aspect of flying from explaining turbulence to what the funny little sounds are on board. He also talked us right through the flight so there was no way we could begin to feel anxious with those soothing tones! When we finally took to the skies, I had a moment where tears welled up and I said “I’ve done it”. I videoed this moment on my mobile phone and I’ve watched it back at least a dozen times because it’s been a long time since I’ve looked so happy. If you’re thinking of doing this course, I urge you to do it before it sells out. It could change your life. I literally can’t wait to book a holiday somewhere with my new-found confidence. I have no doubt any more. I won’t lose control. I can do it. So be fearless! It’s the best feeling in the world.

Vivienne Maclean Manchester 2014

I was very impressed with the Fearless Flying Course and especially the staff who were excellent.

Carol Hanks Gatwick 2014

Must admit I was convinced that no one could help with the fear I had of flying but the course was brilliant especially being talked through all the noises etc of the plane. Big thank you to all of you.

Michael Denny Manchester 2014

Highly recommend the course, because it worked for me so much so I've booked a holiday in June for Spain, result! Thank you.

Denise Clarke-Halewood Manchester 2014

I came with an open mind, and left as a more confident flyer! I think that I will always be nervous but this course has allowed me to manage my fears and embrace flying. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Laura Golby Gatwick 2014

In just three hours, I felt empowered and confident to take on the experience flight the next day. The course was very informative, interactive, inspiring whilst also being entertaining. I was proud to board the flight without a companion but this gave me a chance to chat to other lone fliers. We were so proud to support each other and find our own confidence as we were guided through the flight. Guidance and understanding from an expert psychologist combined with technical explanations from a calming and caring pilot made the weekend a tremendous success.

Rebecca Giles Bristol 2014

Just wanted to add that I thought the course was really excellent, like many others (judging by the attendance on the course!) I have been avoiding flying for many years and have missed out on some great holidays as a result. The course fulfilled all my hopes and gave just the right amount of information. The skills that Lawrence taught us were very helpful and presented in an accessible and amusing way, they also really work!! Jackson did a great job in teaching us how things work and answering our questions in a kind and non patronising way. I think running the course over 2 days is an excellent idea as we could concentrate on the ground course without feeling that we were just about to face the airport, it also gave us a chance to practice the skills that Lawrence had taught us. Thanks to all the team - including the cabin attendants on the flight who were very kind.

Juliet Hunt Gatwick 2014

My partner booked me on the course, as I think he was rather fed up with my extreme anxiety levels prior to flying, and embarrassed by my panic attacks once on the plane. I was not happy about doing the course, but agreed to give it a go for his sake! The three hour course was excellent – initially I was shocked and surprised at the numbers of people in the room who felt similar fears around flying; I admit, I was sceptical at first, and the “show” was rather slick for my taste, but I was ultimately impressed and got involved in all the activities. I found the pilot very genuine and the Q&E session particularly informative and helpful.

The flight: Although I did not sleep much, in the morning I got to the airport and onto the plane without any sedatives, or copious amounts of alcohol for the first time in many many years. I forced myself to sit next to the window for the first time, and I felt reasonably calm. However, I can’t honestly say I “enjoyed” the flight, nor did I cheer, whoop and clap like many others, which upset me because I felt I was letting my partner down. However I think next time I fly, I think I will certainly manage myself better and use the very useful calming techniques in the lead up and on the flight without shame. I would highly recommend the course to others, it is very well run, very professional and clearly works for many people.

Thank you for your time, tolerance and help!

Samantha Turner Stansted 2014

I was sceptical on the morning of the flight, but using all the techniques as we took off I was very calm during the rest of the flight.

Susan Orr Gatwick 2014

I had already booked a holiday to Kefalonia in June, I was getting increasingly worried about flying as I have become more nervous over the years. I thought I must try and do something so that I can actually go on the holiday. I thought Lawrence Leyton was excellent and on the Experience Flight used the techniques he demonstrated. I actuallyenjoyed the flight and found Captain Pete's dialogue during the flight explaining different sounds when they occurred, changes in speed and the step by step process of the landing very reassuring. I think if I continue with the techniques we were shown I will be able to go on my holiday to Kefalonia. Thank you easyJet.

Helen Bridle Gatwick 2014

Fascinating insight into how our minds work and how you need to re program it! Simple? I know I will still need to work on the mind exercises we were given but the key thing is that I know they will work as I continually reinforce them and they make sense. In addition having a captain chatting to me face to face and categorically telling me how safe flying is and how planes stay in the air made such a difference to hearing it from well wishers and friends!! Looking forward to flying and not needing to be drunk as a skunk!

Una Reihill Belfast 2014

This is the first time that I have flown without a close friend with me. Before this course I would not have slept, not eaten and would have taken Valium and alcohol before going on a flight. This time NOTHING!! With the help of the crew I feel that my fear of flying is now well diminished. On this 'fearless flight' I went to the toilet!! And even looked out of the window (Whoa) these are some things that I would never do before. Thank you easyJet. I think the 'sky' is the limit for me!! 

Paul Hunter Luton 2014

For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with aircraft flying overhead but have had an equal or greater fear of getting on board one! While the kids were young the excuses for avoiding flying were easy, however as they get older and now in their teens these excuses no longer worked! I have on a couple of occasions tried flying and been very stressed and anxious for the entire flights! The most recent was last year, 2013 when following a couple of holidays in the UK, which were not exactly wash outs but not exactly wall to wall sun either, we were faced with a wet period in the spring and out of desperation booked a week in Majorca. No sooner had I pressed the confirm booking button, my anxiety level rose considerably. As the start of the holiday drew nearer, my anxiety levels rose and despite the family attempts nothing helped reduce them and the drive to the airport was terrible. Although the flight was probably one of the smoothest you could wish for I could not wait to land and get off the aircraft. The first couple of days were great, but then the anxiety of the return flight took over and dominated the rest of the holiday making it far from relaxing. While my wife and family were supportive, I could sense their frustration. Once home I was frustrated with my fear of flying and started looking on the internet and I came across the easyJet fearless flyer course. It took me several months, looking, looking again before I took the plunge and decided that I had nothing to lose and booked the course at Luton for May 14. During the 3 hr ground course, Lawrence delivered what I felt was a light hearted but positive and powerful message with powerful tools to deal with the fear of flying while an EasyJet pilot was on hand to explain all details of flying and answer all the questions the course members had. After a busy night practicing the tools taught the previous day the drive to Luton airport, with my wife who I had booked a companion ticket for the flight was remarkably relaxed compared to my previous airport journey! Although a little anxious while waiting to board the aircraft the techniques we had learnt the previous day proved very effective and once on board I relaxed quickly, something which 24hrs earlier I thought would not be possible! As we boarded, the pilot who had talked about flying and answered all the questions was on hand to point out all the noises and events that were occurring to reassure everyone that it was all perfectly normal. This professional commentary continued throughout the flight to ensure that there were no surprises. Upon returning home I felt confident and comfortable to book a flight in order to attend a works conference, avoiding an 8hr drive which I have previously routinely undertaken to attend this annual event, simply to avoid flying. I would honestly say to anyone who is anxious or has a fear of flying to undertake this course, there is nothing to lose and the world to gain!! I now look at the aircraft in the sky leaving the vapour trails, and think that will be me up there in a few weeks rather than as I used to think…. I wish I could get on a plane and fly. I feel the only limit on travel now is my wallet and how flexible the credit card is!! There are only a few events in life that you can truly bookmark and say that changed my life; however I sincerely think this course is one of those events for me and my family. I would just like to sincerely thank you, Lawrence and the whole team for making flying a reality for me and I look forward to flying with easyJet many times in the future.

Sarah Harland Gatwick 2014

A lot of people asked why I was going on the course because I regularly fly. For me, it was the thought of being able to get on a plane without the days before in dread. I wanted to enjoy ALL of my holiday, without panicking about the return trip soon after getting off the plane. It dealt with so many things, I think the course was fantastic for anybody and everybody, from a slight discomfort to full-on terror of flying!!

