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Will the course really help me?

Yes, absolutely. People with a fear of flying will have a variety of concerns that will trigger their fear. That’s why we’ve designed such a comprehensive fear of flying course featuring an entire section on understanding flight as well as showing you different techniques to help you control your fear. Many people often immediately overcome their fear of flying simply once they have fully understood the facts about flying. That’s why easyJet's experienced Captain will take you through every aspect of flight and be on hand to answer your questions throughout the course. And for those who need a little more help, learning our proven techniques will allow them to enjoy a future of comfortable and fearless flying.

My fear of flying is actually the fear of not being in control – will your course help with this?

What you might not realise is that a fear of flying can manifest itself in many different ways. For some it is the fear of not being in control or perhaps the fear of heights whereas for others it is the fear of enclosed spaces or the fear of having a panic attack whilst on a flight. What we’ll help you understand is that fear is fear and a phobia is a phobia and no matter what that fear is the process to remove it is exactly the same. Once we teach you these powerful mind tools then you will be able to use them in many other aspects of your life.

Turbulence really triggers my fear – can your course really help me overcome this?

Yes. You are not alone with this fear trigger. It is one of the most common. We will therefore explain to you exactly what turbulence is and why it is nothing other than completely normal for a plane to experience some movement while in flight. No different really to a car. Some roads are smooth – others are bumpy. So at the time of the turbulence, the plane is simply on the equivalent of a bumpy road. Our easyJet Captain will explain this in more detail during the course and answer any questions you may have to help you understand this perfectly safe part of the flight.

How long will the GROUND course last?

The easyJet fearless flyer ground course will last approximately 3 hours with a comfort break/interval midway through.

How long is the Experience Flight and where will it go?

The flight will last about 1 hour. It will be operated by one of easyJet's state-of-the-art Airbus 319 aircraft. The flight will be long enough for you to experience take off, landing and level flying in the company of one of easyJet's highly experienced Captains, a Co-pilot and their cabin crew who will be there to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. They will talk to you throughout the flight and explain how things work including all those previously unexplained noises and wing movements. You will take off and land at the same airport and fly around the local area.

What happens if I don’t want to take the Experience Flight?

First of all, we don’t apply any pressure on you to take the flight and it will be natural for some of you to think that you won’t take it at the outset of the course. However, we are sure that by the time you finish the first part of the course, you will feel confident enough and be armed with sufficient methods of controlling your fears to take the Experience Flight with us. And from that point……….the world’s your oyster! But if for any reason you are unable to take the Experience Flight we are unable to offer a refund.

Do you use hypnosis in the course?

No! We will not need to hypnotise you to help you overcome your fear of flying. Instead we teach you some very powerful proven techniques that anyone can learn and master that will help you to control and eliminate your fear completely. 

Will I need to bring ID? 

Not for the ground course however you will need to bring with a passport, driving licence or other form of National identification with you for the Experience Flight.

Can I bring someone along to support me?

Yes, of course you can but if they attend the entire course with you they will have to pay for an additional ticket as we have a limited capacity. However, if they only join you for the Experience Flight they will only need to pay for a companion Flight Only ticket rather than the full price of the course. This companion ticket is always subject to availability and can be purchased at the time that you buy your own ticket for the course at a price of £69. So if you know you want a companion to join you on the Experience Flight, then please ensure you purchase the companion ticket at the time of your booking. Please note you will only be able to bring one companion with you on the Experience Flight.

I’m unable to attend any of the current courses, will you be scheduling any more?

Yes, we are constantly scheduling new fear of flying courses around the country for both the Autumn and Spring and will be adding more to the list as time goes on. Click here to join our mailing list so we can notify you of one of these fear of flying courses as and when they are announced.

Is the course suitable for Children?

Whilst the course has been tailored to an adult audience we do not believe there is any content that would be inappropriate for children although we would suggest that the style of presentation would probably suit children aged 13 and above. However, we would leave it for parents to make their own judgement on this and would recommend they watch our short video on our home page as part of that process as this will give a good insight into the style of the course.

Can I take the course if I am pregnant?

Yes, depending how long you are into your pregnancy you can take the course subject to the easyJet policy for Expectant Mothers. Their up to date policy can be found on their website via this link However, if you are eligible and you do book the course you must notify us by email ahead of the course by email at

Are there concessions for Children or Senior Citizens?

No, as the tickets are already very keenly priced, we are unable to offer any further discounts for the course or for the person joining you on the Experience Flight. Sorry!

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