Hannah Carver Edinburgh 2014

I've had a fear of flying for about 13 years following a bad experience on a flight to France. I've been flying quite regularly since then but I was always quite anxious, with my symptoms gradually getting worse as I got older. Over the last few years, my fear has worsened significantly and I was extremely emotional and anxious before and during the flights, and tended to drink quite a lot of alcohol in attempt to cope (which never really worked). I flew to Prague in November and on the way home, it was very foggy; I was terrified and had a panic attack during take off (during the flight my hands were shaking so much that I knocked a hot cup of tea over myself!). After this flight, I decided that I had to do something about my fear, as it was becoming exhausting and my fear was affecting the people I travel with. I had a look online for fear of flying courses and found that easyJet was running a course in Edinburgh in May so I booked it. I flew to Amsterdam in March and was slightly less anxious as I'd tried an online self-help course the night before I left, but I was still pretty terrified and drank a lot of wine beforehand, so I knew I needed help! I found the ground course very useful and the techniques helpful. I never understood how a plane can take off and stay in the air so I assumed that flying was unsafe. The ground course gave me the information to help me understand and feel more confident about flying. When I arrived at Edinburgh airport on the day of the experience flight, I felt excited, slightly anxious and far calmer than usual. I felt calm going through security, sitting in the terminal waiting to board and also when boarding the plane. I decided that I would sit at the window, as I always sit on an aisle seat and avoid looking out of the window as much as possible. I'm usually most terrified during take off (I expect the plane to explode or something to go wrong) and I'm usually gripping the arm rests and crying hysterically...but not this time! During take off, I was very calm and looked out the window the whole time; it was just a strange and exhilarating experience. I'm usually staring at the seatbelt sign, praying for it to turn off and this time, I didn't even notice it! I was able to get up, chat to others and even sit in my seat without my seatbelt on! A few times I felt a bit anxious but could tell myself that everything I was experiencing was normal. I didn't have to use any of the calming techniques we were taught, but I know I can use them in future if I need to! While I know my fear is possibly less severe than others', it still affected me every time I flew and meant that I was too scared to fly on my own. I would recommend the course to anyone with a fear of flying; for the first time since I can remember, I got on a plane feeling positive and actually enjoyed the flight...after only a 3 hour course. I'm actually looking forward to my next flight in a few weeks time, which is something I never thought I'd be able to say!

Saron Hetenyi Gatwick 2014

The different parts to the course (factual, techniques etc.) really helped me to consider and face my worries and change the picture in my head. The idea that I can see a photograph of a place and just go there is an amazing feeling. My family are so proud of me. Thank you

Terry Woods Gatwick 2014

People were kind, experienced, caring and the first day was fantastic. I felt confident for the second day. The help and knowledge from everybody was just great. I've beat a fear which I didn't think I would beat and forever grateful for it. Very surprised, but I enjoyed every minute of the flight. Thanks to your professionals.

Claire Lornie Edinburgh 2014

I think this course was excellent I had not been on a flight in 6 years and even the thought of flying made me anxious so the fact that I managed to get on the flight was a complete break through. I would like to thank everyone that worked on this course everyone was a great help and so caring.

Jane Whitfield Gatwick 2014

I would just like to say I had a really great weekend and I felt so good about myself having gone up on the flight on Sunday - I was buzzing for the rest of the day. The whole course was amazing and very well run. My boyfriend and I have booked a weekend away to Jersey on 4 May for a couple of days... were flying from Gatwick with easyJet and I'm looking forward to it! Many thanks to the whole team - you were all fantastic!

Dawn Price Manchester 2014

I can't recommend this course highly enough. The combination of learning about how to manage my thoughts and the technical knowledge worked brilliantly - I woke on the day of the flight feeling excited. I haven't flown for over 12 years and never thought I would again - but there I was gazing out of the window, enjoying the view, relaxed, confident and exhilarated. Thank you so much!

Audrey Donachie Edinburgh 2014

I thought the course was very good! Was not what I expected, it was better! Loved how we had to come back the next day for the flight, because it was you who was in control of everything! I was upset going on the flight (crying!) but halfway through the flight I was joking with my fearless flyers! I came off the flight smiling and happy! Would recommend to everyone.

Simon Dando Bristol 2014

I had not taken to the skies for around 20 years due to my fear of flying and for what I perceived to be a fear of heights too. I had flown before up to my early teens and could remember that I was fine at a cruise and landing but a complete wreck on take off. It was the 'motions' of flight that was putting me off and over the years I had missed out on many business trips and holidays that I would have loved to have done. I was very apprehensive of the course as I could not see how I could go from a wreck for 20 years to just getting on an Airbus on a sunny Sunday afternoon. But, putting complete trust into Lawrence, Mark, Jackson and the whole team slowly gave me the confidence to listen to what they said and to believe in myself. On the actual flight day, I sadly did have a 'freak out moment' as we were parked. My head was tricking me into feeling that we were indeed moving and it was bringing back all the childhood memories of panic. I had to get off the plane but Lawrence took me to the top steps just outside and talked to me for about 5 minutes to allow me to get back on. Annoyingly it happened again but Mark stepped in and invited myself and my partner (who had never seen me in this state before) to sit with him so that he can talk me through take off. I will be forever in his debt for that as he continuously reassured me and was telling me what was going on. My head was feeling sensations that just were not there and using a technique he told me meant I could move with the plane rather than me panicking and fighting the motions. The flight itself was amazing. Clear skies and brilliant views (so my 'height' fear was not present like I thought). We had some turbulence but again using the techniques showed me it was so normal and no danger at all. I will never forget the feeling of pure joy that I faced it head on and now I am so excited to book another flight again. I want to personally thank Lawrence for all the techniques and being the most inspirational man I have ever met, Mark for taking the time to talk to me about my motion problem and sitting next to me on take off to calm me down, Jackson for being a brilliant Captain and giving us an amazing commentary throughout the flight (I am sorry for my technical knowledge and stealing some of your thunder ha) and the whole easyJet team for showing me that I can do something I thought I couldn't. You should be so proud of what you are doing. Giving freedom back to people who do not believe that they can do it. I cannot recommend this course enough. Thank you. So so much.

Yvonne Feeney Gatwick 2014

This course was excellent! I had a really important reason to fly and the easyJet Fearless Flyer course takes you through everything you need to know about how safe it is to fly as well as some very good relaxation techniques...don't hesitate to give it a go, you won't regret it! The experience flight was amazing and the staff really friendly and put you at your ease.

Ian Tanner Gatwick 2014

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a fear of flying. I actually fly on a regular basis it was always with fear. If I heard any sort of noise I immediately imagined ‘the worst’! However, I am due to fly tomorrow, three weeks after the course and I feel sure that I will now not have the fear factor.

Angela Causse-Laurie Gatwick 2014

When I did the course I hadn't been able to get on a plane for 13 years and had tried hypnosis twice to no avail. I don't think anyone going on the course should expect a miracle, 'flick of a switch' cure but I think they should definitely be open, listen and engage actively in all aspects of the course if they want to get the most out of it. I found the course leaders very professional and committed to helping us overcome our fear. The combination of Lawrence's presentation and exercises and Captain Pete's very thorough explanations and answers to our questions regarding the aircraft and its workings has definitely given me the tools to fly again. The experience flight was quite emotional for me, but the support all around from the course leaders, other course members and the reassuring easyJet staff made it a great experience. I had to pinch myself to believe I was finally flying again! On the flights I have taken since the course, I have been able to relax and (dare I say it?) enjoy myself, sit back, have a drink and read my magazine (just like in Lawrence's 'good film'). Thank you so much for your help, I feel a huge sense of freedom and am ready to face many other challenges too!

Julie Ledbury Bristol 2013

As someone that had never flown before I wasn't just scared I was terrified, and I needed to do this under a controlled environment which your course gave me. Everyone on the plane was very supportive to each other, from all the flight crew to the passengers. It gave me courage to face my fears as everyone felt the same, even if they were all for different reasons. I would like to say a big THANK-YOU to everyone that was involved.

Katie Judge Stansted 2014

I found the course extremely useful and very interesting. At first I was very unsure as to how it would change my views of flying. The Q and A session with Captain Chris Foster was extremely informative and interesting. It put me at ease knowing more technical information. Lawrence was brilliant and his techniques really did help. I was still wary on the morning of the flight but it was excellent having the commentary from Captain Chris. The crew, Captain Chris, Lawrence plus all the fearless flyer team were so lovely and reassuring. I am now actually looking forward to taking my next flight! Thank you easyJet, you have completely changed my views and experience of flying. 

Matthew Tedford Stansted 2014

I have been very anxious regarding flying since a bad experience in 2000. In the days and sometimes even weeks leading up to a flight I would become more and more anxious with intrusive negative thoughts. I would be sleepless the night before flights and have panic attacks and severe anxiety on the way to the airport and during the check-in process. Each time this happened it was re-enforced and exacerbated. This culminated in me not boarding flights and avoiding flying. I have tried medication (including alcohol) hypnotism and CBT to no avail. And had really accepted that flying would always be an unpleasant experience and avoided if necessary. However my wife through anxiety that I would not go on our planned family holiday convinced me to try this course. I was sceptical as I am already aware of the physics of flight and the risk statistics and have been disappointed by CBT, NLP, hypnosis, and psychological methods previously. I remained sceptical during the first day but persevered with the techniques. I slept very well that night and woke without anxiety. I found the check in experience surreal as the anxiety I expected did not emerge even if I concentrated on willing it up. I intentionally sat in the most fearful spot on the plane (due to my previous experience) and nothing at take off. I had rediscovered the joy of air travel which I had enjoyed until 2000. I have flights planned as noted above but this no longer holds any anxiety for me only the positive anticipation of a holiday and the journey is now included in this. This is extremely liberating: my wife’s family live a short over sea journey away and we will no longer need to travel the much longer sea route, or separately and opens up new possibilities to enjoy the world without those wasted days of anxiety over travel. I am extremely grateful to everyone at the easyJet Fearless Flyer course - I was hopeful but sceptical that my anxiety would be reduced but in actual fact I am ‘cured’. Thanks again.

Catherine Peters Stansted 2014

I took the fearless flyer course for many reasons mainly my fear and panic weeks before my holiday and then days prior to my return. For the most my holiday experience was ruined due to this. So I took to spending time driving to Spain to end up totally shattered / exhausted by the long drive. I was desperate to go further on my holiday and myfamily also wanted to experience difference, which is vitally important to me and to them. The course was so well organised, professional and everyone who attended was so enthusiastic, keen and friendly, as was the organisers. At no time was I ever made to feel silly or that my difficulties with flying was equally as silly. All in all my experience over the two days was fantastic, I would recommend that everyone take this course, I have learnt so much that I will benefit from other experiences as well as being a fearless flyer. Thank you fearless flyer team, this means so very much to me and mine.

Jeffery and Christine Morgan Bristol 2014

All we can say is, until you give it a try, you will never know. The way the course was handled in such an empathetic way & the strong support on the day of the flight by the crew, was second to none. We are both in our 60’s & felt we should give ourselves the opportunity to open up other avenues of transporting to other countries other than having to cruise on long journeys across the Atlantic to get to sunny destinations, the Caribbean being our favourite. We cannot believe that in two days, this course will change our attitude to flying & although we had different phobias, (claustrophobia & fear of heights), we feel they are now conquered at long last. Wish we had done it years ago. A Great Big Thank You to everyone involved on the course including the very helpful input from Capt. Jack!

Tanisha Houghton-Locker Stansted 2014

Two years ago I went on my first holiday without family. During the flight we went through a small bit of turbulence and suddenly it felt like the plane dropped out the sky. Since then every time I need to go on a plane or think about it, my heart races, I feel sick, I get all clammy and my breathing increases. This meant I was always uncomfortable flying. My mum convinced me to take the fearless flyer course as I didn't think my fear was 'that bad' compared to others who cannot even get on a plane. Plus I felt embarrassed to say I had a fear. But after the fear continued to get worse I decided to do something about it. Fearless flyer ground course: Teaches you general information about the plane and flying experiences that people may find uncomfortable. They also teach you coping techniques to deal with your fear. Plus you will have an opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. Afterwards I felt a lot more positive about flying as I felt like I understood how safe flying and turbulence is. The experience flight: I become increasing anxious waiting to board the plane. But I continued to put all the coping techniques into practice and it worked! It calmed me down a lot. I did have to continue with the tapping technique every time I felt my heart racing. During takeoff I had to try to calm myself down, but as I learned to control all those negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts I remained calm and relaxed the rest of the flight. There is a pilot named Chris who sits at the front of the plane commentating on every sound, smell or movement that may make you feel uneasy. There are many staff from fearless flyer course and easyjet staff who are also on hand. Throughout the rest of the flight I was able to look out of the window calmly, stand up and feel free whilst in the plane. Overall it was worth every penny, I feel a lot better with flying and a lot more confident. I did go on the course alone, but everyone is so friendly, you will make friends in no time.

Julie Kyle Bristol 2014

Since taking the course, I feel incredibly confident, not just in flying but also in myself. I have very much enjoyed learning tools to cope with anxiety and to create a me focussed on what I want to achieve. The course is so informative about flight as a concept and I have found that knowledge so useful in tackling the flight. I am usually practically hysterical when I fly and I didn't shed even one tear in the experience flight and the breathing techniques I learned helped me to keep everything under control. Both Lawrence and Jackson were incredibly supportive and couldn't do enough to support everyone on the course. I feel really empowered and I cannot wait to fly again. My husband is also very grateful to have a wife who is not bad tempered and impossible to live with in the month before a flight...! Many thanks to everyone involved in this - it has been invaluable and changed my life.

Ian Lovely Stansted 2014

I was sceptical that it could overcome my fear of heights - as I'm not good when my feet are off the ground (even in high rise buildings). I had flown once before 10 years ago to Dublin, but sat glued to my seat and hated it so much that I vowed never to get on a plane again. However over the years I have missed out on travelling with friends etc. The influence to take the courage to book the course was the personal phone call from Mark Wein which he made whilst out having a meal and after 9:00 pm at night (for my convenience when I was back at home from work). Mark talked to me and reassured me that the course would teach me the techniques to overcome my fear. I put my trust in Mark following that phone conversation and it was repaid on Sunday 27.04.14 when I flew from Stansted and was not a nervous wreck and managed to walk down the aisle of the plane in mid flight. I felt elated that the course had given me the faith and confidence to do that. If I can do it so can others. I only wish this course had been around before I took my first flight or I had known about it sooner. It was only an article in my local paper recently that set me off on this path and I researched further on the internet to find this course. Mark and your team your brilliant, can't thank you all enough for changing my life and attitude not only to flying, but to controlling my fear of heights in other situations. My life will be enriched further now. Overall most of the people on the course had a very positive experience and I think it will have helped even those who were not quite so confident on the day in their future travel. We were all in the same place and the group power helped us all.

Jenny Speller Bristol 2014

Someone remarked after I told them about the course that it is profitable for easyJet to look after their customers. It’s in their interest. That’s true. That’s business. But airline staff are also individuals and easyJet have put together an extraordinary team who at every stage showed understanding and awareness of the extreme anxiety experienced by those who have a fear of flying. I genuinely felt they wanted each of us to discover the enjoyment of flying and the freedom it gives us. The combination of Lawrence Leyton’s mind techniques and Captain Jackson Lloyd-Hitt’s calm and detailed explanations gave me a confidence I never thought possible. I found the break after the Ground element important as it meant I could deal with the experience in stages. I would urge anyone who has a fear of flying to do this course.

Kelly Burt Stansted 2014

Going on the fearless flyer course has really helped me conquer my fear, as before I wasn't even able to walk through the terminal doors. I have tried twice to fly and suffered with two anxiety attacks and that ended up not attending my holidays. On the day of the flight I was scared but I did the techniques and went for it. My other half was surprised at how calm I was. I'm over the moon that I was able to conquer my fear and I'm now looking forward to booking up my first holiday away with my other half.

Barry Scott Gatwick 2014

IT WORKS!!!! I WAS a terrified flyer, so frightened that I was pinned in my seat, my legs wouldn't work and the fear in my mind was immense. Captain Peter's explanation of flying, how safe the aircraft is, how safe we are in the air, what all the noises bangs and bleeps mean answered all my questions and helped soothe my anxieties. Lawrence Leyton's skill and his mind tools helped me overcome my irrational fears and turn all my negative thoughts into positive ones. Today we flew and I was able to walk around the plane with the fear gone. A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Want to fly fearlessly then this is the team to help you. Thanks guys, I'm so grateful and can't stop smiling. 

Sharon McMillan Bristol 2014

I have always been a very nervous flyer, always jumping at every noise and bump, but have never let it stop me going on holiday, I am always a nervous wreck a week or so before the flight and then would think about the flight home for the whole holiday and dread it, I managed to pluck up the courage to fly to Miami earlier this year for a Caribbean cruise with my husband, the outbound flight was not too bad, but the journey home was horrendous, we had really bad turbulence for what felt like most of the flight, I cried and felt awful. I knew after this flight that I had to do something or I would likely never fly again, I found your course whilst looking online and booked it within 2 days of returning from my holiday. I arrived on Saturday at the hotel feeling nervous, but soon got chatting to some other attendees and soon realised the range of fears we all had and did not feel quite so bad. Lawrence talked us through our fears and then Jackson the pilot talked us through some very interesting facts and figures, and the part about the turbulence I found particularly helpful. We then had the flight the following day, I found I was not my usual self, and was actually happy and looking forward to the flight. I felt nervous just before boarding, but going through some of the exercises we had been taught the day before, soon calmed me and I am so happy to have been able to enjoy the flight without crushing my poor husband's hand like I would normally have done. I want to say a huge thank you to the whole team, you were all amazing and I just wish I had found your course sooner, I hope to take a follow up flight the next time you are back in Bristol, and my Mum who has never flown also now wants to do your course too. 

Lyndsey Nelson Stansted 2014

My mother and I both attended the Fearless flyer course at Stansted. We have both been very nervous flyers for years and this would always spoil the thought of going on holiday. We have family living in Australia so make the journey but it is quite an ordeal for us and leaves us absolutely exhausted! My fear has always been about falling from the sky and was terrified every time we went through a bit of turbulence. I would like to thank everyone on the course for the amazing experience we had last weekend. It was great fun and had such an impact on us both. Everyone was so friendly and supportive. I cannot believe how calm I felt on the flight, a shift had definitely occurred. If anyone has a fear of flying you have to go on this course. My only regret is that I didn't do it before!

Michelle and Mark Betteridge Bristol 2014

After realising that our teenage son had very much outgrown Butlin type holidays, I knew it was time to overcome my fear of flying which had prevented us from taking overseas holidays. From the minute the course began we were put at ease. The ground course was split into perfectly timed segments each of which was informative, useful but fun and the techniques offered were really helpful. When it came to the actual flight, I had to face my own demons, which I was able to do by using the techniques we had been taught the previous day. Before long I was in the air taking my first flight in 23 years, and already looking forward to my next flight to take me on a lovely holiday. The support from staff and fellow fearless flyers was the perfect environment for me to overcome my fears, it was reassuring to know that there would only be support and not judgements if panic set in, which was clearly demonstrated by one persons decision not to take the flight. Any person, who genuinely does want to overcome their fear of flying should absolutely not hesitate in booking onto this course as soon as they can. Don’t waste any more of your life worrying about what maybe – take control. You’ll be glad that you did.

Nigel Pragnell Gatwick 2014

I went on my first flight 28 years ago and have never enjoyed flying but always got through it however over the last couple of years and as I have got older the fear has got so bad that even driving past an airport made me feel ill. I cancelled two holidays last year to Florida and Abu Dhabi because my fear got so bad for weeks leading up to it I could not sleep. Even though I know flying is safe and it is all in my mind I did not know how to change my negative thoughts and my way of thinking having taken this course it really has changed my life. You are shown how to rid your mind of the negatives and focus on the positives. I cannot recommend this course highly enough to anyone. I have booked a holiday to Italy in June with easyJet and can honestly say that for the first time in my life I am looking forward to flying! I genuinely cannot thank you enough for what the course has given me, my fear had become so bad and not knowing how to deal with or see past it had become a problem. To be honest I was not sure that coming on a course like this would do anything for me, having seen how many people and different types of people of all ages on the course it affects made me feel better. I cannot praise you enough for the excellent course you have put together, everybody involved was so professional from the way the course was run, captain Pete, the easyJet cabin and flight crew. It was a massive help for me to have captain Pete with his calm voice going through the whole flight also seeing the flight crew before the flight helped. Since I refused to go on our last holiday the stress, pressure and emotion my fear of flying has caused me has affected my life because it is on my mind constantly. After completing the experience flight the negative thoughts and relief that I can overcome this and enjoy going on holiday is fantastic, I actually thought I would not fly again and have to go on holiday by car or train! Thank you again for your excellent course.

Claire Bailey Luton 2014

At the age of 44, I have never flown but desperately want to holiday abroad. Last year I went through the channel tunnel on Eurostar and this was easier than I thought it would be so I bit the bullet and booked the course. I was very apprehensive before the course and worried that even though I had come so far by booking it, I wouldn't be able to see it through to its conclusion. The ground course was fantastic and even though the psychological part with Lawrence was great, for me, the most reassuring part was Captain Pete telling us everything that would be going on and all the sounds we would hear etc...... During the flight, Pete re-iterating all this was fantastic. I know I could not have got on a 'plane without the course so I will be forever grateful to the Fearless Flyer team - thank you.

Mike Griffiths Bristol 2014

I have just returned home after attending your Fearless Flyer course in Bristol. I am someone who hasn't flown for over 15 years because of a fear of getting on the plane. The reason for this e mail is just to say what a time I have wasted, driving to holidays in France and Italy because taking three days to drive to Italy, is a nice thing to do. Who am I kidding? Today after attending yesterday’s ground course I actually took my place on your flight. Yes I was nervous, but not afraid. A lot of regulated deep breathing and before I knew it we were up up and away. Can you please convey my sincere thanks to Lawrence and the team for changing my life. The flight was absolutely fantastic. It really helped having Jackson explain all the noises, it certainly help us all to be more comfortable. I cannot thank you all enough. Thank you thank you thank you.

Ruth Sutton Gatwick 2013

As a regular flyer who has always hated every experience, Fearless Flyer is informative, fun, and gave me a great sense of pride to complete successfully. I definitely feel my attitude to flying has changed for the better, and I am actually looking forward to my next flying experience! Highly recommended, it could change your life, and this will definitely be my Mum’s Christmas present!

Maria Kelway Stansted 2014

Amazing course. You could not get this feeling on your own, just by trying to force yourself on a plane like I thought I would be able to. Thank you to all concerned.

Ailicia MacDonald Edinburgh 2014

I can't thank you enough for what you have helped me overcome! The feeling of being able to now get on a plane and feel absolutely normal is indescribable. When I left after the flight yesterday I booked my flight home, today I flew home to Dublin without any fear and didn't get upset. Tomorrow I am booking my flights to Cyprus! Strangely I am looking forward to flying.

I honestly can't thank you enough, doing and completing the course has now changed my life. Many many thanks, I wish easyJet Fearless Flyer all the best in the future.

Lesley Shaw Luton 2014

I wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the lecture, which was very different but encouraging. By the time I got to the Airport the following morning, I was apprehensive, but the fact that Pete West talked us through every noise and movement of the plane, even though there was turbulence (which is my greatest fear) I was confident everything was alright! I am almost looking forward to being able to try this out on my own - unheard of!!!! 

Sharon Cockram, companion of Paul and Emily Cockram Bristol 2014

I was actually a companion on the flight yesterday having booked my husband and daughter on to the course (an xmas present) - fearing as a family we would never fly again (they were terrible flyers before yesterday) - in fact so bad we haven't flown in years choosing to take cruises from Southampton which involve no flying!! They came home onSaturday full of what they had learnt and were actually looking forward to the flight (I thought they were just pretending to make me feel they appreciated their gift). They were not impressed as they opened their xmas gift from me this year (the fearless flyer disguised with a model easyJet plane) and said a not very happy thank you and have been dreading May's arrival. However, I am astonished that they are both now happy about flying (just as well as we are flying with easyJet to Murcia this coming Thursday). I just thought while fresh in their minds, get them up in the air again! I was a little worried when one of the participants offloaded and with the plane doors being opened gave my two the opportunity to escape through the open door (especially as we were sat near the front of the plane), but no they both sat there - my husband actually looking through the menu choosing what he was going to have to eat on Thursday's flight!! Amazing, amazing, amazing, thank you to everyone on the team from the bottom of my heart - WE CAN HAVE FAMILY HOLIDAYS THAT INVOLVE FLYING ONCE AGAIN!! When I asked them what made them feel more happy about flying - one name from both of them JACKSON - what an amazing man. All the other members of the team were so brilliant too from the cabin crew, pilots everyone. Thank you so much easyJet from a companion flyer who can now fly without worrying about the 2 people sat either side of her on a plane, one in tears - the other a nervous wreck (who hopefully now doesn't need half a dozen Jack Daniels before taking a flight). Brilliant and thanks again.

Audrey Mitchell Edinburgh 2014

Just wanted to say a very big thank you to you and all your team for the most excellent fearless flyer course. From booking which was my biggest hurdle, as you know!!! to the ground course and to then getting on the plane was all done so well with great support and kindness. I feel so much more confident and reassured and am now looking forward to my next flight in June. I really do wish you continued success with your future courses. Thanks again and best wishes.

Anne Smith Edinburgh 2014

Finding out all about the plane, what all the noises are and feelings you get when on a plane, also how the plane flies, what keeps it up in the air, all about turbulence, also all the techniques on how to cope with my fear and keep calm, how to keep positive, these were all a factor in myself actually showing up the next day and actually getting on the plane. All the personnel on the Friday night and the next day were so helpful and friendly; they helped to give me confidence, talked to us and reassured us, nothing was too much for them. Thank you all.

David Adams Edinburgh 2014

I would just like to say that I found the course extremely helpful and particularly the flight itself. I would recommend this course to anyone with a fear of flying. I have booked a weekend to Prague with easyJet for the 4th July. I would like to thank everyone involved with the course especially the flight crews. Thank you.

Andrew Batty Luton 2014

When I first booked my Fearless Flyer course I felt that I was really exhausting all avenues in terms of flying. I would get drunk and I've tried hypnotherapy, both of which never really worked. I attended the ground course on the Saturday, and even attending the ground course I felt extremely nervous. I had lots of questions as did many of the others who attended. I was amazed how many people were there, I always felt I was the only one with this fear. There were so many similar and also diverse questions to mine. There were occasions on the course, which I won't spoil for others that made me really feel very tense. However these fears are very much allayed. The techniques to cope by Lawrence are absolutely fantastic and really work. I went away and practiced these techniques overnight. I must say though my night was very sleepless, still with apprehension. I woke in the morning and the wind was blowing extremely hard and told myself "do I really need this" and started making excuses as why I didn't want to go. I arrived at the airport, still very nervous and still telling myself to GO HOME. One thing that that kept me going was the wonderful fearless flyer team, who back up their claims by attending absolutely everything including flight and guiding every one of us through to the end and continued reassurance throughout. We were all in this together and camaraderie to get everyone through was very empowering and drove me on. Once on the flight I applied my techniques learnt and with the CONSTANT, which is a good thing, believe me commentary of Captain Pete, and not to mention the rest of the team. I felt GREAT and emotional and even found myself helping others to deal with the experience, which is something I never imagined myself being able to do. I felt proud and as though a huge weight was lifted and really actually enjoyed it. This is unbelievable. The ground course however is the start and the flight, no matter how tough is absolutely vital. I will continue applying these techniques and possibly in other areas of my life. I can highly recommend this course and can't thank the team enough for how I feel and how I felt after attending the course. Many, many thanks again

Ben Fletcher Luton 2014

On the morning of the actual flight from Luton, I have to admit I nearly made the decision not to come to the airport. After some consolation from family members (and some heavy thinking!) I managed to pluck up the courage. As soon as I got to the airport I felt completely in control and relaxed. Having Captain Pete West, Mark, and the rest of the team on board the flight, made me feel very comfortable also. Lawrence’s techniques in the ground experience day, were completely mind blowing, and will be able to help me in all areas of life where I start to feel nervous/anxious, not just sitting in a plane! Truly an excellent experience! Thank you.

Andrew Grant Luton 2014

I had not flown for almost 2 years since having a mid-air anxiety attack on the way back from Florence for no apparent reason. Previously I had flown 100’s of times both long and short haul. I did however try a flight from Luton to Amsterdam shortly afterwards and whilst I managed the outward flight (at great personal distress) I decided to get off the plane on the return journey just before the doors closed! Long journey home by train! I decided I needed help and after various sessions of hypnosis which helped with general anxiety issues I really wanted to get back on a plane which I felt I couldn’t do on my own. I was really pleased with the Fearless Flyer course and I think the 2 step process of having the course one day and the flight the next really did help. The flight experience was exactly the same as if you were actually going somewhere – checking in, security, boarding etc. The techniques Lawrence taught us were very helpful and the whole team across both days were very caring and sympathetic to everyone’s individual needs and concerns. Whilst I didn’t have an actual fear of flying although most people on the course did it really did help me overcome my general travel anxiety and I managed the flight very easily. Thank you so much Fearless Flying team - great job!

Linda Cohen Luton 2014

I would recommend anybody and everybody to do The Fearless Flying Course. Having not flown for 30 years I was talked into it by my daughter and her lovely friends. I was dreading going, in fact nearly refused to go on the Saturday morning, however once sitting in the hotel and hearing all the different ways of empowering yourself to fly, I suddenly felt confident and definitely wanted to go, The next day I was extremely nervous, and did think once again I would bottle out of it, but once at the airport the lovely team around gave me the confidence to go, and even up to the last minute I knew I could change my mind. I tapped like mad, felt a bit of an idiot, but didn't even care, and once I was on the plane the lovely atmosphere around helped to once again give me confidence, the Captain at the front talked us all through the different noises which was great, and I wished he would come on any flight with me from that time on. The flight was superb, I was so relaxed I couldn't believe it, people around me were in different stages of nervousness, but all agreed it had been a wonderful experience, and they would now be flying, I cannot wait to have a reason to go somewhere, and my family are all extremely proud of me. SO GLAD I DID IT, AND WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO ALL. Many thanks Mark.

Rebecca Coomber Luton 2014

The pilot who answered the Q and A session on Saturday and then talked us through the flight experience was absolutely fantastic...I can't praise him highly enough. His commentary was all encompassing and delivered helped me hugely.

Gillian Valentine Edinburgh 2014

I can't wait to go on holiday to Portugal & be at our destination in far less time than previous holidays by train/boat! I hadn't flown in 12 years but by just booking the course made me feel confident to book holiday flights before even doing it! I guess I was that confident it would work for me after reading so many positive reviews. it was a huge achievement to commit to the course & flight itself so as I felt ready to do that, I just hoped I'd still feel as confident once Id done my first flight with yourselves..and I do!! The course has given me knowledge & the reassurance I need to feel confident about doing flying again, & again & again!!

Sonja Rossi Luton 2014

Absolutely wonderful experience could have not been happier! It was for the first time in my "Flying History" of 28 years that I was able to be relaxed on boarding, let alone flying! My heart rate was normal, I was putting in practice all what they have taught us on the ground course, visual and sound techniques etc - it paid with dividends! Taking off, which is my worst nightmare normally, was smooth, and again my heart rate was normal - something that I never thought possible! A few bumps along the way, but not worries. The lovely Capt Pete was talking to us all the time and the rest of the team on the plane was absolutely marvellous; likewise, the team from the ground course of the day before was also present on the day and absolutely fantastic, the attention to each and every one of us was unparalleled. I cannot stress enough the positive change that took place inside me, so for all what is worth thank you all at Fearless Flyer!!!

Clare Duncan Edinburgh 2014

Although my fear of flying has never stopped me from travelling, the thought of it would cause days, even weeks of sleepless nights as well as constant worry and stress. Therefore, once I found out about the easyJet Fearless Flyer course, I was keen to attend and face my fear. I cannot praise and thank the whole Fearless Flyer team highly enough for their constant reassurance, positivity and confidence during the ground course and the experience flight. Captain Chris Foster was incredibly reassuring throughout the course and his broad knowledge of aviation was a huge comfort. Lawrence Leyton was fantastic! His huge confidence in everyone was heartening and encouraging and the techniques he taught worked phenomenally well – I was amazed at how calm I felt throughout the flight. As a result of the course, I am no longer dreading my summer holiday but rather really looking forward to it! I would very highly recommend this course to anyone who has a mild fear to an absolute phobia of flying.

Brian Davis Bristol 2014

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anybody who would like to be a fearless flyer. If they approach the course with an open mind they will find the instruction sympathetically and entertainingly presented and astonishingly effective. The sample flight included has all the characteristics of a normal flight with 'check in' etc. and brilliant explanation during the flight of what is going on, so everything will seem second nature when making air journeys in the hey...what was there to worry about? I really believe that I shall actually enjoy flying from this point on. I am very very grateful to the easyJet team.

Yvonne Emmerton Stansted 2014

Attended the easyJet Fearless Flyer Course last weekend and want to thank them for giving me the confidence to get on a plane again. Although I have flown many times (always shaking uncontrollably and crying on take off and landing) I had decided not to put myself through this anymore which of course meant no more foreign holidays. On finding out about this course I thought I would try it as a last resort and YIPPEE I can honestly say I was confident and my only tears were tears of joy. I even looked out of the window on landing - that's a first for me!! I also met some lovely like minded people who I hope I will see again on a flight in the future - we became like a family. This is an excellent course run by an amazing team of caring, understanding people and a superb cabin crew on the flight. My sincere thanks go to Lawrence, Captain Chris, Mark, Tim and Louise for making this such a great experience and giving me my sunny holidays back again - I am so happy!!

Fiona Young Edinburgh 2014

Having had a panic attack which came out of nowhere 6 years ago I then developed an extreme phobia of flying and had not flown since. I was a bit sceptical about the course but knew I had to try it. As I sat and listened to the seminar I realised it was going to be a great event for me as it had the right mix of mind training techniques and facts and technical information from an airline pilot. When I came to the course I thought I had a fear of flying but as it turned out I did not have a fear of flying but instead a fear of having a panic attack. Lawrence helped me to understand myself and as soon as I had this clarity I suddenly found it easy to control my feelings of dread by understanding that I was the only person who created these irrational fears and therefore I was the only person who could turn them on or off. I got through these emotions and by the time I boarded the plane to my great surprise I was calm and relaxed actually enjoying the sensation of flight and loved looking out the window at the country side and coastline below. I never would have believed that my phobia could be removed in such a short space of time but I can confidently say that I am now a fearless flyer and am looking forward to my holiday in Spain with my family in July this year. Thank you to the whole fearless flyer team for all your kind words and home truths, I could not have achieved this outcome without you. I have already started recommending this course to others and would love for them to get over this irrational and debilitating fear. There are so many beautiful places I am now looking forward to visiting.

Hayley Harling Bristol 2014

If someone told me last year I would get on a plane go into the sky and love it I would have laughed at them, but that is exactly what happened, thanks to all the staff of Fearless Flyer. They were all amazing, thanks to them I was given the skills to take control of my fears and do something I thought I would never be able to do. I can't thank everyone enough, they have changed my life.

Lucy Stamp Bristol 2014

I would highly recommend this course. I booked it having not flown for many years, I now have a flight booked with my husband and three children within the next month. I found the course to be an incredibly positive and empowering atmosphere. I strongly believe that you have to absorb yourself into the coping techniques provided and try to really get involved. Do not be put this off thinking you will have the worst fear there, other people will be feeling just as you do. The camaraderie and attitude of everyone involved is fantastic and you will leave with a smile on your face! Absolutely amazing course - thank you just doesn’t cover it!

Sharon Hughesdon Bristol 2014

I’m amazed how a 3 hour course can make such a difference. Previous to the course, I hadn’t flown for about 5 years. The 2 previous efforts were terrible: I ran across the tarmac to avoid getting on the plane, and the last time I didn’t even get on the plane and my husband had to drive from Cardiff to Bournemouth to get me! So getting on the plane Sunday was a ‘miracle’! The course is excellent, you must take on board the strategies to make it successful and the flight was very re-assuring with the commentary and support of everyone on board. I will keep using the strategies for my next flight. Thank you!

Claire Smith Edinburgh 2014

I fly on average 10 return trips per year. I am anxious from the point of leaving the house to the point of arrival at my destination. During a flight to Florida last year I had a panic attack due to turbulence. I am flying to New Zealand in November so knew I had to attempt to deal with this issue as 23 hours on a plane was too long to be this anxious. A friend forwarded me the easyJet fearless flyer email. I checked out the website and was impressed by the clips of previous courses. I was excited that I would be able to speak to a pilot and ask all the (ridiculous) questions that go through my head during the flight. I also was heartened that the course would involve trying to correct my thinking errors involving doom and gloom whilst giving me the factual information about the ‘noises’ and ‘bumps’, for a control freak like myself this is a great way to counter the lack of control .The Friday night was a full on session, it was fun and entertaining as well as informative and reassuring. Although there was a lot of information there was also enough time and opportunities to ask questions. Everyone involved on the Friday night gave the impression they were on your side and wanted you to succeed. I wish I had taken a pen and paper to write down some of the facts and examples quoted. The Saturday at Edinburgh was a typical airport experience, time spent queuing and waiting. This is normally when my anxiety starts to build up but it didn’t though. I just wanted to get on the plane and put all my learning into practice. I purposely waiting late to board so that I would have to sit near the back (normally I need to be as near the front as possible). I always have to text my children when I get on the plane to tell them I love them, again I felt confident that this was not required as I knew nothing bad was going to happen. This shift in mindset was definitely from all the techniques shown the night before. Having the pilot talking through the entire journey warning of up and coming noises, movement ,etc was brilliant - that is the vision I have when using the scratch technique (that relaxed flight on my fearless flyer flight) and the background music is the song played on the plane! We had a tiny bit of movement (couldn’t really call it turbulence) but I immediately remembered about the lack of visual reference point and was aware whilst it felt a bit shuddery it felt exaggerated due to not being able to look outside. I did not fell a single rush of adrenaline from getting on the plane to getting off – that felt wonderful, not a bit of stress.

I got home from the airport on Saturday and felt liberated , this bag of ‘drama’ I had carried about for 30 years was empty and I now am so looking forward to flying to Barcelona next month.

Gill Edwards Bristol 2013

I had reached the age of 66 having never been to an airport, let alone on a plane. When asked why not, I repeated the same excuses each time - claustrophobia, fear of heights, not being in control etc. However, matters were taken out of my hands when my son gave me 'The Experience' for Christmas - you can imagine my reaction on opening the envelope.

In June I attended the course in Bristol. First impressions on waiting for the course to start were that everyone felt apprehensive like me, but easyJet and Course colleagues were in amongst the audience chatting and greeting. The Course itself was enjoyable and entertaining, but above all, giving facts about flying and practical techniques to lessen anxiety. I must emphasise the need to practice the techniques between the course and the flight. From the time of arriving at the airport, we were looked after so well by everyone involved. There was a lovely atmosphere of camaraderie amongst all fliers. Every step of the flight was explained and the running commentary was very helpful. We were all chatted to throughout the flight. Everyone was caring. We landed, we cheered, we did it, I did it. I have no hesitation in recommending the Fearless Flying Course.

Kathryn Beeson Bristol 2013

I would like to say a massive thank you to Mark Wein. He supported me throughout. He's a caring lovely person. And the best person to help in the situation I was in. He didn't leave my side. He always checked to see if I was ok. Amazing man. Thank you Mark. Thank you everyone else. xx

Kelly Vincent Bristol 2013

Do not hesitate to book onto this course, it was full of useful reassuring information, all involved were fantastic from start to finish and the course really helped me to gain a better understanding of what actually happens during a flight!

Kate Hather Bristol 2013

I am really looking forward to my holiday with my family now, whereas I was absolutely dreading it before the course. Thank you!

Emma Davis (Jack’s Mum) Luton 2013

My son felt very positive after the flight. I thought it was great. It’s totally suitable for a 12 yr old.

Nicola May Luton 2013

Thank you all at easyJet for your dedicated time to us Nutters whom WERE scared of flying, I was a little sceptical on the ground course and wondered if it would help me. The breathing exercises helped a lot and learning how to change your mind set really is the key.

On Tuesday I was meant to leave the house to travel to London with my partner and fly to china the following day, I couldn't sleep all night then I started to feel ill, so I didn’t leave and my partner left without me because I knew once I left the house I had to get on a plane, THE POINT OF NO RETURN!

Feeling pretty bad and upset I decided to do the course and booked it at 4am. I left the house the following day and drove to our office in Dover from Exeter which was a challenge as I've never driven past Bristol, my partner changed our flights for us to take in 2 weeks time. We arrived at Luton on the Friday and I became nervous to do the course but had to do it as my family's life is changing because of my fear. The course taught us how to change our mind set and how to breathe when in a state of panic, the pilot was great. I now understand what is going on and what all those weird noises are. Once in the airport I was getting nervous and then going through to departures was quite a challenge, my mind was playing the same old record in my head I had doubts on getting on the plane, once on I felt like I couldn't control the feelings and as we took to the air I told myself to breathe and then remember what we had been taught the night before, the pilot talked to us throughout the whole flight and I became more and more relaxed, half way through I stopped shaking, I stopped crying, I stopped holding the chair and relaxed and felt so calm, I looked out of the window we turned we went through the clouds and then we landed. It was great! I felt the biggest weight had been lifted from me. If you do the course don't take drugs to calm you don't have a drink you need to do this the right way and I promise it will work

Lauren Williams Bristol 2013

Many thanks to all of you involved in this course I can honestly say that it has changed my life. The best outcome I hoped for was to be able to tolerate flying without the use of medication or alcohol to calm my nerves but the course exceeded expectation and I enjoyed the whole flight for the first time in over eight years and now cannot wait until my next flight in 3 weeks time.....can't believe I’m saying that!

Jo Cooper Gatwick 2013

The fearless flying experience has given me the opportunity to go on a flight with support and encouragement and to help me with my fear without pressure just reassurance and understanding. I have taken away the techniques I have been taught and will be putting them into practice not only for flying but with other factors in my life. The shortflight was what I needed to take that first step towards being able to go on holiday again.

I can't thank all the people enough, who helped me that day it means so much to me. I just wanted to say again thank you so much for everyone's help that day it means a lot to me and never thought I would be able to step on a plane again and I'm already planning my next flight! Thank you all so much.

Anthony Farragher Manchester 2013

The crew both at the course and on the flight were fantastic. When I was preparing to board the plane, I was close to tears with fear. Once in flight those tears were of joy, I could not believe how much I was enjoying every second of it, looking for landmarks below, watching the wing & the engine, and the clouds below. All the information given by the pilot & the techniques I was taught were all integral to giving me the confidence to board the plane.

WELL DONE TO EVERYONE who made this dream possible for me.

Julie Adams Gatwick 2013

I was distressed and distraught that I had not been able to fly to my friends wedding in Australia or go on holiday with friends and family due to my fear of flying and refusing to go on a flight. My experiences of flying were filled with fear as soon as I booked the flight and I was a quivering wreck the night before and in the morning. Pills, alcohol could not get me through.

The course was amazing and the booking process was easy and the staff that handled my queries were very helpful. We were not made to feel foolish or silly as a result of our fear and every possible question was sensitively answered. On the morning of the flight I felt calm and even when the nerves kicked in when take off approached I simply used the methods I have been taught and I actually really, really enjoyed the flight! Thank you to all the staff, cabin crew, pilots and everyone. They were all brilliant and my life will never be the same again. My only concern is where to fly to next?!

Zena Nairi Luton 2013

I would like to thank everyone involved in the course especially for the support at the airport and on the plane. Having not flown nor being at airport for 19 years I was helped enormously by the team. Special thanks to Mark and Amy. Good luck with all future courses.

Barry Hill Luton 2013

I would recommend this course to anyone who is scared of flying. I was so scared I would even get very uncomfortable just seeing an aircraft on the ground, or meeting someone at an airport!!

The Team were wonderful. They really understand the problems. I am now completely cured and now at 69 years old I am looking forward to flying anywhere, no longer avoiding offers from friends and family to accompany them on holidays abroad.

Well done easyJet

Daniel Mackessy Luton 2013

A must for anyone who is scared of flying! This course will remove all your fears!

Rachel Garner Gatwick 2013

If you had told me 36 hours ago that I would take a flight after two years without flying and not only would I take a flight that I would have enjoyed it I would have considered you mad. I am so thrilled to have flown, enjoyed it and I cannot wait to get back to travelling again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Jackie Ramos Luton 2013

I have had a fear of flying for many years and I did not feel that hypnotherapy was the right approach for me. I was delighted when I found this course as I felt that all the questions that I had about flying would be answered, which they were.

Chris, our easyJet Captain, answered our many questions in a lovely way in which we could understand, both on the ground course and on the plane during our experience flight, Chris talked us through the flight, explaining what each noise was and flight information throughout. Lawrence brilliantly re trained our thought patterns and gave us the tools to enable us to manage our fears. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a fear of flying, the whole team made me feel safe and thoroughly taken care of throughout the whole course. Thank you so much.

Irene Prasher-Van der Ham Luton 2013

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and can't believe I waited this long before booking. A great big thank you and I so look forward to my next flight!

Sarah Frost Bristol 2013

This course is brilliant! I thought I would feel stupid being a ‘first time flyer’ especially at my age, but I never once felt out of place. The ground course gets you motivated but the best bit is to have the Captain explain everything about flying in words I can understand. The same easyJet crew are there the next day for the flight which is reassuring. There is a running commentary from the same Captain explaining all the noises as we are in flight.

All the easyJet crew are so kind and supportive. I would definitely recommend this course

Anneliese Colwell Bristol 2013

Fifteen years ago I experienced an engine failure in a single-engine aircraft over a large swamp in America. It was an extraordinary event! Facing death is, fortunately, not an everyday occurrence and understandably will leave its mark. For me though it left me with a flying phobia that has gripped me for 15 years stopping myself and my family from ever travelling abroad.

I have previously tried hypnosis, NLP, a simulator trip, vodka, Valium, beta blockers (and a combination of them all)! My husband, a pilot, has explained the mechanics behind flying to me many times but I didn't really listen - I couldn't. The phobia would just take hold and say “yeah, yeah but you've had one bad experience, you won't be so lucky next time”. So many people tried to help, telling me all the statistics, the safety records, how to overcome it. Nothing made any difference. All their kind words hit a wall, a wall that obstinately insisted I was different, none of this pertained to me, I would die because any aircraft I went in would crash - even the air ambulance that came to pick me up when I broke my leg!

Then, last week I went on this fear of flying course and everything has changed. I am absolutely amazed. I read the blurb and saw the videos of ’cured’ people and still thought, “yeah, yeah, not me - it won't help me”. Well I was wrong and how glad I am to be wrong. Some very small thing shifted in me, when I read Mark's account of himself, that helped me book the course but I didn't realise that until afterwards and the course itself was remarkable.

Every person involved from Lawrence, to Mark, to Chris and the crew were fantastic. The energy of Lawrence, the experience of Mark, the calm, gentle authority of Chris, the kindness of the crew and the total goodwill and genuine wish to help of them all made me feel safe to try every stage of the two days. They made me question myself, made me realise that actually my phobia wasn't special and in fact it wasn't even “mine”, it was just a phobia and I shouldn't necessarily trust my brain- it can be fooled. They gave me tools and they took my phobia away.

Those few words are so quick to write but my goodness this course has changed my life. I am still slightly confused and bewildered because although I hated being phobic about flying I was used to it. I was used to saying I didn't like holidays anyway. I was used to telling people I was frightened of flying and used to hearing the incredulous replies when they knew my husband was a pilot. I was used to the triggers and responses I had when I saw aeroplanes. I didn't want to be that way but I thought I would be and it was all so familiar. It had become a defining part of who I am.

Now I can tell people I “used” to be frightened of flying and over the coming weeks it will all become a reality, I can once again be free. I went home after the ground school course on Friday and slept beautifully. I knew I was going to fly the next day but I kept having to say it to myself because I wasn't responding in the expected way - no nightmares, no sweating, shaking, horrible thoughts- terror. I went out riding with my family on Saturday morning and was so happy, so relaxed. I got in the car to go to the airport, no reactions, arrived, went in, checked in- still nothing.

I said to everyone that asked that I was fine and indeed I was. I didn't understand it but I wasn't lying, I was fine. I did wonder when it would all hit me and assumed reality would dawn at least when I stepped into the aircraft ( the first time in eleven years) but still nothing, absolutely nothing. I checked my hands - no shaking, no sweating and then the most incredible thing - something I used to do and so wanted again, I laughed as the engines roared and we shot off down the runway. I had visualised this and longed for it and there I was loving it, happy, exhilarated, excited, thrilled with my two little girls beside me experiencing their first ever flight (because I wouldn't let them fly either) and also absolutely loving it too.

What a gift. I set out to try all this for my children, they couldn't be the only ones never to have flown when their father was a pilot, and here I was able to be there and share their joy. There were moments when I felt some anxiety but very normal levels, similar to doing anything a bit out of the ordinary or even a bit exciting and I used the tools Lawrence taught me and listened to Chris explaining what was happening with the aircraft and I was back to being relaxed again. I walked around and wasn't worried when others did the same. I chatted, I looked out of the window, I laughed and I didn't even hear some of the sounds Chris was explaining - I used to hear every single sound, every change in vibration, tone, volume.

I realise now that I had a flying phobia but it wasn't “my” flying phobia and I don't have to live with it for the rest of my life. It's been taken away and now, a week later I can talk to my husband every day about what he does at work, I can ask where he's going and where he's been and even go with him. I can see aeroplanes in the sky and wander where they are going instead of worrying that they are about to crash. It's such a huge, huge relief and although I know I have had much to do with changing my situation I also know that without Lawrence, Mark, Chris and all the crew involved I would not only still be earthbound and terrified that my husband was going to die every day at work but I would also still have this terrible guilt of holding my family back and stopping them from fulfilling their lives. Thank you to all involved, you have given us truly a wonderful gift - opportunity.

Christine Grant Glasgow 2012

I have hated flying all my life; we fly about 4 times a year, only short haul as that is about as much as I can manage. Several days before hand I can't sleep, keep thinking of all the things that can go wrong, spend hours watching You tube on planes, and somehow in the week before I fly there is always something in the media about plane crashes,air travel safety which just adds to my ' I shouldn't be doing this'.

I always like to sit in the front of the plane so that I can keep an eye on the 'cabin crew' just to make sure they don't look worried at anytime, and so I can judge their expression when the chimes go. About 3 years ago I did the BA fear of flying course, did a top up the following year, and also attended another ground course run by an ex BA Captain. All of these were helpful in their own way although it was almost like a 'sticking plaster' effect rather than a cure. We fly with easyJet more than any other airline, and this year booked an easyJet holiday as it was cheaper than booking the components that we wanted separately. On the feedback sheet at the end, I actually wrote that I would like an easyJet fear of flying course. I think with me there is a sense of familiarity with easyJet and I know their procedures and trust them as much as you can trust anybody in an aeroplane! As soon as I got the email about the course I enrolled straight away, mainly because it was cheap. I must confess I did think it was going to be another psychologist talking about fears, some predesigned questions and a trip in an aeroplane. I was encouraged to see a lot of people, but also not that many so that questions couldn't be asked. The talk by the Captain was brilliant, very reassuring and helpful, he didn't dismiss anything and answered honestly. The talk and exercises shown to us on the night were incredible. The fact that your mind could convince you what was in effect an impossibility was absolutely staggering; I couldn't actually prise my thumbs apart, and this was my mind telling my body that. I soon realised that if my mind could tell my thumbs that it was also telling me other things that weren't true such as flying is dangerous. That really was a light bulb moment. My good video is my flying long haul and being asleep as this will mean that I am relaxed enough to do it. My one trip to America resulted in me being the only one awake on a massive American Airlines plane as I was too petrified to sleep. But on the Fearless Flyer Experience flight I was able to sit at the back, near the window (my husband couldn't believe it) and actually look out of it, and take photos. So a massive thank you.

Sarah Badman-Flook Glasgow 2012

I chose this fearless of flying course as it was local and reasonably priced. I really had a major fear which, although didn't stop me from flying, made every experience highly stressful. Not just the flight, but the months leading up to the flight my anxiety levels were very high. I can now truly say I am excited to and looking forward to my next flight in January, something I have never been able to do.

The pilots, cabin crew and Lawrence were so full of enthusiasm and love for what they do it rubbed off and as I now have a full understanding of all those noises and sensations. I am definitely a FEARLESS flyer

Emma Baker Glasgow 2012

I thought the fearless flyer course was great. I hadn't flown for over 6 years and this course really helped and gave me a better understanding of what goes on during a flight and reassurance that everything is safe. I now have the confidence to book my honeymoon abroad.

Helen Moore Glasgow 2012

I want to thank you all very much. It was very well done, very informative and the easyJet staff were brilliant, very caring and attentive and even better, I've been on a flight and am still alive to tell the tale!! I'm hoping to take the positive experience with me next time I fly. Thanks also to Lawrence and all his team as well who were also brilliant.

Carly Guthrie Glasgow 2012

Dear all staff at Fearless Flyer and easyjet, I would like to thank you all for your absolutely amazing work and for curing my fear of flying. As you are all aware, I was a very nervous flyer, I took panic attacks, I cried hysterically and it ruined the whole experience of travelling for me, which is ironic considering I have a degree in travel and tourism!!

I really enjoyed the Friday night first of all. I felt I was treated so well by all the staff, they all knew how bad my feelings were. Lawrence is a great guy who really makes everyone feel motivated and empowered. Captain Chris was fantastic in the way he explained how the aircraft worked. I will be honest, I attended this event thinking to myself that I knew how a plane worked, how wrong I was!

Chris was honest yet not scaremongering, and very informative. There were so many things which I did not understand that now really put me at ease.

>During the second half of the night Lawrence really did know what he was talking about. I must admit I was very cynical and attended this event with the expectation that it wasn't going to work.

Again, I was wrong! Today, we all took the flight. I didn't feel scared! I cannot thank all the staff enough for all their endless support, hard work and patience! I would also like to give a special thanks to Mark, who has been supporting me since even before the event on Friday, Louise who stayed with me throughout the flight, Captain Chris and Lawrence. I would also like to thank Tracy and Martin who were two of the cabin crew as they were absolutely fantastic and supportive throughout and after the flight.

I can honestly say you have all changed my life for the better and I am forever in your debt for that. This has not only cured my phobia of flying, but I now feel like I have a new lease of life, as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders that's been weighing me down for years. I am truly truly thankful to you all. I only hope one day, I can also help others who have been in this situation and change their lives in the same way you have all changed mine. Sincerely, Carly

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